Nomi Tang getaway – wild

The Nomi Tang getaway – wild is a G-spot vibrator with a touch-sensitive vibration controller. Shaped like some kind of fighter plane or spaceship, housed between its wings is a touch sensitive control, operated by gliding your fingertips through its atmosphere. The wild is specifically designed to hit your G-spot with its large surface area tip and dramatic curve. Not only does it offer the standard G-spot shape featured in other vibrators, but its shaft is significantly longer than some, reassuringly meaning that it’s more likely to stimulate most people’s G-spot. Will the getaway – wild’s search for new life achieve its destination? Will I be able to fly this device with ease, whilst exploring the deep, dark depths of my nether regions? Will it cause a spectacular supernova, or leave me floating in the cold, empty void of space?
The product arrives in some of the most exquisite packaging I’ve come across. When unwrapping the packaging you are welcomed by a sleek cardboard sleeve, adorned with product images and various bits of information. Removing the sleeve from the main box reveals a sturdy white canvas affair with the Nomi Tang emblem printed onto the lid. Lifting the hinged lid, you are slowly welcomed by the brand name, found on the boxes internal lip. Once the lid is fully opened you’ll find the brand name also printed onto the underside of the lid, upon a padded pillow. The hinged lid is supported by two white satin ribbons, holding it in place while open, giving the impression of a jewellery casket. The toy is resting within its delectable white satin station, with a satin storage bag tucked underneath it and an instruction booklet resting alongside. The box is exquisite and really makes the whole experience of opening the item feel special.
The wild is constructed from a curved rigid shaft coated in velvety smooth silicone. The product is 8.5 inches in length with 6.25 inches of insertable shaft. Towards the tip of the toy the shaft curves. The head of the shaft is flattened for G-spot stimulation. The shaft is a maximum of 4.25 inches in circumference, thinning slightly around its sleek curve to approximately 3.25 inches circumference. The base flares outwards to 2.75 inches across, forming a shape similar to the wings found on an aircraft –and also making it suitable for anal penetration, if you are comfortable with its shape. Found on the underside of the base you will find a prominent nub which can also be used for light clitoral stimulation. The base is meant to be contoured to fit the palm of your hand; however, where the sliding touch-sensitive control resides is also where my thumb wishes to rest. Between the wings you will find an On/Off push button, and a plastic light-up touch-sensitive function controller. The toy is waterproof but has a noticeable gap between the main shaft and control unit. The product requires two AA batteries to operate it – these aren’t included. To insert the batteries simply twist the base unit and remove the plastic battery girdle. Make sure you pay attention to ‘+’ and ‘-’ markings on the tray, as removing the batteries once positioned can be difficult. Slide the batteries back into the chamber and reunite the twist locking control unit and shaft.
The instruction manual offers basic instructions on how to control the vibrator. Even with these, it took me quite some time to become fully confident in operating the device. To use the toy push the On/Off button. The motor should emit a single speed vibration, starting at highest strength. Whilst on, the touch-sensitive unit will glow blue. To lessen the toy’s intensity, slide a finger over the touch-sensitive panel repeatedly, towards the On/Off button. Each sliding motion will decrease the toy’s intensity. To change the function, rest your finger for a couple of seconds on the Nomi Tang logo found on the touch-sensitive control. There are a total of three modes. Each vibration mode’s intensity can be changed by sliding a finger up and down the touch-sensitive control panel. The first mode is continuous speed, second is an escalation mode, and third is a pulsation mode. When you have found your desired setting, place a finger tip over the bottom of the touch-sensitive control for a few seconds in order to lock onto the selected mode. To deactivate the lock-on, just repeat the process. When in lock mode, the touch-sensitive unit glows red. The toy’s vibrations start at quite strong rumbles, and lower down to soft rumbling vibrations, which are mostly felt at the tip but do travel softly down to the nub at the base. The vibrator is exceptionally quiet. 
When using the wild, I needed additional water based lubrication and foreplay before inserting the toy. At first I used the nub located on the base to glide between my labia, spreading my lips softly apart before focusing on the clitoris. The vibrations travelled gently down towards the nub and offered enough rumble to whet my appetite. During insertion, the head of the toy hooked past my vaginal entrance and sloped towards my G-spot. I gently rested the rounded head onto my G-spot before fiddling around with the controls. When selecting a setting, I found the shape and size of the handle got in the way of the controls. I understand that the raised wings are meant to be contoured so you don’t accidentally trigger the controls, but sadly I found they made using the device somewhat vexing, and they dug into my palm uncomfortably. When selecting modes I had to focus more on using the touch control, rather than focusing on the enjoyment received from its functions. Occasionally I would change, lock, or unlock the vibrations unintentionally – sometimes even my duvet would knock the touch-sensitive controls, thus changing the setting. Although the controls are overly sensitive, I found sliding my fingers over them a lot quicker than using a standard dial or button – this toy might be worth considering if you have difficulty with push buttons. The contour of the handle made thrusting and rocking with the vibrator almost impossible, causing many of the movements I applied to feel unnatural and uncomfortable on my grip. Basically, the toy isn’t ideal for anyone who likes thrusting or rocking actions during penetration. When gently cupping the base, I was able to keep the shaft positioned on my G-spot, and the vibrations stimulated my body, but I was unable to apply the prodding sensations required to achieve G-spot orgasm. When inserting the toy deeper into my vagina the head would cause uncomfortable stimulation to my A-spot. Upon removing the toy, sometimes the head would catch the front of my vaginal walls before popping out. 
The silicone used for the Nomi Tang getaway – wild is exceptionally easy to clean due to its smoothness. Simply wash in warm water with your standard antibacterial soap. Make sure you don’t use too rough a cloth around the touch controls, as the plastic can scratch. 
Overall, the Nomi Tang getaway – wild’s shaft should be perfect for G-spot stimulation, but its base makes manoeuvring the toy wearisome, meaning you can’t utilize its true G-spot potential. It’s really a toy to just rest onto your G-spot and let the vibrations do all the work, whilst you mess around with its settings. The functions are fiddly, and although you can lock and unlock the modes with a tap of your finger, I feel this would’ve worked a lot better had it been a completely separate button from the touch-sensitive controller. If you’re after a G-spot toy and tend to have difficulty with push-buttons, then this control system may work for you.
Thank you to Sex Health for providing me with this toy for my review. You can find out more about this vibrator here.

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