Naked Introduction

It’s been a long time since I’ve contributed to a blog of any form; for this reason I must warn you I may not take the time to writing within it often.
So here I go…. I’m Ness and some of you may know me as ‘The nymphomaniac’. I Actually choose that user name mainly as I love studying about sex and have found psychological studies into nymphomania rather fascinating, but I apparently according to the NHS doctors actually ‘suffer’ from it as a condition. It’s really just a load of notes within my medical record which a doctor decided to label me with, so I often tend to now ignore it as a condition and just get along with things. 
So by now I’m guessing you know I really enjoy sex. I actually enjoy sex so much in regards to experiencing and learning ever since I was 15 I’ve wanted to write or work as a sexologist, sex psychologist, or even a sex ed teach. I’m currently having a break from my psychology degree and really don’t think any of those career choices will happen in the long run. It’s not that the degree isn’t hard; I actually found it too easy and stopped as soon as I was asked to fill in for teacher and help with lessons. So I got scared and ran from it. I’m now thinking I would enjoy maybe neuroscience more but that’s another story.
Relationship wise I’m not really a monogamist though admire people who are. I did try and have a monogamist relationship with a man training to be a vicar, we were engaged and basically it ended rather badly. Due to this I’m now unwelcome at the local churches. I basically then went straight into a relationship with my current partner who I did live with for some time but it actually worked out finically better to live apart. We have been together 5 years now I believe. This is where it’s get complicated as in the past I have had lovers and still do have a few. My partner has consented that he’s fine with me having lovers. I think it’s better to ask when it comes to taking on lovers rather than being secretive, if he had said no I wouldn’t have done it and would have left it in the realms of fantasy. 
 As far as lovers go I am very picky. I haven’t had many but have had more long term lovers. It’s nice to relax with a lover, be taken on holiday, have gifts purchased, or just to talk with. Every now and again though things have gone too far and a lover gets too close. I was actually asked by one of my lovers to marry him, sadly I had to decline and even though I should have cut all ties off then and there we still chat as we are now very good friends. Due to this I’m trying to slowly stop having lovers as even when you make it clear and set the rules sometimes they don’t work and emotionally can be very hard for everyone.
I do have other interests other than it all being sex related. *thinks* I really like martial arts and running, enjoy pyrotechnics and would love to do a course, I also collect weaponry. Not really overly feminine but I do seem to enjoy wearing dresses, corsets, pretty shoes and have long hair.
I Think I may have rambled a little too much; hopefully my next’s blogs will gain some structure. I guess it just proves introductions are hard even when writing to an anonymous audience.

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