Icicles No.18

The Icicles No. 18 is a curved glass G-spot toy with a bumpy textured shaft. It has two useable ends, one being a tapered tip, and the other being two spheres which reminded me of bubbles, especially as one has a red flower blown beautifully into the glass. I was eager to see if the curve of this particular G-spot toy would work for me. I was also curious to see how noticeable the bumpy textured shaft would feel and whether or not I would find it pleasurable.
The toy arrives in a large box with a few product images printed onto it. The front of the box opens via a magnetic catch revealing the product behind a plastic window – unfortunately you aren’t able to get to the product this way. Open either the top or bottom flaps and pull out the polystyrene tray. Unlike some glass toys, it doesn’t arrive with its own storage pouch.
The toy is 8 inches in length with a maximum girth of 4.75 inches. The toy has two ends; one is a bulbous tapered tip, 2 inches in length, and the other is two bubbles, 2.5 inches in length together – these also work as an effective handle. The gorgeous red flower adds a valuable splash of colour. The main shaft is curved and has many bumps scattered around it. The main shaft is a maximum of 3.5 inches in circumference.  The bumps are around 1 cm in length each and are painted blue- the paint doesn’t seem to chip. The toy is made out of Pyrex/borosilicate glass which isn’t likely to break.
When using the toy I applied a small amount of lubricationdue to the bumpy textures. I first experimented with inserting the tapered tip. The toy easily slid into my vagina and I could feel the bumps rub against my vaginal walls as the toy curved upwards, finally resting deeply and firmly on my G-spot. I was able to use the toy in a rocking motion to produce a quick and strong G-spot orgasm. The bubbled end of the toy worked perfectly as a handle, making the toy easy to grip even when it became slippery. Unfortunately while using the toy in a rocking motion I wasn’t able to benefit greatly from the textured shaft.
When inserting the bubbled end of the toy, the bubbles popped into my vagina, feeling very pleasurable. As I inserted more of the toy I was able to feel the bubbles rub again my vaginal walls as they curved towards my G-spot. The bubbles reached my G-spot and worked best when used in a thrusting motion, as I was able to feel both the joining bubbles rub against my G-spot, sending firm waves of pleasure throughout my body. Using the toy in a thrusting motion, I was able to appreciate the bumpy textured shaft better. When removing the bubbles, they softly popped out, producing a last short burst of pleasure as a parting gift. The tapered end wasn’t as effective when used as a handle, but I was still able to grip onto it better than some glass toys.
Cleaning the toy is very simple as glass is non-porous.  All Pipedreams glass toys are dishwasher safe, and can also be boiled, sterilised, or simply washed with water and antibacterial soap.
Overall, the Icicles No.18 is an excellent G-spot toy. I know the tapered tip is designed to be the head of the toy, and the bubbles are intended as a handle, but for me the bubbled end felt amazing and produced a more enjoyable orgasm – even if it took a little longer. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who needs a toy with a prominent curve that will allow you to apply firm pressure to the G-spot.

Thank you to Innocent Sex Toys for sending me this glass dildo for my review. You can purchase the toy here.

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