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The Magic Banana is a unique kegel device designed by leading yoga instructor Janeson Rayne, who has years of experience in not only educating about muscle tone and flexibility, but also from her own personal exploration. The devices looped shape may look intimidating, but in reality its looks are deceiving, as this product is a lot more comfortable and easier to use than you’d think when in practice. Suitable for all women from novice kegel disciples to pelvic power toners. The Magic Banana’s lightweight loop, is ideal for women who struggle when using heavier products, as it’s all about the amount of pressure you are able to grip around the loop and repetitions you can achieve. The sex toy also isn’t just for your PC muscles but can also be used effectively on your G-spot to offer distinctive stimulation and orgasm.

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 The product arrives in a green and yellow cardboard box, with a clear plastic window revealing the product within. There’s some basic information about the product printed onto the packaging, as well as a small amount of information about the creator of the Magic Banana – I was actually happy to find an image of Janeson Rayne on the packaging, and feel that more sex toy manufactures should do this with their products, as it helps normalise them. Inside the box you’ll find the device resting in a cardboard insert. There is also an instruction booklet, detailing more about how to use the product correctly and in various ways.

The Magic Banana is a flexible yellow plastic loop with a glossy black plastic handle. The handle has the brand name printed onto the front of it. When the loop is pinched together it measures a total of approximately 8.5 inches of insertable shaft.The products insertable diameter varies from approximately 4 inches to 1.5 inches when the loop is pinched together. The loop is ergonomically curved, to naturally rest within the vagina during us.

Toy use the device always insert the product with the curve facing towards your belly button. The brand name should also be facing towards the front of your body too. Pinch the loop together and thread it inside your body, you’ll find that your pelvic floor muscles will naturally clench the loop closed.

magic banana

When using the Magic Banana I had my worries about the device, in the past I’ve used some unique kegel devices which have focused on using your pelvic floor muscles to flex and tense their components together, often leading to discomfort and even mild injuries. But the Magic Banana is different and a lot more kinder than these toys, while still being highly functional. Before using the product I made sure I applied some water base lubrication to myself and the products slippery surface and then pinched the loop together. As I fed the loop into my vagina I could feel it widen slightly as my grip loosened, but once the Magic Banana was in and resting naturally with my body’s contours of only a couple of inches inside my vaginal canal, my pelvic floor muscles naturally gripped around it and clasped the loops together. The product felt surprisingly kinder than expected, and due to its ergonomic shape it even stayed in position as I walked around (however unlike some kegel devices, you won’t be able to wear this device under clothing whilst out and about as the external proportion of the product is rather long). I was about to stand, sit, lie, and use the product in various positions as I focused on clenching my pelvic floor muscles around it. As I squeezed I could feel the loop contract in rhythm to my pelvic floor muscles and made it more obvious that I was working out my kegels.

A traditional technique for exploring the pelvic floor region is to insert two fingers into the vagina like a peace sign and then try and use your pelvic floor muscles to clench them together. However this method can be troublesome at times, because the our fingers like to move on their own accord particularly in response to other movements, but also due to variation in finger length sometimes we are only able to insert just deep enough into the vagina to just get our fingertips past our pelvic bridge. However because the Magic Banana is longer it allows for you to gain more control over the loop when clenching, meaning that you are able to apply more leverage to it with every single clench you make. I believe the magic banana could be a great device for women who normally struggle to work out their pelvic floor muscles and don’t have much luck via the hands-on approach.

While it was noticeable that the Magic Banana works as a form of resistance training, and made me very aware of my pelvic floor muscles, I would still be interested in getting one which would require a higher level of resistance and pressure – a bit like how some every day sports equipment you get, which have different levels of intensity.

When using the Magic Banana as a masturbatory device, the contoured curve of the toy worked effectively for my G-spot. Again inserting the product with its curve pointing towards my bely button as I pushed its pinched loop together and up inside my body. The top of the loop hooked gently around my G-spot and as I thrusted with the lightweight handle I could feel the toy work magically drawing my G-spot to the surface. This is the first time I’ve used a product which has made me become fully aware of how the engorment of the G-spot works and feels. With every stroke, the loop gently dragged my sweet spot to the surface, and I could feel the area swell inside my vagina. It almost felt as if I was connected to the loops, as it helped me notice the stimulation a lot more than most products. After becoming awakened to these sensations, I was able to use the product as quickly or slowly as desired and thrust my way to a pleasure G-spot climax. During orgasm I was able to feel the loop contract and flex along with bodily spasms, making the experience more enjoyable and intense.

This is one of the only G-spot toys which offers this amount of flexibility and has a light weight body, which I have found to be effective for stimulating this area. Normally my G-spot prefers rigid products or at least ones with a firmer core, but also for G-spot play weight is often an important element for me (and many women). This isn’t the case with this product, it’s light weight body and flexibility work surprisingly well together, so much so that this toy is probably one of my favourite G-spot toys. Another great thing about the Magic Banana is that it never seems to miss my G-spot, its construction means that I’m unable to insert the product too deeply or shallowly into my body, and its ‘smile’ curves upwards naturally – there’s many great G-spot toys which only work successfully when positioned correctly and and to position them right it can take a lot of time working out about the products shape as well as our body’s contours, with the Magic Banana finding your G-spot is effortless.


Cleaning the product is simple as it’s made from hypoallergenic materials, wash it in warm water with your standard antibacterial wash and allow to dry. While the product doesn’t attract lint as easily as some toys, I still would’ve liked the Magic Banana to have come with its own storage bag – it’s just something I particularly like when it comes to kegel devices as they are a product I take with me when going away.


Overall, I like the Magic Banana, it really has surprised me. Not only have I learned that the product is a lot better and more comfortable than expected, but I also learned more about my own body. The device would be perfect for those who are not only trying to understand more about their pelvic floor muscles but also more about their G-spot and how it works during stimulation and climax.


I was sent this product for free by the manufacture in exchange of my honest review. You can find out more about the device here.

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