Being a fan of LELO products due to their high quality and performance, I was very intrigued when they released the new Sensor Motion technology vibrators. The new Insignia Sensor Motion toys work through wireless connection between the toy and the remote. The strength of the vibrations can be controlled by tilting the remote, moving it at different speeds, or using standard pre-programmed vibrations. I must admit, while I like it when an innovative new product is released, I do have some doubts regarding how well it’ll function. Sextoys.co.uk was kind enough to send me the LELO Lyla, which is a wireless remote control love egg, which can double as a bullet. As someone who enjoys using love eggs, but has found the shape of them to feel rather uncomfortable during wear, I was also excited to see whether LELO had put the appropriate thought in when designing the product, and how well it would rest inside the vagina. 
The Lyla arrives in a sophisticated looking black box, with a small amount of product information, a chic image of the product, and the brand name and logo embossed in silver. When opening this box, you will find another box inside which resembles a large black jewellery gift box – perfect for storing the Lyla in, as it’s very discreet. Inside the robust storage box you will find the Lyla, the remote, and a metal brooch, resplendently resting within a velvet tray. I’m a little uncertain as to why a brooch in the shape of the Insignia symbol is provided; it’s a little too small to be functional, other than maybe pinning the drawstring bag up for added security. To the side of the box is a cardboard flap which is concealing the instruction booklet, one year warranty, a ten year guarantee, a small pamphlet of do’s and don’ts, a plastic key, a sachet of LELO lubricant, a satin drawstring pouch, two AAA batteries, and the charger. The storage bag is well made compared to some, and can fit the Lyla, remote, key, brooch, and charger into it. 
The Lyla is made from matte silicone that’s beautiful to touch. It doesn’t attract much dirt compared to some silicones, and doesn’t have any manufacturing marks. The Lyla is 3.5 inches in length and has a maximum of 4 inches circumference. It has a slightly tapered tip for easier insertion or clitoral stimulation. At the front of the Lyla there is a bulge which is aimed at stimulating the G-spot, or can be used to massage the vulva. At the base of the silicone body there is a metallic plastic cap with LELO inscribed into it, and a retrieval cord threaded through it. The cap covers the charging port. The toy is waterproof, and the cap feels pretty secure. The remote is a round disc with three buttons embedded into the top: ‘-’, ‘+’, and ‘()’. The ‘+’ and ‘-’ control the intensity of the vibrations and also turn the toy on/off, while the middle button ‘()’ controls the mode selection. The bottom of the remote is made from smooth metallic plastic, and the top half is silicone. At the centre of the bottom half there is a slot, which is to open the battery compartment when used with the plastic key provided. I received the Lyla in black; I chose this colour as I felt that the remote would look less suspicious. 
You will need to place the Lyla on charge for two hours before use; to do this, unscrew the metallic plastic cap with the retrieval cord, and it will reveal the charging port. There are two main concerns I have when charging the Lyla, one being that the connector doesn’t completely insert into the charging port, and the second being the small metal pin sticking out of the Lyla, which I’m worried about damaging. While the Lyla is charging you will see a red LED flashing on the toy – once fully charged this will stop flashing. While the toy is charging I recommend you read through the instructions, as the toy can be a little confusing to use when you are first experimenting with it. Also, use the plastic key to open up the remote, so you can put the AAA batteries into it. It will not open without the key and is very secure. I’m a little confused as to why the remote isn’t rechargeable, but the good news is it doesn’t eat batteries up too quickly.
Now, I’m going to try and explain the vibrator’s functions and how to use them. There are a total of eight modes, the first two being Sensor Motion controlled, and the following six being pre-programmed continuous vibrations and various escalations and oscillations. The remote will arrive travel-locked. To unlock the remote hold down the ‘-’ and ‘+’ button together for a few seconds, and to relock it do the same. For the Lyla to work with the remote you will need to hold down the ‘((.))’ button found on the Lyla’s silicone body, in order to activate its wireless connection. When the Lyla is turned on a red LED will flash. There are two main problems I have when selecting the modes. You can’t cycle back to the previous mode; instead you have to cycle completely through the vibrations. Also, the remote vibrates during use, and this can only be switched off during the pre-programmed modes. If you want to use the Lyla in public, you will not be able to use it on the Sensor Motion modes, as the vibrations from the remote are rather loud. You’ll also have to scan past the two Sensor Motion modes before you are able to deactivate the vibrations within the remote. To do this, hold down the ‘()’ button for a few seconds. To change the modes, simply press the centre button on the remote.
