My brain after 12 hours work….

I can’t believe this, I’m sitting at work and thinking about random things I feel are important to consider. After 12 hours of sex writing, toy testing, interviews, and meetings my brain has decided that the world wouldn’t be able to cope if all the sex dolls suddenly came a live!

With the amount of love dolls manufactured each year, they would need a whole island to live on at least. You wouldn’t be able to just shove them away in a cupboard anymore, and only get them out for play.

They’d need educating and people to provide them with resources. The ones with porous vaginas, would require further education on STIs and possibly a cheap supplier for barrier methods. The PVC ones would soon find themselves in a tricky position as phthalate toys become less desired by the consumer.

Ones who are air filled would constantly have to worry about being punched and we would have to train our paramedics to also have the same skills as a mechanic fixing a bike.

Silicone dolls would have to be warned about silicone lubricants and other silicone products, which will be almost impossible to avoid, as it’s one of the main materials being used for not only sex toys now but also other gadgets.

Latex dolls will have to avoid having relationships with those who suffer from latex allergies, but also be informed that their life expectancy is less than other dolls, as they are made from a biodegradable material.

We would have to put up protective agencies, to help support those who had suffered abuse too.

Woah, yeah…. 12 hours work, and this is what happens to my brain.

Manufacturing sex dolls is already rather costly, but if they became a live, with emotions and understanding, then the world would be in a bit more trouble really….

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