Naughty List – Halloween

  True Pleasures
With 45 days to go until Halloween, people have started preparing. I actually started planning Halloween back in January as one of my favourite gothic artists will be touring the UK. Most years I have a few plans, from geeky conventions to elegant balls. The best part of Halloween, for me, is spending it at home. I do really like the parties and events, but Halloween to me is like Christmas… no wait it’s more important.
Every Halloween I decorate my place, there’s actually still some up from last year. I currently have a garland of bat-lights dangling over my bed that glow a ghostly purple. You’ll find a cut out of death by the front door ready to greet any guests… I know I really should actually get round to taking these things down, but it’s almost that time of year again.
Every Halloween me and my partner exchange gifts. I make a Halloween based meal. Sometimes Halloween cocktails, movies, and TV series will be involved. We basically get all set up in my cob wedded nest, to wait for the tide of trick or treaters to pass.
Over the years our gifts have gotten more Halloween related as well as x-rated. From using adult novelties such as The Death by Orgasm range by Lovehoney, to using props to set up a ghastly role play atmosphere. This year probably will be very similar.
Ever since I hosted a fancy dress party in my late teens, I have developed a slight vampire fetish. I think it was the teeth that did it for me. My partner had an extremely good set of vampire teeth that where moulded onto his own. Later that evening he decided to perform a love bite, and as his lips wrapped round my neck the two fangs dug in. They didn’t pierce the flesh but caused my whole body to have a light tingling sensation, while leaving the classic teeth marks. Ever since then I have always liked it when my partner wears Vampire teeth.
Blind folds are another great thing during Halloween. Wearing a blindfold while watching a horror movie, or listening to creepy music can not only make you more aware of your surroundings, so much that your hair stands on ends, but also speeds up your heart rate. Your partner can take advantage of this by arousing your body during those moments in the music or movie that would normally make you jump out of your skin. We’ve all watched movies where teens take their date to the movies and use horror as a good opportunity to get physically intimate.
If you are slightly more daring you could always go to a super natural place with your partner.  Church yards are particularly interesting on Halloween. If you don’t really want to go to an actual graveyard, why not set the scene in your living room. You can easily purchase foam gravestones cheaply, prop one up again the wall and then you have a headrest (stone), while making nookii.
So basically this Halloween will be filled with events outside of the bedroom as well as inside. I’m sure there’s a lot more things I have done, and could do one Halloween. What are your plans?

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