Metal Worx Luv Plug

The Pipedream Metal Worx Luv Plug is an anal toy designed for prostate stimulation. The new Metal Worx toys from Pipedream are an affordable luxury compared to other metal toys. Va Va Voom were kind enough to send me the Metal Worx Luv Plug to review. As a woman I do not have a prostate, but this doesn’t mean I still can’t enjoy using the Luv Plug, whether I use it as a standard butt plug, or even inserted into the vagina for G-spot stimulation.  In the past I’ve had very little luck with the standard cone-shape butt plugs, and have found that they would often fall out. I’ve had better luck with slightly curved plugs, similar to the Luv Plug, so I was hopeful that this beautiful plug wouldn’t let me down.
The Luv Plug arrives in a strong cosmetic style box, with charcoal coloured faux leather. The case has a sturdy metal latch to keep it closed, but unfortunately the latch isn’t lockable. On the box you will find two stickers, featuring the toy and product information, and both stickers are easily removed, leaving the brand name and logo printed on the lid. The product information states that the toy is hand-polished, nonporous, ergonomically weighted, eco-friendly, and nickel-free. You will find the plug resting inside the velveteen lined box, within a removable foam padding. To really appreciate the Luv Plug you need to remove it from the packaging, as the protective foam covers up the diamante crystal found on its handle.
Once the Luv Plug is removed from its packaging you can immediately tell that the toy is exceptional quality, from how the smoothly polished steel shines on its curved body, to how the weight of the toy feels with two fingers hooked round its handle. Fixed into the base of the handle you will find a large diamante crystal, which shimmers beautifully and adds an extra touch of class. The plug has 3.5 inches of insertable length, being 4.5 inches in total length including the handle. The handle is big enough to accommodate up to three fingers when using the toy, but I found hooking two fingers through was comfortable, and offered enough control. I only have one problem with the toy – the inside of the handle feels a bit rough, as it hasn’t been smoothed and polished as well as the rest of the toy. At the tip of the toy there is a tapered bulbous head of about 3.75 inches in circumference; this offers around 1 inch of surface area aimed at stimulating the P-spot or G-spot. After the head of the toy it gently thins and then expands in girth slightly, while forming a curved stem. The plug isn’t overly large, but due to its weight when compared to similarly proportioned anal toys made from other materials, and also its rigidity, I wouldn’t recommend this to an anal novice. I feel it would be well suited for most intermediate to advanced anal toy users. 
When using the toy as an anal plug I found that very little lubrication was needed. The steel did feel very cold compared to some anal toys I’ve used, so you may wish to warm it in water before insertion. The steel does warm faster than most metal and glass toys, so be careful not to burn yourself. Personally, when using the toy anally, I preferred the cold sensations of the steel gradually warming to my own body temperature. During insertion I experienced slight discomfort when the bulbous head entered the anus, but found that once the rest of the shaft was inserted, the toy felt very comfortable and natural to wear. The weight of the steel added to the sensations while wearing the plug, and seemed to make it move comfortably with the rest of my body, without falling out. I had worried that the weight of the toy would make it difficult to wear, but this plug stays in place when inserted, even during vaginal intercourse and orgasm. I’ve found a lot of butt plugs fall out during vaginal intercourse or orgasm, which can be very frustrating. When wearing this plug during vaginal sex, it helped me to have a more intense orgasm. I also liked how the handle isn’t easily noticeable when wearing the plug under clothing, and how comfortable it felt between my buttocks. 
Due to the hygienic nature of steel sex toys, I was also able to experiment using this toy for G-spot stimulation after sterilizing it. I found that the toy did curve towards my G-spot and stimulate it, but unfortunately I would’ve benefitted from it being slightly longer, for more accurate and constant stimulation.
Cleaning the toy is easy; simply wash it under warm water with your standard antibacterial cleaner. You can even boil or sterilize the toy. In the unlikely event that the crystal gets dirty, you may want a cleaning wipe to clean around its setting. Steel does easily watermark, so it is best to dry the toy immediately after washing in order to prevent this.
Overall, even though I’m unable to comment on how effective this toy would be as a prostate massager, I think it is an excellent plug. I found it stimulated my G-spot somewhat, meaning that it will probably work well stimulating the male P-spot. The plug is very comfortable to wear, and I’m pleased that it stays in place, unlike a lot of other plugs. Not only is it very good as an anal toy, it is also a good vaginal G-spot toy, which is easy to clean. As the size isn’t overly challenging, it will be my butt plug of choice when I’m up for a little anal stimulation during intercourse, or solo masturbation. I doubt it’ll be leaving my bedside table.
You can purchase the Metal Worx Luv Plug from Va Va Voom

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