Masters Desire’s Classic Wrist Cuffs

The Masters Desire’s Classic Wrist Cuffs are luxury leather restraints with high quality metal fittings. These extravagant restraints are available in a selection of sizes to fit the circumference of an individual’s wrists perfectly. Every set is made from the finest leather, handpicked from ethical UK suppliers, and only the finest portions are used. With a selection of hide colours and metal fitting colouration of your choice, they can be made very personal and unique for the individual customer. Handmade to order rather than mass produced, these cuffs are the finest you can get for an authentic and personalised bondage experience.


The Classic Wrist Cuffs arrived promptly, with plenty of communication about the development of my item prior to it being despatched. The cuffs where well packaged and arrived in a magnetic black box with MD embossed into the lid. Inside the cuffs were resting upon padded white satin. When opening the box I was hit by an instant aroma of sweet leather, unlike any other leather I’ve smelt before. The smell was divine, and I’m a vegetarian who normally dislikes the smell of meat by-products. The leather smelt natural, high quality, and didn’t smell overly chemical compared to many other leather BDSM products.


The cuffs I ordered where in brown leather with brass fittings as I desired something that would look elegantly steam punk in appearance. The circumference size of the cuffs I picked was 6 inches, as this is the smallest option available, and my wrists are just above 5 inches round. The restraints arrived exactly to order and looked dazzling.


The Classic leather wrist cuffs are made from two types of leather. On the outside the cuffs are made from a firmer and harder wearing leather, and the internal leather is made from supple calf leather, which houses a thin layer of leather padding underneath for comfort. The leather cuffs wrap around the wrist and thread through a hardwearing bucking, with five hole punches available for use, meaning you can wear the cuffs a lot wider than the size purchased if desire (or if a lover wished to borrow them).  On each cuff there is a well fitted D-ring, which can be hooked to the supplied metal slip, joining each side together like classic handcuffs. These D-rings can be used to connect your lover or self to other restrain systems.  The cuffs are very luxury, although they cannot be locked easily – you may be able to find some padlocks which can thread through the puncher holes in the leather, which can then act as a stopped so they can’t be removed easily.


During wear, although the cuffs where slightly too large for my wrists, I’m glad I had to select a slightly larger size, as the restraints can be slightly stiff the first few wears – the leather will loosen and crease naturally over time and use. When wearing the cuffs I found the padding just right and that the leather didn’t chaff my skin at all. In couples play my partner was able to tug the D-rings ferociously without damaging any of the stitching and leather. The cuffs made me feel very exceptional, and I found that as the soft leather circulated my wrists it caressed the skin soothingly. Although I was able to break free from the restraints when desired, they never fell apart on their own whim. They also didn’t leave any noticeable marking (which for some may be a disappointment). My partner loved how the cuffs looked on me and commented on how tempting they made me appear.


Overall, the Masters Desire’s Classic Wrist Cuff’s are one of the strongest and most comfortable pairs of wrist restraints I have used. They are superior to many other cheaper pairs of leather devices I already own, which normally have rough chemical smelling leather. These would be perfect for anyone who, often find other restraint systems too big or small around their wrists, too. The service offered by Masters and Desire’s is excellent and they truly triumph when making luxury bondage gear.



Thank you to Masters Desire’s for sending me this item for my review. You can find out more about these restraints here.

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