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Lelo Ida couples vibratorSex Toy Review for the LELO Ida written by Ness

I’ve been meaning to write my review for the Lelo Ida couples vibrator for a rather long time, but with some issues regarding breaking my foot, I wasn’t able to fully test out this product in multiple ways until now. The concept of the Ida intrigued me when first hearing about it, unlike other couples vibrators; the Ida combines an insertable rotating shaft with external vibrations.  To me I thought that the idea of the rotating shaft was brilliant as my G-spot prefers rhythmic massage when compared to stationary vibrations. Being able to reach and massage an area which the penis can’t easily stimulated, also excited me as my partners penis is able to slip inside of my vagina simultaneously with the Ida’s shaft.


The Ida arrives in a disposable outer box consisting of a stylish image of the product accompanied with some product information. Inside the outer box you will find the traditional discreet black Lelo box for storing your item. Inside the main box you’ll see the Ida and its remote resting in a foam insert. Underneath this is the instruction manual, a charger, two batteries for the remote, a key to open the remotes battery compartment, a warranty and guarantee, a free sample of Lelo lubricant, as well as a storage bag.

The Ida itself comes in two parts; the main part is made up of a thin finger-like insertable proportion leading from a rather bulk round part, aimed at stimulating the clitoris. The insertable arm can be easily flexed away from the main body of the toy, and extends to a total of 3.5 inches in length. The other part of the toy is a round remote control which can also produce vibrations when on (although these are optional). Both parts of the product are made from a smooth velvety silicone combined with a metal plated plastic.

First off when turning on the Ida, you can either use the remote to control the insertable piece, or use the single press button found on the main toy. When using the single press button you may find it a bit fiddlier when the item is inserted, particularly when your body is well lubricated. Using only just the main part just simply press the ‘((.))’ button and scroll through the various rotating shaft and vibrating options. You will find that the insertable shaft and the clitoral part will both be running at the same time regardless of the setting. To turn off the main toy press the single button for a few seconds and it’ll simply switch off.

Before first use you should charge the main part of the product for a maximum of 2 hours.

To connect the toy to the remote, press the single button on the main toy and them the plus ‘+’ button found on the remote. To control the vibrations and rotation shaft you have three ways you can use the remote.

The first mode is to use the ‘Sensemotion’ function, which is where when the main toy and remote is on; you can shake the remote to alter the intensity of the vibrations. Tilting the remote from horizontally to vertical position will intensify the vibrations. If you desire to use this mode, simply hold the middle button ‘()’ on the remote for a few seconds.

The Second mode is a different way of controlling the ‘Sensemotion’ technology, press and hold the ‘()’ button again for a few seconds to use this option. Instead of the first ‘Sensemotion’ mode, to use this version simply wave the remote up and down – the faster you wave the remote the stronger the vibrations will feel.

The third way controls the pre-programmed settings, to enter this mode press the centre button ‘()’ again. You can ‘+’ and ‘-’ buttons to choose which intensity you (and your partner if using together) would prefer during use an. If desired you can also change between six different programs of various escalating and patterns, by press the centre button multiple times to scroll through them. To turn the toy off, simply hold down the ‘-’ button for a few seconds.


Using the Ida with a male lov-e-r:

I’ve tried the Ida with a few male partners now, and every time I have found the product unsuccessful, no matter what position we were attempting. The first time I used the product I applied some water base lubricant to the toy, my body, and my partner’s penis. I laid back in missionary position and inserted the toy. The first issue I had was when switching the main toy on with so much lubrication down in and round my neither region. Even when making sure the main part of the product on prior to insertion, I needed to make sure my hands were completely lube free. We quickly concluded that the toy wasn’t working for use when being used without the remote.

When using the remote, my partner and I, found it a bit annoying that the product starts in one of the ‘Sensemotion’ modes. When trying to get to grips with using the product, we would’ve preferred using the item in the pre-programmed modes first. Once finally getting to a setting we both agreed on, my partner decided to insert his penis into my body. As he thrusted away the main toy started to move around uncontrollably. Occasionally the toy would twist and move away and reposition inside me, so much, that the rotating part wouldn’t be anywhere near my G-spot, and the large clitoral vibrating bit was twisted into my thigh. Sadly the internal and external part of the toy didn’t add any additional stimulation to my partner. With this first unsuccessful attempt of using the product, we quickly gave up, and I actually found myself laughing at how much an epic fail the product had been.

I’ve tried the item with another lov-e-r with my on top. I found that when on top, it was a lot easier to slip my lovers penis inside my body along with the toy. The insertable part didn’t hook inside my vagina as securely as before, and when trying to get into the motion of riding my partner, the toy would bounce away from my clitoris and even some times fall out.

Sadly I haven’t had any success with this product during male and female coitus.



I had hoped that the Lelo Ida would work for me when used in solo masturbation. Whilst I was able to pressure the internal rotating part against my G-spot, the shape of the clitoral proportion meant that I didn’t receive enough direct vibration to bring me to climax. The external part of the product seems to be very bulk and would benefit from being ergonomically shaped.


As the Ida and remote are both waterproof you can easy wash the product under warm water with your standard antibacterial wash.


Overall, I’m very disappointed with the Lelo Ida. I have been waiting for a new couple’s vibrator to come out onto the market, and I had high hopes that this would bring a new experience to my couples play. But seriously, this toy is such an epic fail for me, I’m very surprised that it’s a Lelo product at all. Saying that, couples vibrators can be hit and miss, and you never know, it may work for yours and your partner’s bodies, if positioned perfectly.


Thank you to Lelo for sening me this product to review, you can find out more here.

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