Marc Dorcel Geisha Ball Silicone Butt Plug

The Dorcel Geisha Plug is a rigid silicone butt plug with a free roaming internal ball in its bulb. The bulb is designed to operate similar to kegel balls, and is meant to stimulate the pelvic floor and send soft and pleasurable vibrations through the rectum. The butt plugs size is perfect for both beginners and advanced anal play, as the internal ball will heighten sensations you may not have been aware of prior to use, even with previous anal experience.

The Diamond version of the plug arrives in a cardboard box with various product text printed onto it. On the side there is a black and white image of a model, the image is relatively classy compared to other semi nude pictures used on cheaper sex toy packaging. There is an open front to the packaging which reveals the plug within a clear plastic case. Once the plastic clamshell is removed from the box you will find the silicone plug, a satin bag, and an instructional pamphlet.

vibrating butt plug

The product is in the style of a cone butt plug. Measuring 3 inches in length, with an inch long stem, and a total of 2.75 inches tall from its flared base to its tapering tip. The coned head of the product is a maximum of 4 inches girth and tapers to a pointed tip for easy insertion. The cone is coated in a velvet smooth layer of silicone which has a few manufacturing mould lines – these are hardly noticeable when touched. The head of the toy is rigid and inflexible. You can easily feel the weighty internal ball rattle within its chamber. The base of the product is a flat disc of 4 inches circumference. The base of my version has a decorative crystal cut piece of plastic in its bottom.

pretty butt plug

During insertion of the product I required hardly any additional water base lubrication due to the tapered tip. The coned head popped into my anal orifice comfortably. As it popped past my anal sphincter and pelvic floor muscles the internal ball rattled slightly, sending vibrations throughout my body. The disc base rested comfortably between my buttocks and didn’t cause any discomfort during movement. The toys stem was almost the perfect length to rest the head of the product above the bridge of my pelvic floor, however I feel it could’ve done with being slightly longer – possibly ¼ of an inch maximum. I was able to wear the product for prolonged periods of time. During wear, even in stationary positions the internal ball rattled noticeably and produced pleasurable stimulation. Performing more advanced tasks such as running, jumping, or similar, made the product rattle vigorously. The more adventurous the activities, the more filling the product felt.

Although the plug is fairly small, the internal ball made it fill filling and satisfying, which I would normally only experience with larger anal products. The longer I wore the product the more my rectum muscles contracted, this made the product feel as if my rectum wished to pull it all inside internally, though the flared base was sufficient enough to prevent this.

Personally, I would’ve liked slightly more weight in the products gemmed base. This would’ve added reassurance about the safety of the product. A heavier based would also help anchor the internal portion of the product more during movements, offering the possibility of more product control when contracting my pelvic floor.

During use I was pleasantly surprised how silent the product was, meaning I was able to wear the plug discreetly whilst out.

When using the product alongside additional vaginal and clitoral stimulation, the rattling sensations enhanced my bodies overall awareness, intensifying orgasm. I was happy to find that the plug stayed in position when I climaxed, unlike some butt plugs which pop-out. After climax, I was able to feel my pelvic floor muscles grip around the product, and the rattling internal ball helped lead to gentle multiple orgasms. I was able to feel the product within my vagina, when it was inserted anally, and this also helped stimulate my partner’s penis during coitus.

When removing the plug from my anal canal I was able to experience a popping sensation. I found it slightly hard to grip onto the circular base of the toy during retrieval. My pelvic floor muscle gripped tightly onto the plug when trying to remove the product, due to the constant stimulation from the internal ball.


I’ve experimented using the butt plug vaginally. The plug easily pops into the vaginal orifice and offers pleasant stimulation to the vaginal walls. However, I found the plugs stem a little too short to sit the bulb of the toy above my pelvic floor.

Cleaning the product was a lot easier than anticipated. I had expected to experience difficulty cleaning around the products seams and manufacturing indentations, but this wasn’t the case. To clean the product, simply wash in warm water with your standard antibacterial wash. I have a slight concern about the silicone overlay as it feels a little fragile and does move around slightly when stroked, due to this I’ve avoid using anything too harsh and sharp when cleaning.

Overall, I like the Dorcel Geisha Plug and enjoyed the sensations it produced anally. For a long time I’ve been after a product which mimics the traditional geisha balls, whilst being safe for anal play, and I feel Dorcel have achieved this. There are only a few minor improvements I would make to the product, such as more weight in the base and a slightly larger stem. I’d be interested to see how this product advances and whether or not a set of larger plugs or even anal beads will follow in this product series.

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