The first Sensor Motion mode works through tilting the remote. When the remote is completely horizontal it will produce very soft vibrations, and when tilted completely vertical the remote will produce moderately high intensity vibrations. This mode can be rather fun, as flicking the remote about can produce some nice variations, but the vibrations felt in the remote can be off putting, and the movements required to produce an interesting concoction of vibrations can be tiring.
The second Sensor Motion mode works through speed of movement. Depending on the speed at which you move the remote, the vibrations will change, with fast movements offering moderately high intensity, and slower movements offering softer vibrations. Again, even though it’s fun, it can be tiring to use. As the remote vibrates in the same pattern as the Lyla during both these modes, you can use the remote to stimulate other parts of your body, or your partner’s body. I guess it’s nice to be able to experience the same vibrations together, when used as a couple. The speed mode could also work well when using the remote during male masturbation, as it would be controlled by your partner’s speed and movements.
The following modes are a mixture of steady vibrations, escalations, and oscillations. There are six of these modes in total, and you are able to change the strength of each mode by using the ‘-’ and ‘+’. With these modes you are able to have the remote vibrating, or deactivate the vibrations within the remote, which then activates the LED as an indicator instead. I have tried using the remote for clitoral stimulation while it’s being used in these modes, but found the shape wasn’t particularly suitable. It’s better for general body massage, rather than being used to achieve clitoral orgasm.
Lyla, Honi, and a Standard Love Egg
When using the Lyla I found that I didn’t need any additional lubrication when inserting the toy. Normally I have to use a vast amount when inserting love eggs. The toy comfortably rested in my vagina and was easy to hold with my pelvic floor muscles. The retrieval cord didn’t cause any discomfort. I found that the raised bump at the front of the Lyla rested on my G-spot, which is excellent, as I don’t think I’ve found a love egg style vibrator that rests on my G-spot before. Most of them just provide soft vibrations throughout my vaginal walls. The vibrations from the Lyla are fairly strong, a lot stronger than I had expected. It’s still not the strongest vibrator, but it isn’t the weakest either. I found the Sensor Motion speed function to be the most enjoyable, but it does become tiring quite quickly, so I generally opted for the pre-programmed functions. Even though the Lyla rested on my G-spot, it didn’t cause me to have a G-spot orgasm; I tend to find I need more thrusting and/or rocking motions applied alongside vibrations in order to have a G-spot orgasm. I did find that the remote would sometimes lose connection while inserted – sometimes this was through me simply crossing my legs, and other times it seemed to just decide to stop. To regain connectivity I had to bring the remote about half a foot away from the inserted toy. The remote can be used a good distance away from the Lyla though. I was able to use the toy several rooms away from the actual remote, with doors closed. Apparently the Lyla can be used up to 12 metres away from the remote – I’m not completely certain about this, but it does seem to work at a good 8 metres away.
When using the toy externally, the tapered tip worked well at providing clitoral stimulation, and the vibrations were strong enough for me to experience a clitoral orgasm. The raised bulge also worked well for massaging the vulva and nipples. 
When using the Lyla with a partner I found that I needed to spend a little time educating them on how to use the remote. My partner said that it was a little confusing to use, but still fun. They did however complain about the vibrations being felt so strongly from the remote during the Sensor Motion modes – these are meant to be the more enjoyable modes to use with a partner. In both solo and couple play, the vibrations from the remote seem to distract and detract from the experience more than anything else.
Cleaning the Lyla is easy, as both the toy and remote are waterproof. When cleaning the remote, make sure you pay a little additional attention to the button area, as dirt can become trapped here. I found that, even after cleaning the Lyla, some dirt had become trapped between the silicone body and plastic charging cap, so you may want to clean this area with a damp cloth. Do not use alcohol based cleaners or boil the Lyla – the toy comes with specific instructions not to do these things. 
Overall, I like the Lyla, but I really wish you could deactivate the vibrations in the remote during the Sensor Motion modes, as the vibrations can make it difficult to use in public. I understand that you’re able to deactivate the vibrations during the pre-programmed modes, but to me the thing that tears this apart from other love eggs is its unique Sensor Motion functions, which I’d want to enjoy while out. Also, having to quickly scan past the two Senor Motion modes can be a pain. The toy does lose connection every now and again, but it’s similar to other wireless toys. Wireless never seems to function perfectly. It is a fun toy, which offers fairly strong vibrations, and is comfortable to wear.
You can purchase the LELO Lyla from Sextoys.co.uk here.

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