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Today was being a particularly bad day for me; everything just seemed too much. A few things did happen which helped make it brighter.
My partner kindly walked over here and picked me up some small treats along the way. We sat and had coffee for a little bit and just talked. It was rather nice, as we had gotten into the routine of talking about the same old things, but this time everything was different and rather relaxed.
Later in the day I went for a run, which wasn’t overly successful as I wasn’t feeling very well. But when I got back I found a message from sextoys.co.uk saying that I’ve won the title; reviewer of the month for August 2011. I’m really happy that I’ve won this. You can read sextoys.co.uk blog post here. http://www.sextoys.co.uk/blog/2011/09/sex-toys/sex-toy-review-of-the-month-august-winner/
I would really like to start writing more personal blogs once again, but there are some very difficult areas in my life right now, which make writing hard. I’m sure I’ll figure it all out soon, but even thinking about it can feel very exhausting.
I’ve been a little slow with writing reviews recently, I should be writing more after the weekend as this weekend is going to be very busy. I also should be guest reviewing/ blogging on a few sites and will give more details closer to the time.
Anyway, sorry for the short post but I’m very tired. I’m going to clear all the sex toys off my bed and sleep – it’s getting so bad I’m considering buying them their own bed 😉

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