Norfolk Erotic Book Club 19th June

Hello everyone,

Below you will find some information about an even I’ve put together. This event has taken months of planning and I’m very excited about it, and hope to see you all there.


At the event there will be a chance to win some amazing books. Lovehoney have donated hardback copies of Fifty Shades of Grey, along with a few bottles of the new Fifty Shades of Grey Bubble Bath. Cleis Press has provided a copy of Best Sex Writings 2013. I have a copy of Diary of a Submissive by Sophie Morgan. Also there will be some books from Lucy Felthouse and Kay Jaybee’s to hand-out.

I’m planning to put together some fun questions about some erotic books, as well as games, to allow you to have a chance to win some of these.


It’s going to be fun!


Event: Norfolk Erotic Book Club

Cost: Free

Date: 19th June

Start time: 6 – 6.45pm for female focused discussion group.

6.45 pm – 7.30pm For open gender discussion group.

Why are there two groups?

After surveying many people about the club, many women said that while they are willing to discuss sex and erotic at the book club, they might feel uncomfortable doing so within the company of men. The last half of the group is an open group, where women can stay if they are comfortable, and those who aren’t may leave before. Also, making the second half of the group open and letting men know that they are welcome to join in, will hopefully encourage men to read not only erotica more, but also attend book clubs (these areas generally are dominated by women).

Location: Norman Centre in Norwich. Head to the cafe within the premises (please note that the cafe will not be serving during this time but vending machines and some refreshments will be available).

The Norman Centre, Bignold Road, Norwich, NR3 2QZ

You can find the bus information here:

and search for:

Norwich City Centre Castle Meadow


Miles Cross Mile Cross Road.

The venue is a short walk from the bus stop, there are signs which should help you find the Norman Centre.

Books which will be being discussed this session

No Ordinary Love Story by Sophie Morgan


Serving Him Edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel


If you haven’t read any of the reading list but still want to pop along, please feel free, just even if it’s for the chat. Or maybe you have a book you want to share with us which you like and feel that we should check it out. Or even if you’re someone who doesn’t like erotica or wishing to explore it and want to share your thoughts, we’re always open to discussions and debates, just remember though to make the club work, every has to respect one another.


Extras: There will be the chance to win some free paperbacks. Exclusive excerpts and author / editor interviews.


Goals of the Book Club:

To offer a safe and comfortable environment for people to discuss erotica and the intimate content within them. Since the rise of Fifty Shades of Grey, Erotica has been on the rise within all walks of life. Many people are reading these books in public and casually talking about them over coffee, however, most people still feel uncomfortable about discussing some of the deeper and more intimate content, within these books. The book club is the perfect place for people to do this. With sexpert Nessa Jay there to answer any questions too.

About the Host:

Nessa Jay is a local lass who believes in sex positivity. She is a trained sex educator, teaching primarily about female orgasm and sex toys. She spoke at Eroticon 2013, the UKs only conference focusing on how to write about sex. Her talk was about writing sex toy reviews. She is known by the pseudonym Nymphomaniac Ness, and writes in-depth reviews of adult products. Her success in sex toy reviewing has led to many opportunities, from additional writing work, to talking at events, and more. Having reviewed and tested over 1000 sex toys, she now also helps out with prototype testing and testing for redevelopment of existing products, giving insightful and in-depth opinion on a product, while considering not only what she finds pleasurable, but also what someone else may like too. She has been nominated for Best Erotic Journalist in the 2013 ETO awards. Nessa Jay has a monthly column on Erotica Trade.

She is also the creator of many sex positive trends, including Toy with me Tuesday, a photography meme where participants take creative photos of sex toys in everyday settings.Toy with me Tuesday has been recognised worldwide, being mentioned by Make Sex Normal, which is run by Debby Herbenick, as well as being hailed as one of the best sex trends in 2012 by Lovehoney.

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