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I’ve been using the Lelo Luna Kegel balls for several months now and really have noticed my pelvic floor muscles strength increase. These weren’t my first ever Kegel balls, and even though I already owned another set I was drawn to the Luna balls for the following reasons:
– I liked the idea of the retraction leash being made from a fine cord; my other set has a thick silicone leash that can cause discomfort when using for long periods.
– Knowing what weight each ball is seemed a bonus, making it easier to judge when to build up to the next level.
– I found it rather reassuring that I could see the weighted balls move inside the abs plastic, unlike my current set and most other Kegel balls I’ve seen before.
– Being able to use a single ball which has cord attached to it as a starting block for your Kegel exercises.
– I had read that you are able to insert a single ball for use doing penetrative stimulation, whether it is through sexual intercourse or a toy. After trying this I do not recommend using the balls without the girdle or leash attached.
– Like all of the Lelo range, the Luna Kegel beads do look elegant and superior quality compared to other Kegel and Ben Wa balls being sold.
As always my package arrived quickly and discreetly. When opening my parcel I found a glossy white outer box which I discarded into the recycling bin. After the white box is removed you will find a very elegant and sturdy black box with ‘Lelo’ embossed on the centre. This box looks similar to a jewellery gift box and will not be recognised as a sex toy container by unsuspecting prying eyes. When opening the box you find the Luna beads and silicone girdle resting on a strong piece of plastic. The beads really do look wonderful and both the pink and blue colours remind me of pearls. One each of the pink and blue balls have ‘Lelo’ etched into the inner surface of the balls. I feel the way this has been done is very professional. The two balls with ‘Lelo’ engraved into them each have a retraction leash fitted. Under the plastic insert you will find an instruction manual, a white satin bag, a one year warranty, and a ten year guarantee. This is great, as if you do experience anything going wrong with your item you can send it off easily for a replacement, though I doubt that the Luna beads will break easily. The satin bag is great not only for storing the Luna beads generally, but if you are out and about while using them and you need to take them out you have somewhere to quickly stash them.
In the instruction manual you will find an introduction explaining how Kegel beads strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, and why it is beneficial to use them. Then there is an instructional overview stating that the pink Luna beads are 28 grams each and the blue beads are 37 grams each. Next is how to prepare the Luna beads for insertion. This is very easy; you just need to pick a bead that has a leash and thread it through the hole in the silicone girdle, and the other bead can be easily popped into place. Once the Luna beads are prepared you are able to get ready to insert and position them. You will find tips within the manual to help guide you. Then you will find a page recommending how long to use Luna, and certain activities that can help encourage you pelvic floor muscles to grip the Luna beads in a more challenging way than just sitting down. Finally you will come to a page about storage and cleaning; this is very simple and common sense really, but it does state to keep the Luna beads away from dusty areas. I found on one occasion when left out that the white silicone girdle easily attracted dirt.
Lelo Luna beads on silver star background.
Starting with your Luna beads. First you will need to find your Kegel muscles, if you don’t know where they are already. To do this, when you next pass urine try to stop the flow mid way. The muscles used to perform this action are your pelvic floor muscles. If you aren’t ready to use the Luna beads straight away then repeating this action on a daily basis can help build up your awareness and control. You do not need to be urinating while performing this exercise, and when performing Kegel exercise, whether with Kegel balls or without, you really should make sure to empty your bladder beforehand. 
Inserting the Luna beads is very similar to inserting a tampon. Lift one leg up when either in a lying or standing position, and push the beads a few centimetres into your vagina. You may wish to use some water based lubricant to help insert the Luna beads, as they can be a little fiddly.
53 gms
65 gms
74 gms
65 gms
Kegel balls are to strengthen already developed Kegel muscles. You may at first not be able to hold the Luna beads in place. If this is the case I suggest you start by inserting the pink bead with the leash. This is the lightest bead. Either stand or lie on your back and tense your pelvic floor muscle a few times at first, building up over a few days. Once you feel you have built up some muscular strength continue with the individual bead, and while tensing your muscle give the retraction leash a gentle tug. This will act as a form of resistance training, causing your muscles to tense as they try to hold the bead in place.
