No longer broken

I am no longer broken. After a year of struggling through depression and coming to terms with the abuse I suffered, I can happily say to I love myself, career, and friends more than anything right now.


It has been a long time since I’ve been able to feel the organic nature of happiness, and although selfish, I am loving every minute of it.


Oh and I have a new lov-e-r (well a few), but my main lover is the sex industry. I am so happy that we have worked things out and that not only is it an important partner for me, I am important to it too.


So you want to know what I’ve been doing? Well other than eating a lot of cookie dough, I have kept myself busy. I am now a trained adult sex educator who focuses on sex toys – huzzar! Working with loads of retailers and manufactures, the NHS, charities, and more.


I have been writing a lot of sex toy guides and helping with marketing. I started to do workshops recently which I am enjoying so much. I also have my own home practice where I teach adult sex ed and have people traveling from outside of the UK for me to teach them.


I am busy, but am happy.


There’s loads I could update you on, but  please feel free to pop along to my erotic book club in Norwich at the Norman Center on the 21st August. I have almost completed Norwich Poly Support group too.


Oh and before I forget, I am writing a book about anal sex, so please forward me your stories or questions:


Argh so much happening. Orgasm Diet, would you like to take part and be in the press? Also get a chance to plug in your sex positive site or career =). Let me know!


But yes. Life is good! Huzzar!

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