Orgasm Diet: Day #1

When I have the spare time, I plan to write up the notes from my hand written journal, about my personal experiences with the Orgasm Diet. I have taken this diet to the extremest, but understand that not everyone will wish to go to the same extent as I. Not every day is interesting and some days are pretty boring. But I hope you enjoy reading some of the things I have gotten up to due to this diet.

Orgasm Diet Day One

May has just begun and while it may be masturbation month and the ideal time to start this diet, I completely forgot about reality and all the tasks a new month brings. Today I had a lot to do, including travelling, writing, and event organising. There’s a few things about travelling which makes dieting harder, and with an orgasm diet it’s worse. Travelling always makes me hungrier, I’m someone who becomes travel sick from trains, buses, cars, boats, and sometimes even when using a thrusting sex machine which seems to mimic the motions you’d experience from the back seat of a bus as it travelled along a pothole filled British road (which let’s be honest is most of them).

But travelling to places, particularly up to the city where there’s take-out everywhere, speciality sweet shops, cafes in bookshops, and more, can ruin any diet. Posters advertising tasty deserts along with a calorie packed coffee from Starbuck are dotted around places where you think you’ve finally managed to get away from all the establishments with their open doors and the wafting aroma of their ‘Today’s special’ filling the streets as you twaddle along doing your day to day affairs.

Then, when you finally cave and decide to sit down in a cafe, and maybe doing so justifiably because it is lunch time, and your diet requires you to have lunch at the very least, you’re tasked with the challenge of working out which of the foods are suitable for your dietary requirement. Is it vegetarian, gluten free, avoids red meat, does it have dairy in it, how big are the carbohydrates proportions, and so on. Luckily the orgasm diet doesn’t require us to look too deeply into what we eat for our everyday meals, breakfast, lunch, and tea. However it has a different dietary requirement for when we feel we require a snack, and that is an orgasm, and when travelling finding the suitable time and place to fulfil this need is a challenge.

So it’s 7 am and I’m all ready to make my way to the train station. I’ve washed, selected some smart yet summary clothing, and most importantly made sure I was wearing a skirt. I packed a make-up bag full of things like wet wipes, antibacterial hand gel, lubricant sachets, orgasm balm, a vibrator, kegel balls, and of course some make-up. In another bag I made sure I had everything I needed when getting to my appointments, as well as a book to read on the train. To kill two birds with one stone, the book happened to be of the erotic nature, meaning that not only would I fill up the hull of the train journey with something enjoyable, but I will also have wank material on hand when climax is a challenge.

Shoes on and then rushing out the door, I trekked towards the station, and getting there with only moments to spare, it struck me as I stepped onto the train my mind went “Crap, I’ve left the make-up bag with my essentials at home.” I then spent the next hour on the train, I read my smut, because cleverly I had placed it into my handbag, but keep wondering about how I am going to do this diet today without the rest of my supplies. Once off the train I head straight to Boots, it’s 8am and they are bound to have some form of vibrator device and lube on sale. Rushing down the aisle I hunt hawk eyed for their condom and sexual well being section without any luck. I blame the panic setting in, that maybe my diet isn’t going to kick off to a good start, and start to give-up searching. I then see someone working on the shop floor and slowly approach him. He’s tired, and obviously isn’t happy about working this early in the morning, and as I am about to strike up a conversation my alarm goes off, telling me it’s 5 minutes until I have to hop onto a bus for my actual appointment. I’m disappointed as I rush away, not only because I wasn’t able to pick up supplies, but also, I’m certain that a young girl asking where the condom section is at 8am, would have probably cheered the guy up for the rest of his work day, and probably lead to many amusing and possibly erotic thoughts.

I’m on the bus now, and I’m hungry. It’s one of those types of buses that has a very open seating plan, and just my luck, there’s one other passenger sitting across from me. I smile in their direction as they try and get some last minute shut-eye before their first work shift of the day. I have over 20 minutes of the bus ride left, so decide to focus all my efforts on clenching my pelvic floor muscles in the hope to cause a hands free climax. The bus speeds up and suddenly BAM it bumps over a bridge and the vibrations it was enough to cause the mildest of orgasms known, but luckily this meant that I was able to fulfil my dietary requirements, and my cravings were long forgotten. I make a mental note of next time to wear my kegel balls before leaving the house, as the rumbling balls would’ve brought that orgasm up a notch. Also, the exercise wouldn’t be all too bad either.

