Love Diamond

The Love Diamond is a rabbit style vibrator, with a hard plastic bump in the shaft, coated in a soft TPR, with a diamond texture for stimulating the G-spot. The vibrator also has the option of up to 200 patterns for the rotating shaft and the vibrating clitoral stimulator. The clitoral stimulator’s appearance is very different to the standard wildlife fare you might find, such as a rabbit or dolphin, and instead resembles three human fingers squeezed together. 
The Love Diamond arrives in a large cardboard box. On the front there is an image of a woman wearing diamonds. Although the image isn’t overly crude compared to some pictures found on other sex toy packaging, I’m still not overly keen on it, and I feel it makes the item appear cheap. Also on the packaging you will find several images of the product, one of which has additional product information labelled next to it.
The vibrator is made from a soft clear TPR, which according to the packaging is skin safe and is meant to be unscented; I found the product smelt very synthetic even after a few washes. The toy is 10 inches in length with 5.5 inches of insertable shaft. The tip of the toy is tapered and made to look like the glans on a penis, and just below the glans there is a raised ring running round the shaft. At the centre of this ring there is a large polygonally textured bump, which is meant to resemble a diamond. This diamond is for G-spot stimulation. Underneath the soft textured diamond there is a small hard piece of plastic, to help add extra stimulation to the G-spot.
The clitoral stimulator is 2.5 inches long and can be bent 180 degrees away from the main shaft. This is made-up to look like three fingers, each tipped with a long fingernail, and these fingernails are exceptionally plushy.
At the base of the toy there is a control unit with six buttons. These buttons are quite stiff, and can therefore be a problem to use. There is a separate on/off button, two buttons for the clitoral vibrator’s intensity, two for the speed of the rotating shaft, and another button labelled ‘F’, which changes the patterns of both the clitoral vibrations and the rotating shaft. Using the function button affects both the clitoral stimulator and rotating shaft, unless one or the other is turned off at the time. When in use, there are three LEDs that light up: one when the device is on, one when the clitoral stimulator is active, and the other when the rotating shaft is in use. These LEDs are situated above the corresponding buttons. The Love Diamond takes three AA batteries. The battery compartment is waterproof, and feels secure and well sealed when screwed tight.
When using the toy I found that I needed very little additional lubrication. The tapered head easily entered my vagina. While inserting the toy I expected to experience some additional stimulation from the diamond-like texture on the shaft, but due to the plushiness of the TPR I barely felt any stimulation from it. Once the shaft was fully inserted, I found the clitoral stimulator sat a little too high to immediately stimulate my clitoris, meaning I had to reposition it. When turning the toy on I decided to start with the rotating shaft. I found that the rotations were relatively powerful compared to some other rabbits I’ve used, but they were also extremely loud and slightly off-putting. While the shaft was rotating, I was able to feel the diamond texture adding to the sensations, but it was slightly too high up on the shaft and missed my G-spot. I feel that if the diamond bump was half an inch, maybe even an inch lower on the shaft, then it would’ve been able to massage my G-spot effectively.
When using the clitoral stimulator, the vibrations were slightly stronger than I expected, but the finger nails didn’t offer much stimulation. I have experimented a bit with the function button, but I actually found it a bit of a nuisance, mostly because the button is so tough to press. With a vibrator that offers so many choices, I feel there needs to be a better way of selecting the modes.  Essentially, I ended up mostly using this vibrator in its most basic rotation and vibration mode, at the highest intensity. This did cause me to experience a fairly pleasant orgasm quite quickly, but it wasn’t as enjoyable as I had hoped. I feel this was partly due to the noise level, but also because I would’ve liked the clitoral stimulator to be more powerful, and have better nubs that moved more with the vibrations.
Cleaning the Love Diamond is simple as it is waterproof. Most dirt is easily washed away with your standard antibacterial wash, even around its fingernails and diamond-like textures.
Overall, the Love Diamond is an ok rabbit vibrator, and it is fairly powerful compared to some I’ve tried, though this is probably due to it taking AA batteries rather than AAA. The rotating shaft is rather pleasing, and you don’t have the worry of beads getting jammed. I feel that the diamond texture needs to be a bit lower down on the shaft to actually stimulate the G-spot, though I’m aware that not everyone will experience this problem. I also feel that the clitoral stimulator needs to be smaller, as it is so imprecise it can miss the clitoris easily. I would’ve liked it to have had more texture on the clitoral stimulator too, and dare I say it… even ‘ears’. The Love Diamond might be a good vibrator for some, but like most rabbits it has its limitations, and may not work for everyone’s anatomy, as we are all so different.
You can purchase the Love Diamond Vibrator directly from Cal Exotics here.

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