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The Iroha Sakura is clitoral vibrator manufactured by TENGA. There are a total of three femalevibrators within this collection of sex toys. Manufactured to be beautiful silicone sculptures with pleasurable possibilities, in not just in their visual appearance, but also their functional abilities as effective vibrating sex toys. The Iroha uses some of the plushiest silicone known whilst still being able to transmit vibrations well. All Iroha toys are rechargeable and their charging unit acts as a display case as well. I chose the Sakura because of its pointed tip looked like it would make for excellent pin-point clitoral stimulating.

The product arrives in two boxes held together by a decorative cardboard sleeve. Inside one of the boxes you will find the products charger, and the other contains the vibrator and its docking station. The charger is made up in two parts, the main plug adaptors, and an exceptional long micro USB charging cable, meaning you can either charge your product directly from the mains or even through your computer as the product tastefully sits in its display on your desk. The product come equipped with its very own instruction manual to help you get started. The product will need charging when it first arrives.

The Sakura is a silicone product made in the shape similar to a flower petal. The products curved side size fit perfectly into my small hands. The tip on the toy has two pointed tips which measure 1 cm distant apart. The silicone is very unique, and is designed to repel lint. It is very plushy, and it’s hard to explain, but once you receive this product you’ll have an odd desire to bite into it, due to its resemblance to bouncy marshmallows. The underside of the product is pretty flat and towards its bottom you will find a matter ABS control unit, with two metal arrow buttons; which also act as the changing connectors.

The products charging box is made from a black metal and plastic base with a care Perspex lid. When charging an LED in the base will light up. As the product rests in the docking station of the case, it looks very discreet and similar to a modern stone sculpture.

The vibrator has four modes, three continuous speeds of various intensity, and with one pulsation mode. It produce’s very strong vibrations, which travel surprisingly well towards the tip of the plushy silicone pinnacles. The vibrators are fairly quiet and shouldn’t be able to be heard within outside of the room, when the toy is in use.

To use the Sakura I applied a small amount of water base lubrication on to my clitoris, and placed the two tips over my clitoral nub. My clitoris rested perfectly between the groove, and it was almost as if someone had turned a memory foam pillow into a sex toy, as it seemed to mould naturally to my bodies contours. When holding the product so that one of the tips held my clitoral hood out of the way, I was please to find that the product didn’t cause any discomfort around this delicate area. The Sakura’s buttons where exceptionally easy to use, however, I mostly opted for the continuous settings during play. The vibrations from the product and its shape lead to a rapid orgasm quickly, and due to its gentle shape, I was able to proceed onto another orgasm quickly, without the product irritating my or upsetting my heightened and sensitive nerves post orgasm.

When cleaning the Sakura the silicone is very easy to wipe clean due to its lint repelling ability. The product isn’t fully waterproof; however, it is splash-proof. To clean the product use you standard antibacterial wash, spray, or wipes, and clean the products surface with a damp cloth. As there is a slight gap around the plastic interface and the silicone, dirt may reside in this area from time to time.

The Sakura from TENGA’s Iroha range toys material is very exceptional when compare to other silicone products, you’ll want to poke it constantly with disbelief. If you dislike clitoral toys with sharp manufacturing imperfections and marks, and also aversion to rigid and firm products, the Sakura is a product I’d defiantly recommend for you. Not only is its silicone soft and sensual, its pinpoint tips transmit strong buzzy vibrations successfully. Due to its soft shell, it’d also be excellent for couples play as even when allowing your lover to take control, they are very unlikely to cause your delicate nether regions any discomfort (I slightly suspect that TENGA have designed the Iroha with couples in mind due to their already high profile focusing on male masturbators, and that hopefully these fans will purchase from this new and innovative range to play with their partner).


Thank you to Lovehoney for providing me with this awesome product. You can find out more here.


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