Incoqnito Blade Necklace

The Incoqnito Blade Necklace is a discreet pleasure object aimed at sensory play, which is disguised to look similar to a tribal tooth pendant. The pendant is hinged and opens out to reveal a tantalizing, yet harmless, glass blade. This sensory play object is truly simple yet beautiful, and I was enthusiastic to try out the device. I was curious to see how the glass blade compared to using a standard glass toy during sensory play. I also wanted to see how sharp the blade was, and whether or not it would be a safer and more hygienic choice for those into live blades to produce a scratching sensation on the flesh.
The necklace arrives in a large black box, with a piece of elastic holding the box shut. The box is discreet, with only the words ‘blade necklace – necklace & sensation instrument’ printed onto a sticker in various languages. I doubt most people would be aware that this item is intended to be a pleasure object; they would treat it like any other jewellery case. Inside the box you will find a suede storage pouch. The pouch has three pockets, so you are able to store the pendant and chain separately, or store the necklace alongside other pieces of jewellery – I guess, if the item is stored among more normal style jewellery, then it would appear less suspect if found. The only downside to the pouch is that it doesn’t have any way of keeping the contents secure – a button or similar would’ve been appreciated. There is a small piece of card, simply stating that to use the toy, unfold it and glide across the skin.
The necklace is available in either silver or rose gold colouration. The chain is 26 inches in length and has a strong clasp. It only has the option of one size, and for me, it is a little long. The pendant can easily be removed from the chain. The blade sheath is made from a metal alloy which has been treated to prevent it from rust and wear. The sheath has a metal D-ring going through it, which acts as the hinge for the glass blade, as well as the loop for the chain. I found opening the blade tricky, and often ended up applying a small amount of pressure around the hinge, so that I was able to grip and pull the blade out. The glass blade is made of borosilicate glass and shouldn’t break. The glass is hand cut and looks fairly crystal like. The blade is completely blunt with only an ever so slightly pointed tip.
When using the blade I found it only offered a light tingling sensation when used on myself or my partner. My partner said it tickled. No matter what speed, pressure and area the blade was applied to, the sensations felt inconsequential. I was hoping the blade would produce more of a sensation, even something similar to running dancing finger tips over the skin, but unfortunately even though the sensations weren’t unpleasant, they weren’t the finest. I wasn’t expecting the blade to produce any extreme sensations, but I had hoped for a little bit more from it. No matter how much force was applied, the blade never managed to leave any marking. This is a good thing in some respects, but sometimes I like to be able to see noticeable marking after sensory play; it just helps add to the excitement. I found that using the tip of the sheath would produce a much more noticeable sensation, and yet still be safe.
You can use the toy for temperature play. The blade heats to room temperature quickly. You can heat the toy under a hot or cold tap; the metal shouldn’t rust, but it is still advisable to completely dry the toy after each session. The toy does work a bit better when heated or chilled, but it’s still not as good as I was hoping.
When using the toy I’d recommend using some lens cleaner to wipe away any smudges, especially if you plan to wear it round your neck. The toy is very hygienic and can be sterilised. I’d be careful when using soaps, and make sure you use one that is compatible with the metal.
The Incoqnito Blade Necklace isn’t quite what I was hoping for. It is a very beautiful item, and works well as a nice and slightly unusual piece of jewellery, but it doesn’t really cut it when used as a sensory object. The sensations are very light tingles, so much so that I feel even dangling the chain over one’s body feels more pleasurable. I wasn’t looking for the object to cause intense sensations, but I had hoped for a bit more. I guess it might be a worthwhile investment if you have exceptionally sensitive skin, and want something which is discreet and easily transported. I will still use the Blade Necklace, but it will be purely as a fashion accessory.
Thank you to Exclusively Eve for sending me this item for my review. You can purchase this item here.

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