Sex Toy Review of the O-Wand written by Ness


The O-Wand from Mr&MrsToys is a rechargeable high-powered magic wand vibrator. What make the O-Wand particularly different to other silicone rechargeable massage vibrators is its unique handle and contoured shape, meaning that it is a lot easier to hold than the standard stick versions. The product claims to be the most powerful rechargeable wand on the market, which I personally saw as a challenge when it came to testing this sex toy.

Vibrating Wand

The sex toy arrives in a box with a removable sleeve which depicts the wand elegantly on it and presents you with the basic product facts. The main black box has the companies logo on and opens via a magnet latch. Inside you will find the O-wand, a silicone bumpy textured sleeved which they’ve called the O-Burst attachment, and a universal attachment meaning that you can recharge it in the US, UK, Europe without having to buy an adaptor.

The vibrator is silicone, it weighs 714 grams, however, it is very light and easy to hold due to the contoured handle. At the base is the charging port. Found on the inward curve are three buttons, an on / off button (hold 3 seconds to turn on or off the vibrator), and an up button and down button which you can use to scan through 11 vibration settings. The wands head is oval shape and has a maximum circumference of 7.5 inches. The head is slightly plushy and the stem is very flexible and can withstand an intense amount of pressure without breaking.

The vibrations are very powerful, and the claims the product has made are legit, and it is probably my most powerful rechargeable wand vibrator. On the lover settings it offers more rumbly vibrations and as you up the power it becomes buzzier. The bumpy silicone attachment makes the vibrations stronger, although it does unfortunately make the sex toy loader.

O-wand sex toy

One of the best positions I have found with wand vibes is basically to sit on them. However, many aren’t easy to control due to their long stick shape making it hard to reach the buttons when in this position. The O-wand has resolved this issue and has made it not only more comfortable to sit on, but I have full access to the buttons. The shape also means I can use it easily in Doggy style during sex, and the head is more comfortable to wedge between mine and my lov-e-r-s body when I ride him cowgirl style.


I sat on the wand vibrator, fully clothed (and rocking leggings), and turned on the vibrator. I upped it to the maximum setting and after about 30 seconds my body started to feel tingly and my pelvic floor started pulsing. I could feel the blood rush to my clitoris, and within a minute I was moaning, holding onto the vibe I orgasmed intensely, and towards the end of climax my body started gushing and I squirted. It was then I wished I had put a towel down, but since then I now make sure I have one handy when using this product as about 90% of the time it has resulted in female ejaculation. It’s probably one of the quickest sex toys I own that can make me squirt.

Magic Wand

Cleaning the sex toy is easy as it’s fully waterproof. The bumpy attachment can trap dirt so you may want to use a spare toothbrush to clean between the raised textures.


Overall, this is an awesome wand. Not only am I thrilled with the orgasmic results, but I love the handle feature. The handle means I can reach climax more comfortable, plus I can use the sex toy easily during sex without haven’t t get into unnatural positions. I’d highly recommend it to anyone seeking strong powerful orgasms.



Thank you to Mr&MrsToys for sending me the O-wand for my review. You can find out more here.

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