Lia Teaser 1

This month I received the Lia Teaser 1, from California Exotics, to review. This vibrator is a battery powered silicone toy which is meant to offer strong vibrations while stimulating the G-spot. The Lia immediately struck me as a good shape for stimulating the G-spot, and with its claims of ‘Extreme Power’ I was looking forward to testing the Lia, and seeing if it would cause me to have a G-spot orgasm.
The Lia arrives in a clear plastic box, which has various bits of product information printed over it. Inside the box, Lia is held in place by a plastic tray. The packaging states that the toy is made from pure silicone, and is waterproof. It takes 2 AA batteries, which aren’t provided. The Lia is 9 inches in length with 6.5 inches of insertable shaft. The shaft of the toy is slightly curved, leading to a tapered rounded tip, aimed at stimulating the G-spot. The bulbous tip is a maximum of 4.5 inches in circumference; the main shaft varies from 3.5 inches to 4.25 inches of girth. Just below the rounded tip, the Lia’s shaft has a small amount of flexibility. On the front of the curved shaft, starting just under the tip, there are three ridges to offer additional stimulation. The shaft is made from smooth matte silicone which causes very little friction when rubbed against dry skin. At the bottom of the toy is a plastic battery cap, with a hole going through it next to the two control buttons. I’m uncertain as to why this toy has a hole going through the handle, as it isn’t big enough to fit a finger through for easy grip. At the front of the toy you will find the on/off button, and at the back of the toy, opposite the on/off button, is the function button. The toy has 10 vibration modes comprising of various continuous speeds, pulsations and escalations. As it has a separate on/off switch, this means you don’t have to circle through the modes to turn the toy off. Sadly the toy doesn’t remember the last mode you selected before turning the toy off, but I guess that’s often reserved for more luxurious toys.
When using the toy I found that I needed a small amount of additional water-based lubrication, as the matte silicone soaks up moisture. The tapered tip easily entered my vagina, followed by the first raised ridge. I found that it took a while to insert more of the toy, and was only able to insert just past the third ridge, which is approximately 4 inches along the shaft. This was perfect, as the rounded tip was nestled just behind my G-spot. I was a little surprised, as I was unable to feel much stimulation from the ridges, but was satisfied enough that the toy actually hit my G-spot and was very easy to control. Sadly, even though this toy claimed to offer extreme vibrations, I found them to be disappointingly weak, even when the batteries were brand new. Normally I would be really annoyed with an insertable toy being so weak, but not with the Lia. The Lia’s shape was enough to cause me to experience a strong G-spot orgasm fairly quickly. Though I found the vibrations to be weak, other people more sensitive to vibrations may find the motor in the Lia to be adequate. During use the toy is very quiet, and I doubt it could be heard from another room.
The Lia attracts dust easily, so you will want to store it in a suitable container while it’s not in use. As it is waterproof, the toy is very easy to clean in water and antibacterial solution. 
Overall, I like the Lia as a G-spot toy, but feel that it falls short as a vibrator. The vibrations felt so weak to me, that I ended up using the Lia essentially as a dildo. It’s still a great toy if you are looking for a G-spot stimulator, as even without the added aid of vibrations the Lia is able to cause me to orgasm. I also like the Lia’s appearance; it almost has the look of a luxury toy, when it is actually at the cheaper end of the market. I feel that if the motor was more powerful, this would be a superb G-spot toy. Just be aware, that if purchasing this toy expecting a power-house, you may be disappointed. You will still get a good toy if your aim is a nice insertable, which is made from silicone, and that hits the G-spot. I feel the Lia would accommodate most people’s G-spots.
You can purchase this vibrator from Cal Exotics Here.

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