Interview with a Sex Toy Reviewer #1

I’m hoping to interview sex toy reviewers on a regular basis. It should be an opportunity to pick up some tips and tricks, as well as getting to know your favourite reviewers a little bit more. It’s also a great opportunity to find out about new and exciting reviewers, who may be not so well known via social networking and the main sex toy communities.

This week we welcome Mia More as the first ever guest to my blog.

Reviewer name:

Mia More

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How long have you been reviewing sex toys for? And how many have you reviewed?

Around six years. I have no idea how many toys I’ve reviewed in total – especially as I test lingerie, fetish outfits and furniture, BDSM gear and even dungeons too – all I can say is that it’s been a helluva lot of fun!

What made you start reviewing sex toys?

A high sex drive! And as a woman in a long-term relationship with an equally kinky man, reviewing sex toys has been a great way to keep things fresh in the bedroom. Or in the living room. Or on the kitchen counter…

Describe your reviewing style:

The actual reviewing style depends on simple things like the format of the review, or on the website itself. In addition I often suggest design or functionality improvements for the manufacturers, and offer tips to users. But the main thing is that wherever and whatever I review, I am always honest: I never say something’s amazeballs if actually it’s just total balls.

What toy was the most enjoyable to review and test?

Anything by Lelo: I *love* that brand, and their toys never fail to impress me on every level – the confidence they have to include a one year guarantee says it all. Even my husband’s got one!

Lelo aside, I have to admit that my favourite items have been a latex spanking skirt and matching latex shirt with a zip down the front, and the more unusual items such as wooden stocks, washable PVC bedsheets for messy play, or latex body paint (great fun to paint on, although peeling it off was a bit of a shocker until we incorporated it into a pain game).

Do you have a particular method of testing toys?

Rigorously, alone and also with my husband to get a good all-round perspective. We naturally end up discussing the toys afterwards, and it’s always good to get his thoughts.

Toys that I know aren’t going to be my kind of thing, I test on my cheek. If they make my teeth rattle they get a positive review, if not they get a no-no. Either way, those toys are forwarded on to my friends – everyone has different taste in toys, and I can pretty much guess which toys will suit which friend. Strange but true!

What’s your favorite review you’ve written? It can be a negative or positive review, as long as you’re proud of the finished article.

Probably my first ever review. It was for a naughty novelty underwear set, and although the pieces weren’t exactly amazing, I was really pleased with my review.

What’s your number one tip to any aspiring sex toy reviewer?

Put yourself out there: write reviews of your own toys and post them online so that you’ve got something to show for your enthusiasm, then approach retailers and local sex shops/ boutiques and suggest you review toys for their websites. Be personable. Persist: Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

What toy would you recommend the most and why?

Without a doubt the Lelo Isla is the best G-Spot toy I’ve tried – for me. It looks beautiful, it’s rechargeable but the inbuilt battery doesn’t need replacing as the months fly by (as many rechargeable batteries do), I love the way it’s designed to be held (with a handle at one end), and it hits the spot every time – literally.

Do you have any interesting hobbies other than sex toy reviewing?

I collect shoes, love fashion and enjoy putting together unusual fancy dress outfits for the regular themed parties held here in Brighton. I also cage dance in the Shangri-La Field at Glastonbury every year, and am a keen enthusiast of corsets and the more fabulous side of latex and rubber wear (which thankfully makes wiping the Glasto mud off my costumes a whole lot easier).

Thank you to the lovely Mia More for taking the time to fill out this interview. I also perform the cheek test!

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