Naughty Candy Heart Butt Plug

Sex Toy Review for the Naughty Candy Heart Butt Plug written by Ness


The Naughty Candy Heart by Blush Novelties, is a small size cone-shape butt plug made from silicone. The plug has a heart shaped base, with the option of three engraved phrases ‘Spank Me’, ‘Be Mine’, ‘Do Me Now’. Obviously inspired by love heart candy sweets, these adorable plugs not only help send a message to your lover whilst you wear them during couples play, but they also air away from the tradition of where anal sex toys are seen as intimating and show us that butt plugs can be cute. I was excited about getting my hands on one of these plugs due to finding it hard to find smaller silicone cone-shaped plugs which stayed in place during wear and the stem and shape of these particular ones looked promising. I of course also loved the idea of owning a plug with the phrase ‘Spank Me’ engraved into its bottom.

Naughty Candy Heart Butt Plug

Naughty Candy Heart Butt Plug

The butt plug arrives in a clear box with printed text on it. Inside the box you will find the toy resting in a plastic clamshell. The packaging is unintimidating, and the information provided could be used as inspiration for how to use the plug during couples play.

The product is 4.5 inches in circumference at its widest insertable point and 3.5 inches in length. The cone-shaped area is a total of 2.5 inches long leading off of a 0.75 inch long stem. The stem has some flexibility to it. The item is made from silky smooth silicone and doesn’t cause any drag when rubbed against dry skin. The base is in the shape of a heart and has some flexibility to it. The tip of the toy is tapered to a rounded point for easy insertion. There are three plugs within the range with different phrases engraved into their base; I received the ‘Spank Me’ butt plug.

Silicone Naughty Candy Heart

Silicone Naughty Candy Heart

When using the butt plug I applied a heavy dollop of thick water-base lubricant to its tip and inserted it into my anus. The tip slipped into my rectum smoothly, and I could feel the wider part of the cone pop past my sphincters. Once in position the stem sat comfortably, and the plug stayed in position. The heart-shaped base fitted nicely again my body during short term wear, however for longer periods (over an hour) I found the silicone base to be a bit too firm to offer comfortable long-term wear. The shape of the plug meant that I was able to feel the smooth tapered tip inside my body as I moved. During wear the plug offered a nice reminder that it was there. When removing the plug my body found that the plug was sat very snugly that it required a bit more work to take-out when compared to some shaped anal toys. After clenching my pelvic floor muscles and relaxing my body I was able to remove the tiny toy, and could feel it sensually pop out of my body.

Using the plug on a male submissive, they found it easy to insert and wear. Naturally I had to spank them once they had the plug in, and they could feel the tip of the toy wriggle a little as the paddle impacted their buttocks. Sometimes during spanking the sub would find the heart-shaped base a little uncomfortable as the spanker hit the base into their body (a slightly softer base or rounded edges would help prevent this). My submissive found removing the butt plug a lot harder than I did, however this may be due to them being less aware of their body and have less control over their pelvic floor muscles – don’t worry they are now on a training scheme to resolve this.


When cleaning the plug, the smooth silicone easily wipes down with water antibacterial wash. On the off chance that dirt may become trapped within the engraved lettering, you may want a cheap tooth brush to hand to clean between the gaps.


Overall, the plug is great for those who have been looking for a cone-shaped plug that is a small size and want it to stay in during play. There are so many cone-shaped plugs of a similar size which just pop-out too easily but luckily the Naught Candy Heart didn’t. I like how it gives me an option for when I am want to wear something smaller, rather than having to always opt for the larger toys, particularly when I’m enjoying vaginal penetration alongside it too. The engraved messages in the base of the plugs are also an added bonus and have great amused myself and My submissives during play.



Thank you to Blush Novelties for sending me this plug for my review, you can find-out more here.

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