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The Le Volubilys vibrating love egg is an insertable hands-free remote controlled egg made by a French designer. The egg is designed differently to the standard love egg; its appearance is in the style of a strawberry with flush-inset silicone strawberry leaves and a long silicone retraction stem. The egg really stands out from most sex toys as it looks so fun and playful, however once dipped into the vagina its aesthetics become lost, so only you and maybe a lover can savour the small bite of knowing that you are wearing such an adorable sex toy. 
The toy arrives in a solid clear plastic box, which can easily be reused to store the toy in whilst out of use. On the back of the box you will find various bits of product information and instructions. All the text is in French, but there is a set of easy to follow instructional images on how to use the toy and insert batteries into the strawberry egg. The egg weighs approximately 58 g when batteries are inserted. This isn’t overly heavy, but might be difficult for some women to grip onto for long periods of time. Although the strawberry is waterproof, the remote isn’t, so bear this in mind when playing in wet environments. 
The egg is in the shape of a strawberry, with a slight tapering to its tip and a silicone withdrawal stalk; surrounded by dainty silicone leaves. The toy is one of the sweetest looking sex toys I’ve seen. The strawberry’s main body is made from a smooth, white, glossy ABS plastic. The egg is 3 inches long with 4 inches maximum circumference. The stalk is 2.5 inches long and is a maximum of 1.5 inches circumference. The stalk is slightly flexible (mainly centrally) and bulbous at the tip for easy grip. I wondered how comfortably this would sit outside of my body during wear, and whether or not it would rest upon my clitoris and transmit a small amount of vibration for extra stimulation. The silicone leaves are an integral part of the stalk and are embedded smoothly into the ABS shell. There is a thick silicone ring running around the egg, making sure fluids don’t get inside the egg. The egg doesn’t really have any annoying or irritating manufacturing marks which could cause discomfort during wear and insertion.
The remote is 4 inches long and a maximum of 4.5 inches in circumference, and is made from firm velvety plastic. It is contoured to fit perfectly into the palm of the hand, making sure you aren’t hovering your thumb or finger tips over the controls whilst using it. The battery cap firmly clicks into place and doesn’t come off whilst fumbling with the controller. I have two main qualms about the remote; one, it doesn’t have any form of strap to make holding the item easier, and two, it doesn’t have a locking mechanism, meaning that you can’t casually place it into a pocket or bag while out, as it’ll activate the buttons. The remote has a groove around it which can trap dirt.
The toy requires 3 AAA batteries, one for the remote and two for the insertable egg. To insert the batteries into the egg untwist the strawberries top, and place the batteries into the chamber in accordance with the designated ‘-’ and ‘+’ sides. Twist the egg back together, making sure the two printed arrows line-up. The egg can easily last a few hours without the batteries dying; however the vibrations seem to weaken slightly within the first 5 minutes of activation. The vibrations are powered by two push buttons located on the wireless remote control. To use the toy simply press the on/off button, and then use the function button to scan through the modes. The remote’s buttons will light up whilst the toy is on. There is the faint glow of an LED which lights up around the stem of the egg, underneath the silicone leaves, when the egg is on and receiving signals. The egg will drain batteries whilst in standby mode, so remember to remove them between uses. The egg offers 20 modes of vibrations; 3 continuous modes of various intensities from mild to moderate, and 17 pulsation and escalation modes. When going through the vibration modes, unfortunately when you pass the particular mode you desire you either have to cycle through all the other modes before getting back to it, or simply turn the toy off and start from zero. When activating the egg’s vibrations when the toy is inserted vaginally, make sure to point the remote towards the egg. Pointing the remote too low or high will mean that the signal will have trouble reaching the internal egg.
When inserting the egg I found it a lot more comfortable than some I’ve tried, due to its blunt-nosed conical tip. The ABS glossy plastic required very little lubrication for insertion. I was able to rest the egg on my G-spot. To get it positioned more comfortably I found clenching my pelvic floor muscles a few times would make it sit more naturally. Make sure the egg is a few inches into the vagina before going out and about with it – you don’t want it accidentally popping out. The vibrations are of more of a buzzy nature and aren’t the strongest, but did offer arousing stimulation during alfresco foreplay. It isn’t very loud, and even on the highest setting I found it couldn’t be heard by anyone within close proximity. However, I found the stalk uncomfortable while wearing underpants, as the underwear would painfully poke the tip into my labia and clitoris. To rectify this I found I needed to insert the egg much deeper into my vagina, meaning that only the tip of the stalk protruded outside of my orifice. However this meant that the vibrations offered less stimulation to my G-spot and nerve endings. Sadly the vibrations weren’t strong enough to spread throughout my vaginal walls.
When using the egg with a lover, we encountered intermittent signal failure when using the remote from another room. We also found that even without obstacles, the remote would only work up to 3 metres away at most.
When using the strawberry for clitoral stimulation I found it slightly too weak to entice orgasm. This is partly due to the vibrations being focused in the centre of the egg rather than the tip. Using the egg for foreplay prior to wear will make inserting and positioning the product easier.
Cleaning the egg is easy, as it is waterproof. Simply wash the silicone and ABS shell in warm water with your standard antibacterial soap. The remote may become dirty whilst being gripped. Do not wash the remote in water; instead use a damp cloth or cleaning wipe.
Overall, the Le Volubilys remote controlled wireless vibrating egg is an ok love egg if you’re either comfortable with the thick silicone stalk sitting externally, or aren’t fussed about direct G-spot stimulation. The vibrations are just about right for foreplay and aren’t too overpowering, while relatively silent. Part of me feels that the toy has far too many vibration modes, although this is more a matter of personal taste. I’d also like to have more control over the modes, and be able to lock the remote when needed. The egg’s shape makes it easy to insert and comfortable to wear for prolonged periods of time. It also has a decent wireless range too. Aesthetically it is delicious, making it appear more innocent compared to some. This could mean it’s a good introductory couple’s toy, for those still trying to pluck up courage when using toys together, to help ripen their sex lives.
thank you to Vibrator Kingdom for sending me this toy for me to review. You can find out more about this vibrating egg here.

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