My Love For Pablo Neruda

I believe poetry is very powerful when it comes to expressing ourselves. Not only do those capable of writing it express their emotions, but also, the reader is able to get a feeling of these emotions too. However, even after reading or writing down these emotions, we can be lost about what to do with their content. Erotic poetry and love poems, is something we often read and well up with emotions, but how often do we express their content physically?

That’s why I love Pablo Neruda, for this form of expressionism. His erotic writing maps out the human body perfectly and every word caresses you as you read his writing. Each of his poems gives me so many ideas about how to stimulate the body, sometime it’s just a singular phrase and other times it’s the poem in its eternity.

In one poem he compares the curves and breasts of a woman to hills, and this ignited so much within my imagination, that I wanted to share with you how I turned this into a way to explore my body.

Hills are important landmarks within the world, and some of us struggle to climb them, and this is the same with our body’s curves – we struggle to climb the challenging ladder of body confidence.  Often many of us give-up part way, and this can mean, that during masturbation we neglect to stimulate these areas too. But just like when we climb a hill and our feet shuffle up its path, when we explore these areas with touch, it evaluates our senses and awareness resulting in pleasure.

So explore your curves and hills. Trail your figure tips along every bump and lump in circular motions, and take note about how amazing, not only the tingles your skin feels, but also how beautiful these lumps, bumps, and curves are. You may have heard many people saying that they love their curves, but it lacks essence and body. When I say I love my curves, I really mean it; I love the uniqueness of every bump and lump, and gain pleasure even when I find a new one. These natural landmarks on my body are something only I have, but also they differ in my lovers too, and I delight in exploring and mapping out their body in depth.

I use these lumps and bumps as stepping stones as I climb up the hill. Sometimes I even literally bounce the tips of my fingers from one bump to the next, hopping from these areas, speedily or slowly, focusing on them and how much they raise my awareness and confidence.

As I bounce from each stepping stone I also become aware that certain ones bounce more freely as I apply pressure, but also that the textures of each stone differs from the next. Firmer lumps and bumps respond to sensations differently to the more supple points. Some of these bumps and lumps erode over time, others form more solid foundations, and as they change the way I respond to their stimulation alters. Sometimes I fear these changes, and they can lead me to unknown reactions. But after the fear subsides, I retune my foundations, and delight in the differences.

Because, after all, life would be really boring if we all walked the same path day-in-day-out.

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