Sex Toy Review for the Lelo NEA written by Ness

LELO products are some of the most lusted after adult masturbatory devices on the market. They are seek, stylish, high quality, rechargeable sex toys; basically everything you could desire in a modern product. The NEA is no different from the rest when it comes down to luxury quality. I had dreamt of owning this beautiful pebble-like design vibrator for so long, that when I had one come through the post, I thought I was still asleep.
The moment I opened my parcel and found the exquisite packaging the NEA was residing in, I felt gleefully overwhelmed. The NEA arrives in a white outer box, with silhouettes of the product, and the brand name LELO printed in various places.  There is a small amount of product information on the box, stating that the NEA is a phthalate-free pleasure object. After opening up the chic white outer box, you find a sturdy black box with LELO engraved into the lid. This box is exceptional quality and resembles a classy jewellery gift box – I doubt anyone would perceive it to hold a pleasure object. NEA rests gracefully inside on its perfectly moulded seat. It isn’t until you have the NEA out of its resting place and snuggled in your palm that can you really appreciate its beauty. Underneath the black rest you will find a charger, instruction booklet, one year warranty, a ten year guarantee, and a little satin bag. The satin bag is ok quality, and means that you can easily store NEA in it while travelling.
Showing the Lelo NeaThe NEA doesn’t come charged, so make sure you have a plug socket free to put it on charge as soon as it arrives. The NEA can take up to two hours to charge, though I found mine charged within 1 hour the first time. There are two lights that indicate when the charge is complete. The plug itself has an LED that’ll turn from red to green once it’s charged, but the NEA also illuminates around its control buttons, flashing brightly, and once charged it will emit a continuous glow. This isn’t a toy you want to charge bedside your bed while attempting to sleep.
The NEA is a lot smaller than I had anticipated, being similar in length to a standard bullet, but about twice the width. The NEA is ergonomically designed to fit the contour of your hand, making it comfortable to hold, just like a perfectly rounded skimming pebble. It is 3 inches in length and 1.5 inches in width. NEA is made from white glossy plastic, with a silver oriental cherry blossom flower motif. The oriental design makes this toy look delicately feminine, and while resting with the controls face downwards it doesn’t look like a sex toy, but more like a quaint decoration. On the underside the NEA has two buttons which light up when the device is on; when the battery life is running low these will glow red. There is one problem I have with NEA, and that is the charging port. Unlike other LELO products the NEA doesn’t have anything to cover the charging port, making it easier to get dirt and fluids trapped inside.
Turning the NEA on can seem confusing when using it for the first time. The toy will arrive in travel lock mode, meaning that you will need to press the ‘-‘ button along with the ‘+’ for approximately 5 seconds. Once out of travel lock mode hold down the ‘+’ button to activate its vibrations.  The NEA has approximately 10 continuous vibration modes, that slowly graduate to stronger sensations the more you press the ‘+’ button. Personally I find the vibration controls fiddly, especially when changing into the pulsation modes. To put NEA into the pulsation modes you have to hold down the ‘+’ button for about 2-3 seconds. I find that this can sometimes ruin the mood, as you actually have to stop for a moment while masturbating just to change the setting. There are four pulsation modes: extended intervals from strong to weak vibrations, rapid strong pulsations, even more rapid strong pulsations, and finally graduating vibrations from low to high on a continuous cycle. To change back to the continuous vibration mode you have to hold down the ‘-‘ button for a few seconds. After you are back in the continuous mode, hold down the ‘-‘ button once again to switch the toy off. All the vibration settings are fairly quiet, and I doubt anyone in a different room would be able to tell when you are using NEA. The vibrations are powerful, but not as strong as some bullets I’ve tried.
When using the NEA I found that very little lubrication was needed, due to how smoothly the plastic shell ran over my skin. I found the NEA very easy to direct where I wanted when stimulating my clitoris, but I had difficulty in changing the vibration modes. I found that the controls were placed in the exact spot I would normally rest my thumb while gripping similar toys, which meant that sometimes I caught the buttons and accidently changed the setting. I found that when stimulating my clitoris the NEA took some time in producing an orgasm. I still enjoyed how gently the NEA ran over my erogenous zones when compared to bullets made from cheaper materials. I found that thanks to the NEAs slightly bent shape, I could rest it comfortably inside a pair of knickers while it stimulated my clitoris and labia. I also found that the NEA can be used for very shallow insertion to stimulate the vaginal entrance. The tip gently massages the entrance, producing soft sensations that ripple throughout your body. When using the NEA I did find it hard to relax, due to worrying about getting lubricant trapped in the charging port. NEA also becomes very slippery when wet, which can make it difficult to use at times. 
When cleaning the NEA I would take special care not to get water inside the charging port. If you do get any inside NEA while cleaning, make sure you wait until the NEA has fully dried out before trying to recharge the toy. I recommend you clean NEA with your standard antibacterial wash and a damp cloth, rather than placing it under running water.
I really like the NEA’s smooth body and curved shape. The way the tip is positioned on the toy is perfect for pinpoint stimulation, and its well constructed body means you are able to apply as much or as little pressure as desired when stimulating your sweet spots. I think NEA would be perfect if the controls were easier to use during play, and it didn’t have the open charging port. Personally, my favourite setting on the NEA is the strong continuous vibrations, meaning that I won’t have to fiddle about changing into pulsation mode too often.  
Overall, I’m pleased to have something as beautiful as the NEA in my collection, and would recommend it to anyone looking for a moderately strong clitoral vibrator. The NEA really isn’t a vibrator for people who are accustomed to strong sensations, but I feel it’s the right strength and design for a couple to make good use of, and for use alongside another sex toy during solo play. 
Thanks to Nice ‘n’ Naughty for sending me this vibrator for my review of the LELO NEA.

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