New Corset

The other day I ordered a new 20″ corset. It’s been awhile since I’ve worn one and I was starting to miss wearing them. The corsets I use to wear were between 24-26″, my waist is now 24-25″ without a corset. So I ordered a 20″ corset, I probably should’ve went for a 22″ as I haven’t worn one in ages, but hey it fits. The new corset arrived early this morning and I was going to wait and try it one… instead I’ve wasted most of the day putting it on. It’s the first corset I’ve got that has a zip, not only is there a zip but it’s at the side rather than the front. I’m always worried about catching my skin when doing up zips, so I did end up unlacing some of the corset. The lacing on my new corset is a cord, so it’s easy to use, but it’s shorter than all other cords I’ve used and half the width. I think I’m going to replace it with one of my old cords.

Anyway, after re-lacing the corset, once the zip was closed, I started to have trouble tightening. I probably spent about 2 hours trying to get it closed at the modesty panel… My hip had started to go dead, so I phoned for help. Well my partner was taking ages to come and rescue me, so I had to remove my corset… As I removed it I noticed that the corset was actually too low on my body. I had gotten myself so worked up about it not fitting, that I hadn’t even considered whether or not I’d positioned it right.

My partner finally arrived somewhat confused. He had expected me to be wearing a half laced corset; instead I had lines where the boning and lacing had rested maliciously. We got some coffee and sat for a moment. It was hot, we both needed to catch our breaths before even attempting anything. 

The corset had already wasted so much of my time; I refused to let it win. I asked my partner to help me put it on, even with my body bruised and sore, I wasn’t going to give-up. Its times like this I sometimes think I should give-up, just because of the fear of damaging the actual item.

He helped zip me up, like any gentleman would. At first gently tightening the laces until there was some tension. Then suddenly his knee pressed deeply and firmly onto the small of my back and he pulled. He pulled so forcefully my body wiggled about, my arms reached out towards a nearby chair while I tried to ground my feet. I was steady for a moment, it was shortly after the steadiness I had gain I was told to move. I had grounded my feet onto his. A few more tugs on the cord and he had managed to get the corset closed enough to show the modesty panel. 

The corset was feeling rather comfortable at this point, I don’t know what he did to make it fit and feel better, but it worked. I think if he tightened it up again it will be able to go tighter. I didn’t have an additional 30minutes in my day to waste tightening it up more, as I actually had to take it off shortly. I was pleased anyway, it actually fitted me.

I’m going to buy some more corsets soon. Probably a mixture of 20″ and 22″, I think the 22″ will be easier for me to put on. Though the 20″ corset I got today will take a few wears until it’s broken in. 

Here’s a quick picture of the corset, I’ll get better ones when it is tighter and I have more time.

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