Mini Pirate Hat

I purchased this costume accessory because I liked how dainty and cute the item looked. Normally I wouldn’t buy pirate related items, but this hat appealed to me because it looked as if it could be worn with different style outfits, even if just to jazz up the standard jeans and t-shirt combo. 
The item arrives without any packaging. There is a large label sewn into the underside of the hat which states ‘Do not remove this label’ – I would avoid removing the label with a stitch picker, but I see no reason why you can’t cut it away from the stitching. There are no washing instructions for the hat, but as it doesn’t seem to contain any cardboard for shaping, I think you could hand wash the product if needed. When the hat arrived it was a bit squashed, but unlike some fancy dress hats it was easily reshaped into its intended form, leaving no crease marks or damage. The product is small at around 5.5 inches by 6 inches; the Alice band provided seems to be similar to a child size hair accessory, so you may wish to replace it with a larger one, or hair clips. The Alice Band slots through two elastic loops which are sewn into the underside of the hat. The main fabric is soft corduroy felt, with a faux gold leather textured rim going round the hat. Shadowing the gold rim is black lace; some of this may be caught on the felt fabric but it is easily separated. There are two red satin bows on the hat; the ribbon doesn’t look likely to fray, unlike some ribbon on other costume products. I think I would’ve preferred only one ribbon on the hat, but at the same time two ribbons aren’t that bad. The build of the product is plush-like, meaning that it is easily squashed down and reshaped. 
Wearing the hat is simple; just make sure the Alice band is slotted through the elastic loops and you’re set. You can hook the Alice band through one of the loops rather than both, depending on how you want the hat positioned on your head. I found that when using the Alice band provided it seemed a little small, as it didn’t sit smoothly on the top of my head. The Alice band is transparent so you can easily hide it behind some hair. I did have fun positioning the hat, but found that I liked the hat best resting to one side of my head. Once in place it doesn’t fall off easily or move about much.
The pirate hat really does work well with most outfits, whether you are throwing together things that are pirate related or just wearing everyday clothes. When wearing the hat around other people I have had some comment on how cute the hat is, even one saying that it made me look adorable.
Overall, I do like this little hat. I know that cute and adorable may not be the desired reaction for everyone when wearing a pirate costume, but it did get the best reactions I have received in a long time when it comes to premade costume related items. Most items, especially the hats, get overlooked because they aren’t individualistic enough in design, and are often cheaply made. 
You can buy this mini pirate hat from Lovehoney

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