La Petite Lecon Ruler Paddle

The La Petite Lecon is a paddle in the style of a wooden ruler.  It is the perfect accessory for those wishing to play out a teacher and pupil role play scenario. Rulers also have a general stereotype as a common Victorian punishment device. This ruler is perfect for dominants whose submissives make mistakes often and need correction, where this ruler will teach them a little lesson and provide a forceful reminder.
The ruler arrives in a velvet sheath, with ‘Maison Close’ embossed on the bottom of the pouch. The sheath has a strip of fabric to hold the opening closed when not in use, but this piece of fabric is glued on rather than sewn, and mine quickly fell off the sheath. You can easily stitch the fabric strip back onto the sheath. Removing the ruler from its sheath is very satisfying; the ruler makes a swish noise as it’s drawn, which makes your sub anticipate their punishment even more.  The ruler is made from black varnished wood; the wood is stronger than a standard stationery ruler and doesn’t bend. At one end of the ruler there is a hole with a gold tassel looped through it. The ruler is 41 cm in length and 3.5 cm in width. It has measurements ranging from 1cm – 40cm printed in gold – these measurements are accurate, so if you have misplaced your actual ruler remember that this can be a good substitute. On the ruler you will find the phrase ‘La Petite Lecon’ printed in gold. This is French for ‘Little Lesson’. On the reverse side of the ruler you will find ‘Maison Close’ printed in gold. This ruler is very chic, and has an antique feel to it. Some of the gold print on the ruler is slightly faded, but I feel this makes the ruler seem more authentic as a role play prop.
Using the ruler is easy, and holding it makes you feel intellectually superior.  Even though the device doesn’t have a handle it’s still very easy to form a firm grip on it.  When using the paddle you can either focus the tip of the toy to a precise area of flesh, leading to a sharp stinging sensation, or you can whack the full length of it over a wider area of flesh, causing less pain but making an impressive impact noise. The tassel on the end of the toy can be tickled over the spanked areas, easing the pain and varying the sensations, and therefore confusing your submissive, leading to more enjoyable sensations for them, as they are unsure what to expect next. The La Petite Lecon doesn’t seem to cause too much pain compared to a crop or similar device, although my partner claims otherwise. I find it provides more of a stinging sensation that can be varied from light tingles on the flesh, to full bodied, warm throbbing pulses. As yet, it has left no bruising.
The La Petite Lecon is great for providing little lessons that produce profound erudition. Overall, I’m happy with the La Petite Lecon ruler paddle. For the price, it’s a beautiful flagellation device that all mistresses, masters, or just general role play fanatics should own.
Thank you to La Coquette for sending me La Petite Lecon Ruler to review.
You can purchase the La Petite Lecon from La Coquette.

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