Love Bites Vampire Gloves

Furry Vampire GlovesThe Love Bites Gloves are cute and fluffy gloves with a bite. An alternative to traditional leather Vampire gloves, these wearable sensation play items, offer a mixture of feelings when rubbed over the skin. I was interested to see how the gloves differed to the traditional vampire gloves, and how the combination of the fluffy material with the metal spikes poking through a forest of synthetic wool, would feel during play. I was also eager to see whether the soft material altered how the spikes felt when used in impact play and bare bottom spanking.

The Gloves arrive in a clear plastic bag with a high-gloss tag attached to them. On the tag there is a small product description as well as washing information. The gloves can be hand washed or put in the washing machine if desired. As the gloves are made out of washable materials it means that you are able to use these on multiple play partners, between washes, unlike when using traditional leather gloves which are porous and can’t be cleaned 100%. The gloves should fit most people’s hands as the material used is very stretchy and retains its original shape and size during storage. Each glove has over 20 spiked fittings, focused within the palm area and the finger tips.
When first testing the gloves I wanted to see how fierce the spikes were, the method I used to test this was to try and pop an inflated balloon with the gloves. The gloves required more force than when trying to pop a balloon with traditional vampire gloves. During play with a sub, I first tried using the gloves in a rubbing motion to see how the different combinations in textures felt. When rubbed lightly over the flesh the spiked fitting occasionally scratched my submissives skin, offering a gentle surprise during sensation play from time to time. To offer more consistent scratches from the spikes, I needed to apply firm pressure during the bondassage. To mix up play with more of an element of surprise I occasionally used the back of the gloves, where no spikes resided. This also worked well at smoothing heavily scratched areas of flesh. Due to some of the spikes being within the figure tips of the gloves, I was able to use light quick motions, to produce a more tickling sensation onto my bottoms body.
The gloves can be used during bear bottom spanking. When using flat palm strikes the plushy wool material dampens the impact of the spikes. If applying a cupped hand spanking, the spikes had contact with the submissives flesh impacted had more of a bite, but of course, not all the spikes were able to hit the spot. When using the gloves I found that it was very difficult to leave any long term marks with the spikes.


Overall, I have found that these gloves are very different to traditional Vampire Gloves, and offer a mixture of tingling and tickling sensations, rather than harsh scratching or poking. As the sensations aren’t as intense, some may find the gloves a tad disappointing, however I feel the combination of textures can offer a very interesting experience4 to bondage massage. The gloves themselves are still very functional, but may not be what you are expecting, and even with their less sadistic nature when compared with others, I still enjoyed the way they were able to mix-up play.


Please Note: Due to the colour of the glove I’m unable to show the spikes poking out of the fluff. Also the reason for this pair being pink, is because one of my submissives has an intense hatred for the colour, so it doubles the torture when I use these on them.


Thank you to Ms. Serene for sending me a pair of these gloves to review. You can find out more here.

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