I have my meeting and it goes extremely well. The meeting was about organising events, and everything seems perfect, from the venue to the staff. I manage to rush and get the next bus back to the centre, with my main goal being to find orgasm supplies. I walk to the local sex shop only to find that it doesn’t open for another hour, I’m stuck on what to do, and dread going back to Boots to try and work through their maze-like layout, just to find the ‘Get laid safely’ shelves. Instead I find a Tesco Metro and pick up a bottle of lube; I’ll have to use my hands today as there weren’t any desirable toys stocked at all. Surrounded by food, I start to crave for something, anything. There are a lot of high carb snacks around me, and I begin to believe I’m hungry. I quickly leave the mini supermarkets, and try my darnedest to start thinking about erotic thoughts to help arouse myself. It’s not working, and a strong part of me believes this is because of the environment I was just in, being one of the unsexiest supermarkets I had ever shopped at. It’s so unorganised, poorly lit, and worse there was rubbish rolling around on the floor like tumble weed.

While I didn’t cave-in and buy any snacks I wasn’t able to orgasm this time. I’m still craving, but decide to try and focus on something else. I pop to the bookshop where my lover’s brother works to try and make plans with him for lunch. We have a chat and his next break isn’t far off, so I browse the book selection and make a purchase. I find somewhere to sit and read to pass the time until lunch time.

We sit in the bookshop’s cafe and have lunch. Chatting a little bit about why I was up in the city that day and also about the writing contracts I had coming up. Openly I discuss about being a sex writer, and he sees it as a good thing because I enjoy it and it’s nice to do something you enjoy for work. Due to the situation involving food, my diet comes up.

“I’m rather hungry today from rushing around so much, but I’m glad I’ve got everything done. I would’ve snacked a bit, but I can’t due to my diet.” I say as I sip away at my cup of tea “It’s a new type of diet too, so I really want to stick at it.”

Raising one eyebrow questionably he says “Oh really, what kind of diet is it?” I respond in a bantering way “Do you really want to know?” It’s obvious he’s interested so I come out with it “I’m doing the Orgasm Diet.”

Startled by my dietary choice he rumbles “Woahhhhhh.” In my direction with his eyes wide open, out of shock, as well as regretting slightly about being so curious. I explain how the diet is aimed at replacing food cravings with orgasms, and he actually seems generally impressed with the concept.

We both finish our meal and I head back towards the train station as I have to do a truck load of writing that afternoon to meet deadlines. I happen to be early for the train… 45 minutes early. I wander around the stations shops, and buy a snack, for later, with the hope that actually it could be part of my dinner that evening. I then sit down for a while and watch the commuters rush by. I keep thinking of the snack and how eating it would fill-up some of the time and give me something to do. I wasn’t hungry until I started to feel bored and wondered what I could do on a cold British train station, but now I was craving and dangerously close to snacking.

I lift my head up as if I was an ostrich trying to find a safe spot from predators, and spot the door to the public toilets. This is the only way I’ll be able to masturbate in this public situation without anyone knowing hopefully. I set myself up in a cubicle. There are various other women in the toilets which I find off putting as I pull down my knickers. I pause for a second and wonder why I’m so nervous, I’m used to pulling down my underwear in public loos, but my heart jumps a beat forcing my arms to raise upwards and try and hide my anxiety. I wait a moment for the other women to leave, counting how many times the door swung shut. Finally I was alone and able to start frigging away. My body already very moist I was able to dip my fingers between my labia and play away, starting slowly. My clitoris was taking its time to respond and the more aroused I became, the more aware I was to other off putting things such as smell and sexist graffiti scribbled on the back of the door. Attempting to juggle my erotic book alongside masturbation within the cubicle wasn’t very possible, I know some say some romance and smut books are crap and are only suitable as toilet paper, but I myself like to think I have more respect for erotica and different types, and didn’t want to drop this particular copy into the toilet. It’s times like this that I feel I should start to invest in audio erotic books, because trying to masturbate and pry the pages open of a paperback, whilst also prying your lips open, is a challenge.

 I lean up against the door and grounded my feet in preparation to really get to work as it wasn’t long until my train. Closing my eyes and trying to forget the smell my hands played quickly, while tweaking my nipples and stroking my neck to cheer on my climax. I finally orgasm, silently apart from the door chunking as my body spasmed. After cleaning myself up and pulling my knickers up I unlocked the cubicles door, and as I swang it open found one of the women there who was in the toilets before I locked myself in the cubicle was still there. Calmly I walked with my head held high and washed and dried my hands, but as I glance back in her direction, she gave me the most direct glare I’ve ever received, making me feel as if I had to flee the scene as quickly as possible, like a pup who had just been told off and is now walking around with its head pointing downwards and its tail between its thighs as it waddled around guiltily. Fortunately my train arrived just then.

Once home, I start to feel hungry again, I’d managed to get a little bit of work done for the day, but found that I was just exhausted from not only the travelling, but also from the shame of having to walk out of the public toilets after it becoming obvious what I was doing.

I decided to sort my bag out and find the snack I had purchased earlier. Feeling guilt ridden about the orgasm before, rather than using these cravings to try and counteract that one with a more positive and pleasurable orgasm, I decide to eat the snack instead. I sit there, depressed and saddened and worse for breaking my diet than I felt when my sexual expression was caught out.

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