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Sex toy review for the Kissing Swan written by Ness


The Kissing Swan vibrator is a dual stimulator sex toy in the style similar to a rabbit, but rather than having the traditional rabbit ears protruding from its shaft, the toy’s clitoral stimulator looks similar to puckered-lips. The product is completely coated in silicone, unlike a lot of vibrators where the outer casings can be made up of multiple materials. The products main shaft is design to rotate and aimed at massaging the G-spot, and the clitoral stimulator produces variable one speed vibrations, of immense rumbly strength.


The product arrives in a large heavy duty magnet box. On the packaging you will find a clear image of the product, and various bits of information dotted around it. Inside the box you will be welcomed by a small cardboard folder containing an instruction manual, this rests nicely above the actual product. Once removed, you will find the vibrator, charge, and a storage bag within the box. The storage bag is a black satin drawstring pouch, which has ‘Swan’ printed on it in white.

The charger comes complete with a selection of adapters, so you are able to charge your product worldwide. Another thing which makes this products charger great, when compared with many other sex toy chargers, is that it’s labelled – so even when it’s tangled up with similar plugs, you will always be able to identify it.

Kissing Swan

The vibrator is made from seamless pink silicone, which offers minimal drag when rubbed against dry skin. The main shaft is 8.5 inches long with up to 5.5 inches of insertable length, with a maximum of 4.75 inchs of girth.. The shaft has a slight bulges in its centre, before the tapering to a curved pointed tip, aimed at G-spot stimulation. The products body cannot be manually flexed easily, but its internal mechanism rotates the tip smoothly, and doesn’t jam. The clitoral stimulator is 3 inches long and 05 inches distance from the main shaft, it can be flexed a lot further away if desired.  At the base of the product you will find two buttons, one for controlling the main shaft and the other for the clitoral stimulator. To turn on the rotating function; found in the main shaft simply press and hold down the top button, until you reach the desired rotation speed, the shaft will rotate clockwise. The lower button will control the products clitoral vibrations, which transmits strong rumbly sensations. The vibrating function is single speed motor, but the longer you hold down the button, the more powerful the product will become. When in use the relevant button will glow. To turn either function off, simply tap the button corresponding to the function you wish to turnoff.

The item will arrive in travel lock mode, to deactivate this, simply, tap the button X amount of times.

When using the product I found I needed additional water base lubrication prior to inserting. The curved tapered tip easily dipped into my vagina, and to help further insertion I turned the rotating function on, and slowly increased its speed level. Using the product with the shafts tip resting upon my G-spot meant that the kissing-shaped clitoral stimulator sat perfectly over my clitoris. As the shaft pin-pointed my G-spot and gyrated over it, the external stimulator flicked over my clitoris with impressive power. The combination of the two working together led to a rapid climax. Even during orgasm, my natural clenching from my pelvic floor muscles didn’t jam and stop the rotating shaft, unlike with some similar products. However, due to the vibrators controls, sometimes it was too easy to set the vibrations to be too intense, depending on how sensitive my body was feeling.


The Kissing Swan’s main shafts tip also can be used to stimulate external erogenous zones. Placing the tip onto the clitoris acted in a similar way to a circling finger tip during manual masturbation, yet offering a slightly more sensual sensation.

Kissing Swan Vibe

Cleaning the Kissing Swan is simple due to it being made from silicone and is waterproof. Simply wash in warm water with your standard antibacterial wash, or place into sterilising solution and soak. Once the product is clean and dry, just pop it into its travel bag for lint-free storage.


Overall, I like the Kissing Swan vibrator. The products shape works well for my body, making it an effective dual stimulator. Due to the flexible clitoral arm, it should be able to kiss most women’s clitorises. The vibrator is exceptionally powerful and I really like how the kissing shape flicks furiously when in use, while not causing any uncomfortable jabbing sensations. While the pointed tip only has a small surface area for stimulating the G-spot, due to the way it rotates, it gains a wider coverage when pleasuring the front of the vaginal walls. Due to this, I feel its shaft should massage, most people’s G-spot effectively.



Thank you to for providing me with this vibrator for my review. You can find out more about the Kissing Swan, here.


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