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Sex Toy Review for the O Venus written by Ness


The O Venus is a dual stimulator vibrator created by Adrien Lastic who collaborated with sex toy expert Venus O’hara. I’ve had the pleasure of chatting with Venus O’Hara on and off over the years about sex tech after discovering her book, ‘Love me Like you Hate me’. Her work was able to bring the more extreme sides of kink into a more acceptable display by the production of classy images and well-developed prose. Due to being charmed by her previous work and currently enjoying her sex toy column, I was expecting the O Venus to be a triumph of her will.


The O Venus is a dual motor clitoral and vaginal stimulator. It is made from body safe materials, the main shaft and clitoral afters are coated in silicone, whilst the handle is made from hard plastic. It arrives with a USB charger, and takes around 3 hours to charge the first time, less afterwards (note that it doesn’t keep charge after a few weeks being left in the draw). There is a draw string bag supplied. The Three clitoral prongs are flexible; however the main shaft is solid with no plushiness or flexibility.  The main shaft measures 4.25 inches in circumference and 4 inches in length, although it is designed for only a few of these inches to rest inside the vaginal canal. The clitoral hard is a total of 4 inches in length. The handle is unique and ergonomic. There are few dual stimulators that have the handle between the clitoral portion and the vaginal shaft. Many that have a similar concept don’t have a graspable handle (as they are designed for sitting and rocking onto), however this particular toy is very easy to hold and has great thrusting potential. There is a single push button, where the thumb will naturally rest during use. The product as various vibration modes, emitting vibrations which were more on the buzzy side than rumbly, however there is a little rumble packed into the mix.

Vibrator designed by Venus O'Hara

O Venus by Venus O’Hara


When first using with this toy I prepared my body with an abundance of foreplay and lashings of water base lubrication. After this initial stage of my sex toy testing quest I was ready to set off, with the O Venus. I stroked the buzzing toys clitoral arms tips over my vulva, and they rhythmically fluttered over my clitoris and occasionally pinches around the nub emitting strong vibrations directly.

After the teasing stage I attempted to insert the main shaft into my vagina, however I just couldn’t get the shaft inside my body. I wriggled the toy, and pushed it, I thrusted it back and forth and obsessively lubricated it more and more, but with no avail the product just wouldn’t fit. Then finally, I got it inside my vaginal canal, but only just. The toys shaft heavily pulled on my vaginal opening and forcefully pinged its way back out, over stretching and sadly bruising my vulva. Days went on, and I was set to give the O venus another ago. As one never really can be 100% when testing a new toy for the first time as sometimes it can take multiple tests to truly get a great picture of the product – and maybe my body was being particularly uncooperative the last day I had giving it a whirl.

I tried again, this time armed with more supplies, yet the product still wouldn’t work for my body. With or without vibrations, twisting and pushing, and in various positions, it just still wouldn’t fit inside me.

The next time I attempted to use the sex toy, I called in reinforcements – my lov-e-r. Maybe he could work out this puzzle as he had a clear view of my puzzle box and could hopefully insert the key component into my body (After all, he has been the locksmith to unlocking my sexual pleasure in the past). Yet, my lov-e-r had similar problems, and rather than having a time of passion we just both ended up sitting upon our bed glumly.

The O Venus Sex toy

O Venus on the beach.

Since receiving this product I’ve spent many hours sat at my desk trying to figure out the trick to using this toy, however, I feel it just doesn’t work for my body. The product really needs a flexible shaft to work for my body. I’m sure if I were able to flex the shaft into position it would rest snugly onto my G-spot, however this product is just too rigid. On a plus side, the vibrator is rather powerful, and when used purely as an external massager it does have the ability to produce an orgasm.


The O Venus is splash proof and made from body safe materials, meaning that you can wash the sex toy with a warm cloth and your standard antibacterial wash.


Overall, I sadly can’t recommend the O Venus. I really wanted to like this toy. Its design is very unique and had potential. I particularly liked the easy to grip hand, which could’ve given it the possibility to become a very high powered and easy to control device. However, the main shaft is just too solid for comfortable use, and I’m yet to actually insert it properly into my body. Maybe if in future Adrien Lastic and Venus O’Hara were to give this product another go and made the shaft flexible, it could potentially be a good sex toy (particularly for those who find holding standard rabbit dual stimulators difficult).



Thank you to Venus O’Hara and Adrien Lastic for sending me this vibrator for my review. You can find-out more, here.

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