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Sex Toy Review of the jopen Ego 3 written by Ness


The Jopen Ego 3 is a silicone male cock ring with a vibrating shell-shaped protrusion which happens to be rechargeable and waterproof. The product is best suited for males with average and above girth. It can also be added to most sex toys, which aren’t made of silicone or latex – as these may damage the product- adding some an extra dimension of powerful stimulation to a more average sex toy. When receiving the e3 I was looking forward to seeing how effective the large clam shell shape and grooves were when stimulating my clitoris, as many cock rings lack sufficient surface area.


silicone couples cock ring

The product arrives in a gravel effect box with the products name, version number, and patented brand printed onto the front in silver. On the back you will find an image of the product and charging cord, along with version pieces of information about it. The product is stored inside an internal tray which can easily be pushed out of the outer box. Inside the tray, you will find the cock ring, USB charger, and instructional booklet.

The cock ring is a rechargeable ring made from velvet touch silicone, which causes quite a bit of drag when rubbed against dry skin. The ring section of the product is plush and can be stretched from 1.5 inches in diameter, to approximately 2.5 inches. The clitoral nub is in the shape of a shell. It is rigid and coated with silicone. There are four grooves in the shell separating it into five raised sections. One of the end sections has a small hole for the charging jack plug. The central section houses a single touch control button. The vibrator section offers a fair amount of weight to the product when compared to other cock rings with smaller clitoral stimulators.

Toy use the product, you will first need to charge it for 3 hours before first play. To fit the charging jack pin into the main product you’ll have to piece the indented hole found to the side of the product, just above the raised lettering DV and 5V. This won’t ruin your product, and the silicone will act as a waterproof valve, once pieced. After the initial charge simple press and hold the discreet button in the central section of the shell. The longer you hold down the button, the more powerful the vibrator intensity becomes. To turn the product off, simply tap the button. The vibrations are powerful, buzzy, and very silent. You can put the product into travel lock by rapidly tapping the button three times, to unlock the travel lock, mimic the method.


the ego 3 cock ring

When slipping the product on an already erect penis, my partner found the silicone ring flexible and easy to stretch over his shaft. Yet, when simply sliding the ring onto his shaft, without stretching the product made the silicone drag without lubrication. The ring sat firmly against his body and the weight of the vibrator section made it stay in position. My partner found that whilst the nature of the silicone and weight of the product made it stay into position, the cock ring itself wasn’t overly restricting, and it’s tightness only aided slightly in maintain erectile firmness. When turning the vibrator on, it took a few attempts to get the intensity correct for the current sexual mood. We found it was easy to set the product to a higher intensity than desired at times and then other time accidently tap the toy off when trying to increase its power. During solo masturbation my partner found the product helped in increasing the sensations during play.

When trying the product during penile to vaginal coitus, the cock ring stayed in position and didn’t move around too much. The weight of the clitoral nub meant that the vibrator didn’t flimsily bounce on and off of my clitoris during stimulation, meaning that I was able to gain consistent contact with the vibrator easily. I also enjoyed how the central raise within the shell reached my clitoris without a problem, and how the other raised sections stimulated my labia too. The product offered intense vibrations, which helped lead to a clitoral climax quickly. During couple play we had one main qualm, and that was how difficult it was to use the button, particularly when in certain sexual positions.

The cock ring also works well, when the vibrating section is positioned underneath the penis’s shaft, offering stimulation to the scrotum was its grooved contours rested perfectly between the balls. During coitus this meant the vibrator was able to offer stimulation to my anus and perineum. However, it wasn’t as effect as when the product was positioned for clitoral stimulation.

The ring is easy to remove from both an erect penis and flaccid cock. If you have any difficultly apply some additional water base lubricant to ease removal.


Cleaning the product is easy due to it being waterproof. The silicone shell can be washed in warm water and antibacterial wash, soaked in sterilising solution, or wiped clean with a damp cloth. The silicone can attract lint, so it’s best to either store the product within the box or similar.


Overall, both I and my partner enjoyed the Ego 3 Cock Ring. I personally liked its discreet shell-like appearance. We both enjoyed how powerful the product was, as well as how the shell-shape worked effectively at stimulating both our most intimate parts. However, my partner did comment how he would’ve liked the ring to be slightly tighter, but that’s more of a personal preference. As a vibrating ring it works very well, as an erection enhancer it needed to be a tad tighter.


Thank you to Jopen for sending me this product to review. You can find out more about it here.

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