LoveArc: Suction-cup Sex Machine

The LoveArc is a self propelling sex machine designed to be used with suction-cup base sex toys. It’s a device the industry and consumers have been waiting for when it comes to being able to fully utilise those suction-cup toys to their maximum potential, without having to put too much foresight into when and where you will be playing and placing your suction toys. With the LoveArc’s help you’re able to use your suction-cup toys with more spontaneity and within more comfortable settings – previously people have found it hard to place their suction cup toys within the bedroom and have opted for less stable chairs, sides of the bath, and kitchen work-tops. Not only can you place the LoveArc in any room you desire, you have the ability to angle your suction-toys, so they reach your sweet spots perfectly. The device can also be used in two amazing ways; one being a stationary position, the other is self propelling rocking motions to help you thrust your way to climax. This versatile device also allows you to use multiple suction-cup toys at once, also allowing you the option to use it with a partner at the same time, or simply lets you explore double penetration with greater ease.

With previous experience with various sex position aides and sex machines, I was curious to see how the LoveArc would differ and improve my masturbation sessions. While I have had experience with other devices, none of them had incorporated a rocking motion into the mixture, which is generally the motion I desire for G-spot play. The products ability to make double penetrating easier without juggling multiple sex toys also intrigued me.


The device is made from aluminium, and is made-up of three solidly fixed parts: a weighted graspable and smoothly turned handle, an arced piece of smooth anodised aluminium, and a weighted bit of aluminium with rubberised grip at the back of the arc for stability. The item is a total of 3 kg in weight, with a length of 37 inches long and 7 inches wide. The metal arc is the ideal width for most standard sized suction-cup toys. The arc’s edges have been smoothed so they don’t uncomfortably dig into the users thighs during use. The product has some give in it, meaning that when using the item in a fixed riding position, the aluminium will sometimes bounce as you ride your sex toys, although the product will maintain its shape and not permanently warp from use (if anything this added bouncing motion adds to the fun of using your suction cup sex toy).

Two Suction-cup Toys on the LoveArc in the Rocking position.

Two Suction-cup Toys on the LoveArc in the Rocking position.

The appearance of the LoveArc doesn’t scream sex toy. If anything it looks more like a piece of exercise equipment, or even the base for a modern glass coffee table. I’ve managed to leave the product around my place, and even when questioned by others, I’ve easily passed it off as modern art or something more sociably acceptable (although really, sex toys should be sociably acceptable in my eyes).

LoveArc Handle

LoveArc Handle


When using the LoveArc I decided to experiment with the product in multiple different ways, first starting with some solo exploration.


The various places you can fix suction-cup toys to the LoveArc.

The various places you can fix suction-cup toys to the LoveArc.

After Gathering up a nice selection of suction-cup dildos, I started to place a few on the Arc to get an idea of how stable the suction stayed in position. I was able to lift the LoveArc up by just holding onto a suction-cup toy, the toy and the Arc stayed fixed together.

I placed my desired toy on the Arc, close to the stabilising back bar, and proceeded to warm myself up with some light masturbation before straddling the device. Once I was able to insert the dildo into my vagina, I leant forward and gripped onto the handles and proceeded to rock the device. With the LoveArc, you don’t need to hold onto the handles too tightly, and it takes very little effort to rock the device back and forth. The dildo attached, curved and rocked in and out of my vagina. I was able to feel my body’s natural response to the product, as it produced more lubricant and lathered the dildos surface with a slick coating of my moistures. With my vagina nicely lubricated, rocking the dildo in and out was effortless, although it did lead to the dildo slipping-out from time-to-time. During use, I was able to feel a fluster within my chest and breasts as I used the device, mimicking the sensations produced more from intercourse from a partner. While some people may not like the effort of having to manually rock the device, it is a lot easier than thrusting a dildo between your legs with a hand and causes less wrist ache. I was able to mentally get more into the moment with the LoveArc’s help, making masturbation feel a lot more natural. The device also made it easier to rock certain dildos onto my G-spot.

When it comes to using the device in the rocking position, you may find certain textured toys or ones with pronounced angles to cause different sensations and hit different sweet-spots. I did find some suction-cup toys cause a little discomfort during use, but that was generally sorted by angling the product different and positioning it on a different area of the LoveArc.

