Mini rant about social networking sites and messages.

Lately I keep getting messages from people who read my blog via social networking sites. I do try to keep up-to-date with blogging and real life, but at times it can be difficult to find the time for much else. Most people, who know me, know that I can vanish for days, weeks, even months when I’m busy writing and in my blogger bubble. A lot of time this will mean that any personal messages get pushed to the back of the queue and only blogging, work, study, and household messages are responded to. I also switch my phone off for weeks, deactivate my personal facebook account, and even not go out, if I’m really busy with writing, and studying. However I don’t deactivate my blog related social networking accounts as these are a way for companies to contact me and a few very close friends. I still try and reply to fan messages and social networking friends when I have the time, but I can also find it very draining emotionally and mentally. Please don’t be offended if I don’t reply to messages…. more importantly please don’t send me hate mail and threats when I haven’t replied. I’m not ignoring any of you, I’m just rather busy. Though that kind of behaviour will make me ignore any future contact you try. I’m not saying that everyone who messages me behaves like this; most don’t and are very nice people who understand that I will reply to them eventually. There has just been a few, who have acted unpleasantly recently. Luckily most social networking sites do have a friend removal system in place, but really I prefer not to go to such measures as it just shouldn’t happen in the first place. Also I’m aware that this mini rant won’t really get me anywhere; there will still be people who act like this.

I’m hoping to find some time in the next week to reply to messages. Though as Halloween is my equivalent to Christmas, I might not be online much… On the plus side, I will have lots of time to reply to messages around Christmas and even on Christmas day ^_^

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