When you are ready to use two beads with the girdle you may want to start with one pink and one blue which combined are 65gms. Even though this is only 9 grams less than using the max weight, it really can make a difference. I found when the pink bead was set as the retrieval bead while using a blue bead in the other section of the girdle, it was harder to insert than using the blue bead as the retrieval bead with the addition of a pink bead. When using the beads you can tug lightly on the retraction leash to cause your muscles to react more. When you become more confident you can tighten your pelvic floor muscles to encourage the beads to go up and down your vagina. This is very pleasurable and at the same time a great way to exercise your pelvic floor muscles.
I did make the mistake of inserting the Lelo Luna beads without a leash or girdle, as I had read you can use a bead while having penetrative sex. Do not try this, as if you have well developed pelvic floor muscles like me, even with the added assistance of a partner they can be difficult and painful to remove. Luckily I did not have to go to hospital to have them removed, but if you don’t have someone to fish them out, or you and your partner can’t manage it, you will need to go to A&E. I expect anyone would want to avoid this, as I imagine it would be very embarrassing and time consuming.
Tips on removing the Luna beads. When removing the Luna beads you may want to add some additional water based lubricant. Sometimes pulling too quickly on the leash can be slightly painful, so take your time. If you are able, try placing a finger between the Luna beads and your vaginal wall, as this will give the beads more movement when sliding out. Some people have found that jumping up and down will assist in the removal of Kegel beads; I feel that this technique hasn’t helped me, probably due to my Kegel muscles being rather powerful, but that it would help if you have weaker muscles. You may find when sneezing the beads will pop out. I’m not sure if you could use this information as a way to help remove them, but it is handy to know for when you are out and about, to try and save you some embarrassment.
I have used clitoral vibrators at the same time as using my Kegel beads, and I have to say that the muscle spasms produced by clitoral orgasm make the beads feel very pleasurable as they jiggle around.
The Lelo Luna beads have weighted balls inside them that cause vibrations as you move. There are benefits from Kegel balls being able to vibrate, whether it is for exercise purposes or pleasure. The vibrations will cause your muscles to naturally react and tighten without having to use any form of conscious effort. Also the vibrations will flow through your vaginal wall, encouraging the flow of mucus, meaning that Kegel balls are a great way to help combat vaginal dryness before intercourse. As you move you will feel the vibrations. The sensation is very pleasurable but not overly strong. I have not experienced an orgasm through Kegel balls, but they have helped in assisting orgasms after they are removed.
The Luna balls are very comfortable compared to others I have tried. I’ve even managed to run for short periods with them in and they haven’t put me off my daily activities. Also unlike others I have tried the way the retraction cord is attached is very comfortable. In the past I’ve had Kegel balls pinch and cause discomfort due to the cord.
If you are experiencing cramp this could be due to a couple of reasons. You have either worked your muscles enough for that day, or your bladder is full. You should not continue Kegel exercises if your bladder is full as this can be very harmful. I would suggest removing the beads prior to relieving yourself, and before reinserting clean them. The Luna beads are very easy to clean and even the cord has maintained its white appearance, unlike some other corded Kegel balls. You can even boil or sterilise the balls, which will help prevent the cord from discolouring.
After regular use of the Kegel beads I am able to flex my pelvic floor muscles with more control and strength. Once you gain better control over these muscles you can even give yourself a hands free orgasm.
Overall these Kegel beads are great. I think if you are new to Kegel beads then this set is perfect due to the instruction guide provided with it, and because you are able to start with one weight and build yourself up. If you are purchasing Kegel beads for an orgasmic experience I would suggest going for a different type of toy, as even though these are able to pleasure you while using them, they really aren’t the same as a vibrator or dildo. The sensation is very relaxing regardless.
Do not insert without the addition of a leash and the silicone girdle.

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