Using the device in a rocking position for anal, made it a lot easier than just thrusting a dildo manually with my hands. While I’m rather flexible, when using the dildos anally, the angle can be uncomfortable when having to reach my arm and hand around the back of my body; the LoveArc prevented me from experiencing this discomfort.



Using the LoveArc in a riding position.

Using the LoveArc in a riding position made using suction-cup toys more comfortable than just placing them on a flat surface (from the floor to the work-top). I was able to get a lot more natural and comfortable motions with my suction-cup toy being raised off the ground. It made it easier to control how deep the dildo penetrated my body, rather than on a flat surface where I often lose my stability when experimenting with suction toys.

During the riding position I was able to position one of my Magic Wands against the metal, which allowed the vibrations travel through the LoveArc and any suction-cup toys that were attached.

Against a Wall:

Using the LoveArc in Doggy Position.

Using the LoveArc in Doggy Position.

I was nervous about using the LoveArc against the wall, as I feared that it would fall during use, and possibly lead to an injury. However this did not happen and the product made the experience with suction-cup toys more comfortable and enjoyable than when just sticking them to a flat surface. Being able to place the Arc between my legs and have the ability to thread them behind the device really did make a lot of difference when controlling my thrusts onto my sex toys.

Double Penetration:

Using the LoveArc with multiple suction toys.

Using the LoveArc with multiple suction toys.

Now, double penetration is something I really enjoy, but often find it a pain to do during solo masturbation sessions, so naturally I was most excited about experimenting with the device and how it improved double penetration. Juggling sex toys can be a pain, but I was able to simply position two suction-cup toys close to one another and start thrusting away. I found that the experience varied depending on the toys being used, some were easier to use due to their bases being smaller and making it easier for me to adjust the distance between each dildo, making it better for my bodies contours during use.

While using the LoveArc in either the rocking, riding, or against the wall positions for double penetration, I found that the rocking position wasn’t as successful as the other two positions, however this could partly be due to the shape of dildos used.

Couples Play:

The LoveArc can be used together with a partner. We found it easier to use in the more stable riding position rather than rocking (although it’s still possible). It allowed both my partner and I to be penetrated at the same time, whilst also being able to have our hands free to stimulate each other’s body parts.

Prostate play:

I found a willing submissive to test out the product for prostate play in the rocking position. We found that certain dildos weren’t the correct angle for them to enjoy it comfortably, but when the right one was in position the experience was rather pleasant. The best toy we used for prostate play was a large suction-cup butt plug, which also had an internal free roaming ball inside it, meaning that it caused massage-like vibrations as it was being rocked in and out of their anus. I loved how I was able to rock the LoveArc for them with my heeled foot, and then make them learn and worship my feet during the process too. I could quiet happily sit in my thrown, sip away at a cup of tea, and just rock them away into ecstasy without putting in too much effort into the process myself. It also allows me to experiment with forced bi at the same time as the sub rocks away; their head is able to rhythmically bounce back and forth over a strap-on or another submissives penis.

We also found that when used in a riding position, it made it easier for my submissive to ease down onto larger anal toys.

A butt Plug on the LoveArc in the riding position.

A butt Plug on the LoveArc in the riding position.

You can find two clips of one of my submissives using the sex machine here:

Clip One


Top Tip: if you’re having trouble sticking some of your suction-cup toys to the device, apply a bit of water-base lubricant on the suction base prior to fitting.


Cleaning the LoveArc is simple, simply twist and pull off your attached suction-cup toy, and then wipe the aluminium device down with antibacterial soap and water. Do not use bleach solution with the machine as it will make the anodised colouring fade.


Overall, I like the LoveArc and all its possibilities. Before, I basically never really used the suction-bases of my suction-cup toys as it was too annoying to find an adequate environment for comfortable play, but this device has resolved these issues. My only qualm about the product is that when using the item in the rocking motion, it can sway from side to side a bit, causing it to go off course during masturbation sessions. It really has solved my problems when trying to enjoy double penetration solo, which I’m thankful for. I also feel it will get a lot of use within my dungeon – everyone needs a go on a fucking-horse / rocking-horse.



Thank you to LoveArc for sending me this interesting sex toy to review.

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