Intimina Laselle 48g kegel egg

Intimina Laselle is a series of kegel eggs aimed at women who wish to slowly increase the strength of their pelvic floor muscles. I found it interesting how they are marketed not only at women who specifically have pre-existing medical conditions due to weaker PC muscles, but are also aimed at women trying to conceive, in hope of an easier birthing process and to avoid early onset of vaginal prolapse, or loss of bladder control. I fall outside either of these target audiences, but was still interested to see how the Laselle balls felt during wear, and if they were effective. The Intimina Laselle range of kegel balls are some of the cheapest high quality duotone balls available, and coincidentally are manufactured by LELO. 
The Laselle kegel exercisers are available in three weights, with the option of combining balls via a process of lassoing them together. The lightest weighs in at 28g, with the next step up being 38g, and the last being 48g. This means you are able to create various weights depending on the combination of balls used. So as your body adapts to the workout intensity and weight of one combination, you can gradually increase the load up to 144g for 3 balls, depending on the strength of your pelvic core. All the Laselle kegel eggs are sold separately, so if you wish to combine them you will have to purchase them individually. I will be reviewing only a single 48g Laselle kegel ball in this review. It measures approximately 4.25 inches in circumference.
The Intimina Laselle arrives in a disposable plastic-coated silver foil pouch which has a sleek and minimalistic design. Once you have torn into the packaging, you will find a single kegel ball with leash, a small drawstring storage bag, and an instruction booklet; this is probably one of the most informative instruction booklets I’ve ever received with a pelvic floor device. It comprehensively covers both how and why one should perform kegel exercises, as well as providing basic product information, care instructions, and a one year warranty. 
The ball is made with an outer silicone shell which is quite flexible. This means that you are able to press down upon the shell and with enough pressure, pinch the internal ball to a halt. I doubt you’d be able to stop the internal ball from vibrating around completely whilst wearing the device vaginally though, as it takes quite a bit of force. This makes the Laselle unique when compared to other kegel balls I’ve tried, where the outer shell has been made from a rigid plastic. Yes, there are a few available with a soft PVC or jelly coating covering them, but generally they still have an inflexible shell forming the chamber for the encased jiggling ball. This means that the internal ball should have better contact with your vaginal walls as your pelvic floor muscles clench the silicone shell, which should give a new dynamic to the kegel ball. Contouring more naturally, it should offer more direct stimulation to the muscles in contact, and hopefully offer a more pleasurable jiggle.
The silicone used on the toy is very smooth and causes hardly any friction when dragged over dry skin. Engraved onto the outside of the ball on opposite sides you will find the brand name ‘Intimina’. Around the silicone shell you will find a firm white plastic ring. The ring seems a little rough in places, and can cause some discomfort whilst inserting the product, especially if caught against the external labia. This plastic girdle can be removed, but I’ve been told by LELO that this is unintentional and should not be attempted. The toy’s retraction leash consists of a nylon cord, with a small plastic bead to act as a stopper when threading through the girdle. The retraction cord is already starting to appear tatty after only a month’s use, and I suspect it will need replacing soon.
When linking additional beads together, the instruction booklet suggests that you should be able to thread directly between the silicone egg, where the shell dips, and the plastic ring. This is incredibly fiddly.
Prior to using Ben Wa balls it’s helpful to know where your kegel muscles are located, and the sensations they produce when flexed. There are two main ways to locate your PC muscles. One way is to insert two fingers vaginally, spread apart in a peace/victory sign, and try and clench them together with your vaginal walls – this is your pelvic floor muscles at work. Another method is to stop the flow of urine when you are next on the toilet; doing this also uses your kegel muscles. When performing kegels it is advised to have an empty bladder beforehand, as a full bladder can cause discomfort.
When using the Laselle egg I found my body needed some additional lubrication to make insertion more comfortable. During insertion the white plastic ring sometimes caught and scratched my labia uncomfortably. Also, while positioning the egg, I found the ring caused some mild discomfort as I inserted the toy the first few inches inside my body. However, once inserted and positioned properly, the egg rested comfortably. The rattling of the internal ball knocking against the external silicone shell, sending kinetic waves of vibration through my vaginal walls, was easily noticed. The internal ball made a thudding sensation as it moved around and reacted with my body’s movements. It seems to move much more smoothly and slowly in comparison to other kegel balls I have tried. I’m uncertain whether or not this is due to the weight of the internal ball, or due to the flexible silicone shell dampening some of the impact. The single egg felt a lot more comfortable to wear than a pair or triple set of geisha balls. I’ve been able to easily wear the Intimina Laselle comfortably when doing daily household chores and exercises, as my body isn’t fighting against the shape of multiple balls linked via silicone or plastic. The retrieval cord is very short and only just pokes out between my vaginal lips. It goes virtually unnoticed during wear.
The egg is slightly more stimulating than some I’ve tried, but it hasn’t caused me to experience an orgasm. It’s a great addition to foreplay, as the egg encourages vaginal lubrication. Although the 48g ball is the heaviest in the Laselle series, I haven’t had any trouble holding it with my pelvic floor muscles. I am interested in experimenting with the other weights and linking them together. I’m curious to see how the two lighter balls feel, and whether or not their internal balls rattle in a similar manner – are their internal balls a different size, or are they the same size but different weights?
 When removing the Laselle ball I found that sometimes I would have to insert a finger or two to retrieve the cord. Once I’d hooked my fingers through its loop, the single ball was easier to remove than a set of kegel balls. Occasionally the plastic ring would catch my vaginal tissue upon removal and cause mild discomfort.
I haven’t tried using the Laselle during intercourse due to the plastic ring being slightly sharp, which could cause my lover some discomfort, and damage a condom.
When cleaning the Laselle, wash the whole toy in water with your standard antibacterial wash, and make sure to pay extra attention to cleaning around the white plastic ring. You may also wish to pay extra attention to the grooves and lettering whilst cleaning. The Laselle can be sterilised overnight if desired. In the instructions there is a warning stating not to boil the product. The cord unfortunately stains and wears rapidly – I’m hoping that there are replacement cords available.
Overall, I like the Intimina Laselle 48g by Lelo. The ball offers nice vibrations which can be felt throughout my vagina, and as it’s a single ball I’m able to comfortably wear it whilst performing exercises like yoga – much easier than when using a set consisting of multiple eggs. However, I’m doubtful about the hygiene of the cord, which has rapidly stained during use. I’d also prefer the plastic ring to be smoother, as even though the egg is exceptionally comfortable during wear, the plastic ring causes it to be rather painful upon insertion and removal. I’d like to see more kegel balls similar to this, with the outer shell made from a flexible skin-safe material such as silicone, as the sensations produced by the Laselle feel noticeably different to the firmer shelled eggs I’ve previously used.
Thank you to Intimina for providing me with this kegel egg for my review. You can find out more about this range of products here.

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