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The Mona 2 is a luxury rechargeable vibrator, designed and manufactured by Lelo. Its silicone shaft and rigid body are intended to generate a strong G-spot orgasm as it comfortably slides into the natural contours of your body. The Mona 2 is a step-up from the original Mona vibrator by Lelo. The Mona 2 has four main differences. The first two are the changes in size; the toy’s girth has been marginally reduced and its shaft extended. The final, and perhaps more vital, changes are an upgrade in power, and the ability to be used in aquatic environments. The Mona 2 is a great product for those seeking a strong rechargeable sex toy made from hypoallergenic materials. 
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The Mona 2 arrives in a thin glossy outer cardboard sleeve with an image of the product which, once removed, leaves you with a heavy duty matte black box, with Lelo emblazoned into its lid. The main box’s appearance is on par with a luxury jewellery gift box. Inside, the Mona 2 is found resting within a velvet-lined foam cut-out. To the side is a cardboard flap, under which you will find the toy’s charger, a lubricant sample, authenticity card, satin drawstring bag, and a warranty and product manual. The packaging means this would make a lovely gift, and it houses everything you need to get started.
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The Mona 2 features a rigid curved shaft with a bulbous prolate spheroid head, providing a nicely tapered tip. The front of the product’s head rises to a crest, aiding G-spot stimulation. The main shaft is coated in velvet smooth silicone which causes minor drag when rubbed against dry skin. The product is 8 inches in length, with a maximum of 4.5 inches in girth. The product has 5.25 inches of insertable shaft. The lower body of the product is ergonomically designed for maximum grip; made from glossy ABS plastic, it houses four silicone control buttons and the charging port. The charging port is covered by a silicone flap, which flips out of the way when charging. The device takes up to four hours to charge, and will need charging prior to its first use. 
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The Mona 2 has a total of six vibration modes, ranging from continuous and pulsation, to various escalation modes; these are selected via the two arrow buttons. You are able to adjust the intensity of each mode using the ‘-’ and ‘+’ buttons. The product should arrive travel locked. To remove the lock, press and hold the minus and plus buttons together for a few seconds, and repeat the process to reengage the lock. The product emits rumbly vibrations, starting out with light rumbles, leading to very intense vibrations on the highest setting. The toy is exceptionally quiet even on its maximum setting. The battery lasts for up to several hours; there is no warning prior to it cutting out.
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When using the Mona 2 I started by using the tapered tip to tease my labia and clitoris. The Mona 2 works well at offering pinpoint stimulation to the clitoris, and its intense rumbly power induces clitoral orgasm rapidly. When used as a direct clitoral stimulator, the length of the product and easy to grip handle made foreplay effortless. The Mona 2 also works well for less direct clitoral stimulation. I was able to rest the Mona 2’s arched and raised tip onto my vulva, the raised crest of the shaft lying over my clitoris and huddling between my labia. The curving lower part of the shaft arched over my pubic mound naturally, as if the product was designed to fit against my body comfortably and flawlessly. The rumbly vibrations emitted less direct stimulation, but were still enough to induce climax. However, I found the tip of the toy would obstruct my vaginal orifice slightly when used like this, as well as the position offering limited access to the function controls. However I feel that this product could work well when slotted between two bodies during coitus. 
When using the Mona 2 for vaginal insertion, my body required some additional foreplay and lubrication to help insert the bulbous tip of the shaft. I used the Mona 2 to stimulate around my vaginal orifice and labia prior to insertion. I experienced some difficulty inserting the whole of the useable shaft at first, due to the rigid bend in the product. Once my body had adapted to the toy and was more aroused, the crest of the prolate spheroid head slid onto my G-spot and was gentle enough to stroke across my G-spot whilst thrusting with the product. The rumbly vibrations were perfect for reaching a strong G-spot climax. The toy’s shape, once inserted, meant that although I preferred using motions during masturbation, I was able to just leave the Mona 2 inserted and stationary; it stayed in position with the crest lodged flush against my G-spot. I was able to leave the product inserted and let the vibrations do all the work for me, without fear of the shaft slipping away inconveniently. When inserting the Mona 2 deeper vaginally, I found the toy’s arching shape and tapered tip caused discomfort to my A-spot and cervix. 
As the Mona 2 is waterproof it can be cleaned easily. Simply wash it under warm water with your standard antibacterial wash. Between the silicone shaft and ABS plastic handle there is a small gap which may trap dirt. The silicone buttons have a slightly sticky texture to them, and so may require some additional attention when cleaning. Before storing the Mona 2, make sure you allow the product to air dry, and ensure it is dry before charging.
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The Mona 2 is a very powerful vibrator, offering deep rumbly vibrations which stimulate my G-spot perfectly. The Mona 2 is one of those toys I like for both internal and external stimulation, inducing an explosive orgasm either way. Surprisingly, it fits my body’s contours perfectly when used externally or internally too, which is rare when a product is designed for one specific area of stimulation. The Mona 2 is a great option for those searching for a strong vibrator for either clitoral or vaginal use, although some may have difficultly inserting its bulbous and curvaceous shaft. 
Thank you to Lelo for sending me the Mona 2 for my review. You can find out more about this product here

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