Personal Post: 365 Days in a year, and on one day, 635 spankings were dealt

Saturday evenings are renowned to be one of the most sociable nights around, where people go out to drink, and even sometimes play. But whilst many were popping to the pubs or clubs, I was having a not-so-quiet night in at home with my main submissive. I had set my sub a list o tasks, and for every take he completed, he would receive a reward – a good spanking. Each task had been numbered, and to decide the total number of spanks, a die would be rolled, and the number it fell onto would then be multiplied to the task number for the total of spanks given per round.

My submissive had a few options on when to receive his reward. He could either receive each set of spanks after completing the corresponding task, or he could save them up. Well, he opted for the option of saving them all up.

The end of the day rolled round and my sub sat waiting to be rewarded for his hard work. After I gathered a large selection of spankers and floggers, he lent his body and weight against a chair for support. The die rolled and the first roll ended up being a 1, which was multiplied by the first task, so he received one spank. Onto task and roll number too, the die fell onto the number 2, so the equation ended up 2X2, meaning he got 4 spanks. This fluke continued all away up to task seven, so the previous ones were all multiples of themselves. The last few sets were more successful, but by this time, we had only just gotten into the moment, and his masochist side wanted more, and the sadist within me craved to deal more.

With some music going in the background (thanks to suggestions from various twitter folk, as well as Ruffled Sheets), we decided to go several more rounds through the task numbers with the rolling of the dice method to total each set of spanks. After a few tracks, my speed and strength picked up, and I was swapping between using various spankers, crops, canes, and a metal flogger.  Quickly going through the motions, my sub whined and squirmed, yet still maintaining a gleeful smile upon his face. Then suddenly I heard a ‘Crack’ and a ‘Snap’, which made me stop for a second thinking I had hurt my submissive badly. Luckily I hadn’t, but the glass bead found on the wrist strap had gotten caught between his arse and the paddle during impact, and was forced in half from the strength of my strike. I asked him if he desired for me to continue and he did.

Every so often my speed would slow as I changed to using the metal strand flogger, but the power behind this particular device, would vibrate deeply into his buttock and make his knees quake. But as I kept going and we rolled the dice, only stopping as he skipped and clapped happily to the kitchen for drinks and a sugar boost, my speed had even quickened with that particularly heavy impact item.

Faster, and faster, I became, still with force, and precise strikes and strokes. His arse started to redden and darken with purple bruises, and the odd laceration. Blood dripped out of the paper-cut thin slashes, and covered the surface of the devices I was wielding. We were coming towards to end, and my submissive, was almost in the realms of sub space. Just a few more sets of whacks, and then he’d be in heaven. I switch to a different spanker, one which was fabric on one side and leather on the other, and started using the leather surface. His butts flesh dripping with droplets of blood, swip0ed the spanker back and forth onto it. Every time the spanker returned to his flesh, my strike was so quick and powerful that the back of the spanker was covered in his blood from the back splash, even though it hadn’t been used with that side.

Finally we finished the final set of dice and task spankings. With my sub thinking that was it, and him being in a very high-like state, I felt a tad more was required, just to push him further into his sub space. “Right, that’s not it, we have a bonus round of 50+ spanks. Do you wish to take part?” He replied yes, and learnt against the chair. I focused on producing my quickest and strongest whacks yet, and finished the 50 spanks within a minute.  His head was rushing, body sweating, and the smile upon his face was the largest I had ever seen.

A total of 635 spanks were dealt – next time we are aiming for 1000.

We then proceeded to end the evening crashing on the sofa with a tub of strawberry cheese cake ice cream – a perfect end to a very tiring session.

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