Personal Post: A day with my main pink sub

​Yesterday was so much fun and relaxing. My slave visited me for the day and I spent the following hours tormenting him with pink – he so hates pink, it amuses me how his fight or flight response kicks in just by the sight of it.

Anyway, the moments of torture I was most pleased with were the following:

*Take servant to Homebase to look at colour charts. Instruct servant to name the colours as I Mistress points at ones within the colour charts. Tell servant off when he calls blue, blue, as we all know how much he detests pink, that reconditioning his perception of the real world to think it all is pink as he thinks results in an excellent punishment.

Result of this experiment meant that by the end of the day, servant would naturally respond with the answer ‘Pink’ when Mistress points at coloured objects. Even items which are in the his favourite colour. I have thus corrupted not only the way he associates various colours, but also something he enjoyed prior to this study.

*Servant upsets Mistress, thus I just had to think of a creative and extra hard punishment method to perform on him. Servant dislikes needle play, and combining needle play with pink = win! I ended up forcing the sub to lie on a pink blanket as I threaded pink ribbon onto his back. I have broken down one of his hard limits, and sub feels he is able to trust Mistress to perform this act in which he was frightened of.

*Being creative is always fun, and to keep my slave on his toes I put a lot of hard work into this task. I wrote up a written test for him to complete. First question he was required to write what colour each word was. Now this was a trick questions, as while each word was written in different colours, all the words were the colour ‘PINK’. As suspected, the silly sub wrote the colour the words were printed in and not the word ‘Pink’. Sub fails this test.

*The slave loves the lifestyle and I his Mistress. Towards the end of the evening I reconditioned both of these slightly. I his Mistress wore a pink top and ordered him to hug me, he took awhile before he wrapped his arms around me, and as they curled around my body he shuddered and squirmed. He held me tightly as he trusts his Mistress so much he felt that would make the fear go away, but every time he became aware of the pink, he shuddered and even cried.

* Classical conditioning is fun right? Well I always have thought so. Pavlov’s dog is an inspirational study indeed. My sub loves to be spanked, while many may see spanking as a form of punishment, for him he gains great pleasure from the act. Not only due to the sensations but also due to the attention he gains during it. I inform my sub about the children’s game ‘Yellow Cars’ where every time a yellow car drives past they hit one another, sub likes the sound of this game and is interested in playing. I tell him that we are going to change the rules slightly and make it so it is Pink cars rather than yellow, sub gets existed and confused, to him spanking = good, but pink cars = oh-so-wrong. The catch to this also is that sub is banded from spanking currently, so every time we go past a pink car I remind him ‘oh look a lovely pink car, if only you weren’t banded from spanking, otherwise that pink car would’ve granted me a reason to give you a thwack!).

*I trapped my sub into a viscous cycle. Now every time he thinks of the word ‘Pink’ he will also ways think of ‘Kink’, and when presented with the word ‘Kink’ he will automatically think of ‘Pink’. So I can just imagine his brain going like this when these words crop up: Pink > Kink > Pink > Kink > Pink > Kink > Pink > Kink > Pink > Kink.

Other torture methods have included corrupting Sherlock Holmes in which he enjoys, forcing him to eat marmite, making him Make me Marmite food and then watching me eat marmite (apparently Mistress eating marmite is so-so-so-wrong and a mind fuck).

A few days ago I also purchased him an advent calendar in pink, and am making him open it daily for the next 24 days. He loves chocolate, but as he hates pink this is so cruel. To make it even worse I actually opened up the the calendar and wrote tasks on the back of each door including so punishments and an odd reward here and there. I can be creative and cruel at times – let’s hope for his sake that I haven’t put any marmite chocolates in it ^_^).

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