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The whole world has moved massively online since the pandemic and lockdown, but there were already many large online communities before lockdowns kicked in and altered our routines. Massively multiple player online (MMO) gaming platforms have had loyal subscribers since even when dial-up was the only method to connect with others.

These are large platforms that offer interaction with others across different locations. Some are quest-based such as role player games (RPG), and others are augmented reality (AG). But these games should also support hacks like the fortnite hack and hacks for other games as well.

Pretty much everyone has had some experience of an interactive multiplayer game one way or another. So, it makes sense that during times where we can’t physically get close to one another, that some have been taking their dates online and into online gaming platforms.

In the past it’s been suggested that gaming can affect mental health and relationships negatively, however, research is now suggesting the opposite and that those who game have greater overall wellbeing. Research on gaming addiction and links to depression are now being dismissed due to the lack of evidence.

To find someone to go on a gaming date, you can use dating sites for geeks such as, or other dating apps. Putting that you are a gamer looking to spend time in-game together can help make sure you both are after the same thing.

Gaming together can be on any online game where you can meet-up with others, from Animal Crossing, Fortnite, to Elder Scrolls. Dates can range from just doing your daily tasks, going for a virtual walk, or even attending romantic-themed quests. Many online games have Valentine’s Day limited edition events, that you can play together on your date with your sweetheart and rack up some exp and special items along the way.

Kate met their partner through online gaming, which eventually led to their other half moving from America to the UK and probably the big quest they ever did together. “We actually met on Facebook games, and later moved onto gaming on bigger RPG platforms. We would chat and do quests together.” It was a few years before they tied the knot in person, but on the RPG, they played regularly they actually wed in-game.

Many online games have the option to marry in-game, often leading to character bonuses.

Meeting-up with online people for dates in real life doesn’t always work out. Jess started connecting with a guy when playing PlayStation during the first lockdown but it didn’t go very well. “It was a very weird experience that should have been kept online aha.”. Sadly, all the online character traits the person displayed online didn’t fit with his actual personality and they decided to part ways afterward both in real-time and online.

With current restrictions, it can be challenging to meet people online in the offline world. There are individuals taking steps towards socially distanced dates in person from online hook-ups. Some have been using augmented reality games such as Pokémon Go on their daily exercise to help move online connections to in-person dates.


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