Notes on full time reviewing and rights to orgasms.

A woman recently confessed to me how she envied my lifestyle as a sex toy reviewer. This is a frequent question, which often stumps me. I’m often torn by two answers:

1.  You know it’s pretty easy to start-up reviewing products. Why not take it up as a hobby.

2. I’m more envious of your career, and life style.

When I offer the first answer, many will go away, and join a site and start reviewing the odd product or two. When I reply with the second option, I’m left with further questions, which I have to fill in with further answers.

I’m often left explaining, that how they are very lucky, to have a job with set hours, a time when they are allowed time off. Also, that they will have a unit of people they work with, whether that these people tell them what to do, or help them do those things, they have offers to share the work load.

Sex toy reviewing, for me, takes up my whole time. I’ve neglected so many other areas of my life, just so I can keep-up with demand. There’s a massive part of me that loves how busy it has gotten, and that people value my reviews. But the fact is, most of the time I don’t have a moment where I feel I can take a break from it. I don’t switch off during the evening, I don’t have a few hours in the morning before work starts. As a lot of it is web based, there’s almost always something I need to be doing. The web side, takes up so much time, that most of my masturbation sessions happen at my desk, and it’s not like the average person who watches internet porn and are looking for relief.

After explaining all this, many will still comment on how they wish they could orgasm all day, everyday, like I do. I then have to explain about my orgasms, and how they are no longer my own. Granted, I am grateful to review items, and do love it, but most of the times I masturbate or have sex now, is purely for testing and writing reasons. This means my orgasm is for my readers, the manufactures, and retailers, and not just for personal pleasure. And whilst I may have up to ten orgasms or more a day, I probably only have a couple a month where I think to myself ‘Hey, I want an orgasm because, I just fucking want one.”. No normally I think “Ah I better masturbate as I have this review to write.” or I think “Someone wants to know whether or not this toy does this or that, I better check.”.

Whereas when you have the freedom to orgasm just because you want to, and don’t have the pressure to do so, you can just relax into it. You can go home from work, and put the TV on, run a bath, and just wank. You can wake-up in the morning and think to yourself “I know what would be a good start to today, an orgasm.”.

There are many other factors which I point out too, such as lack of any income, frequent infections, hate mail, deadline, being taken advantage of and more.

But the real question is, does a full time sex toy review own their own orgasm? I’m not sure they do, as not only do I masturbate for reviews, but whilst doing so I have had to cut-out too much interference from fantasies, whilst really determining how the product works for my body.


And whilst I can stop this at any point, I don’t really plan to. For a start reconditioning my masturbation back to just plain-old wanking probably would take years. I do actually enjoy it, it’s just so tiring at times, and really the only reward from it is helping people. Yes, I get freebies to review, but when I started this, I didn’t get many and most of my reviews where items I purchased. It’s the offering advice, and tips I like the most from it, so will continue, and put those skills for testing products I’ve learned to good use and help people.



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