Iroha Minamo

Sex Toy Review for the Iroha Minamo from Tenga written by Ness


The Iroha Minamo by Tenga, is a USB rechargeable vibrator, with a velvety smooth and plushy insertable shaft. The soft touch vibrator, uses unique silicone, offering a less tacky and grippy surface when compared to other soft shore plastics. The Minamo offers a gentle wave texture along the top of its shaft aimed at stimulating the vaginas anterior and G-spot. I was excited to try one of the Iroha insertable devices after falling in love with their external stimulators, and memory foam-like texture which moulded my bodies external contorts perfectly and allowing more vibrations to travel to the parts intended.


The Minamo, arrives in desert and clean packaging. Inside you’ll find the product, a USB charger, and a discreet docking station for charging, and an instruction manual. Unlike like the previous Iroha range, the new insertable sex toys by them, arrive with completely blacked-out docking stations which also act as a handy storage box. The docking station connects to the sex toy via two magnetic points which attach to the two buttons found on the pleasure product.

The Iroha is approximately 6.75 inches in length with about 5 inches insertable shaft and a maximum useable girth of 3.75 inches circumference. The shaft has a slight wave-like texture to it (very gentle compared to many other textured toys), and is designed with a gradual curve aimed at stimulating the G-spot. While the iroha range is made from amazingly plushy memoryfoam-like silicone, there is a firm internal skeleton keeping the products shape up until the tip, where you will find some mild flexibility for prodding the G-spot. The device is controlled via two press buttons, offering three vibration speeds and one pattern to play with. Simply press and hold the bottom button to turn the toy on, and use either button to scan up and down the vibrations, to switch the device off hold down the top button for a few seconds. The items vibrations are mostly buzzy with a slightly rumble to them. They are of medium to strong strength and can be felt thought-out the toy easily, without being dampened by the pushy material used.

Silicone VibratorThe Iroha range is splash-proof, but sadly not waterproof.

Tenga Iroha Minamo

Tenga Iroha Minamo


When using the Iroha Minamo, I lathered my neither regions in water-base lubricant, and relaxed into insertion of the toy into my vagina after a small amount of foreplay. The silicone warmed quickly to my bodies temperatures as its waved shaft caressed my vagina. As I turned the vibrations up to be in tune with my desires, I could feel them emitting from the shaft and occasionally depending on the pressure I applies I would feel the sensations more prominently as each ascending wave hit my G-spot and vaginal anterior. I enjoyed the sensations of the smooth caresses from the Minamo, as it glided easier in and out of me when compared to many other silicone toys. The experience was relaxing and pleasurable, however the vibrations and plushiness, weren’t able to entice me into a G-spot orgasm. While enjoyable, and offered a lovely internal massage in many other ways, this is a device which requires a helping hand externally to get you off. I believe if the product was more powerful, it would have better success, however you would still miss out on the firm pressure required for intense G-spot stimulation.


Cleaning the product is simple as the device is splash-proof. The Iroha range also attracts less lint than other silicone devices, and once clean and dry it can be stored away within its blacked out plastic charging dock box.


Overall, while the Minamo didn’t bring me to orgasm by itself; I still enjoyed this product as a great warm-up and foreplay toy when compared to many other devices. I just enjoyed its softness, the smoothness of the silicone, and the way it seemed to massage so gently but lovingly against my intimate regions – making this an ideal toy for couples to share together without the fear of cervix bruising.




Thank you to Tenga for providing me with this vibrator for my review. You can find-out more here.

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