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Sex toy review for the Jimmy Jane Form 2 written by Ness


The Jimmy Jane Form 2 is a clitoral stimulator designed for the modern generation. Its contemporary design is meant to be discreet and functional, particularly when place on its minimalistic charging dock. The Form 2 resembles the classic rabbit ears, but rather than being attached to an insertable shaft, the Form 2 can be comfortably held in the palm of a hand. The body safe product is made from superior quality materials, is rechargeable and waterproof, whilst offering powerful vibrations from its duel motor ears. When receiving this vibrator I was curious to see how I got along with the ear tips, when compared to those commonly found on rabbit vibrators where placement of the clitoral stimulator is restricted due to the main shaft.

Jimmy Jane

The Form 2 by Jimmy Jane arrives in a cardboard box with plenty of clear-cut product information and images printed onto it. The box highlight that the vibrator is a dual motor rechargeable product which is waterproof, phthalate free, quiet and has the ability to be put into travel lock mode. The Form 2 also comes with a 3 year warranty. The toy is resting between several plastic trays. There is also another cardboard box inside, containing a charging dock, AC adaptor, and multiple plug attachments so you don’t have to worry about international plug sockets when traveling.


The Form 2 is in a rigid ‘U-shape’ and based on the concept of rabbit ears, there is a 1 cm gap between the ears, and they can be flexed back and forth a bit. It is coated in a smooth silicone, which produces minimal drag when rubbed against dry skin, there’s also a noticeable manufacturing seam running around the product – It’s annoyingly focused on the tip of the ears, however this may not bother some people. The product widens towards the base, so it is able to fit into the palm of a hand comfortably. The item is exceptionally light weight for its size. At the base of the item is a magnetic metal plate for changing, it also has Jimmy Jane engraved into it, to prove its official merchandise. The magnetic charging surface means that the Form 2 is completely waterproof. To change the vibrator, rest it in the charging dock provided, making sure the from LED lights-up to show it’s connected – sometimes the product doesn’t sit within the docking station correctly.
One side of the product you will find two raised bumps in the shape of an explanation mark ‘!’. The top controls in the ‘l’ are the different vibration intensities, and the bottom circular control ‘.’ control the functions. The product has five strengths of vibrations and five different functions to choose from.
The toy has two powerful motors in the tip of its ears, which transmits buzzy vibrations. The vibrator isn’t overly noisy.

Jimmy Jane Form 2

When using the product I applied a small amount of water base lubrication onto its ears. I started by using the products ears to tease my labia, before proceeding to clitoral stimulation. When stimulating the labia it works particularly well due to its width and broad surface area on each of its ear-tips. However, once I tried to use the product for clitoral stimulation, I found the broad-tips tip made the vibrations less pin-point when compared to a pointier rabbit vibrator. My clitoris was able to rest between the tips comfortably; I needed to pinch the ears together to gain more powerful stimulation. While the ears are flexible and can be pinched together, due to the products shape, this can be tricky when you have lubricated hands. I really feel the product would’ve worked a little better if they made the vibrations traveled more inwardly, although I understand that this is difficult due to the type of tip they have chosen for the overall product. It’s not that I’m against rounded tip clitoral devices, it’s just considering the price of this product and things, more research into motor placement would’ve helped to make it an awesome pleasure product. The item did eventually lead me to reaching clitoral orgasm, but considering its strong vibrations, it wasn’t as fast as I had wished.
Using the ears individually worked better, as the vibrations where easier to focus. But the point of this product is to use both ears together with the clitoris nestled between them.
I found that the Jimmy Jane Form 2 worked excellently when stimulating the nipples. I haven’t found many vibrators which can do this comfortably, and because the ears are only slightly flexible (and take a bit of effort when pinching together), the product worked well during couple foreplay. My lover was able to pinch the vibrating tips on my nipple without causing any discomfort, unlike when using more flexible rabbit ear vibrators. Also the rounded tips didn’t jab or irritate my areola, unlike some pointer rabbits, when used this way.
During general use I found that the ears wouldn’t always vibrate in conjunction with one another. Also when certain pressure was applied to the tip, they could cut out complete – I’ve found this with other dual motor products in the past and it seriously can ruin the mood.

The Form 2 is very easy to clean due to it being waterproof. Simply wash it in warm water

with your standard antibacterial wash. Once dry you can place it onto its docking station, ready for when you want to use it next.

clitoral vibrator

Overall, I’m a little disappointed with the Form 2. I can see how it’ll work well for people who dislike pointier clitoral stimulator’s. But can I just be fussy this once, and say how I would have liked the motors to be tweaked a bit? I will keep using the Form 2, mostly as a foreplay device, rather than for full on clitoral play.


Thank you to Me Me for providing me this vibrator for my review. You can find out more about this product here.


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