How To Use Massage Candles During Sex

How To Use Erotic Massage Candleslovehoney massage candle

Erotic massages are pretty hot, but you can make them even hotter by adding in the use of Massage Candles. These candles melt into a dreamy liquid, that can be stroked into your lovers body during foreplay. Often invigored with aphrodisiac enticing aromas, or deliciously sweet smells, they can stimulate senses often forgetting during sexual play.

These candles are worth bringing into the bedroom to help extend the time of foreplay, but also awaken new senses and forgotten erogenous zones with the added warmth of the melted oils rubbed into your body.

Massage candles can come in many forms; some melt into just a warming massage oil, whilst others are scented too. There are a few that are flavoured and edible, bringing more elements into your sexual play, where you and your partner can lap the sweet nectar’s off each other’s bodies. Even when these candles are edible, inserting them into orifices may upset your bodies Ph leading to unwanted infections, so keeping these for external play only is best.

The main different to wax play and using even traditional candle, is that massage candles don’t dry hard on the skins surface, but have a moisturising effect and softly soak into the body.

The warming glow of the candle can add to the atmosphere as you prepare to take things further.

When using a massage candle, light the candle before embarking on any erotic adventures, allowing the candle wax to melt into oil. Smaller candles will take less time to melt than larger massage candles (for larger candles leave up to 30 minutes). Once the oil has melted, and there appears to be enough for your sensual massage, blow the candle out before tipping onto your play mate.

Did You Know: Massage Candles are designed to melt at a lower temperature than traditional candles, meaning that the risk of injury from being too hot is low.

Massage Candle Tips:

  1. Rub your hands on your partners body before dropping the oil onto their flesh to reduce shock.
  2. Alternatively, drop on the skin without prior stimulation to add an element of surprise – masochist lovers may really enjoy this.
  3. Pour into your hands and rub it into your palms before commencing full on erotic pleasure. Hand walking oiled finger tips on your play partners body to mix up stimulation can work well.
  4. Light the candle for part of your date night, have it beaming its seductive flame as you explore an adult board game.
  5. Don’t forget massaging more than the back is important. Breasts and thighs respond amazingly to warm massage oil. When straddling your partner, even, grab the unlit candle and pour on liquid down their chest, if edible lap it up.


Lovehoney Oh Strawberry Massage Candle Review

The Lovehoney Oh! Strawberry Massage Candle is a flavoured soy candle that is edible. The candle I was sent to try; was strawberry flavoured. These candles are only small, and can fit comfortably in the palm of the hand. As they are only 60g they offer about two to three massages in each candle tin.

These massage candles are a good introduction to hot oil foreplay.

The strawberry scented candle reminds me of the old school flavoured lip balms that everyone wanted in the 1990s. If you’re a millennial, you may find the scent of these candles sparking memories of past teenage and youth escapades.

With massage candles I make sure the time is right to use them. Sometimes this is partly self-centred, as during days when my muscles feel sore and achy, hot oil can relieve the tension experienced. They’re a good option to relax these areas and make ready for pleasurable stimulation.

The massage candle from Lovehoney, melts nicely, and rubs over the body smoothly without leaving gritty residue. As a lotion it makes a nice fluid massage oil. However, personally, I didn’t like the scent and taste. The strawberry is very strong, and I know many will love this sweet scent and taste, but I prefer spicier and flavours to savour for edibles.

Scent and taste are a personal preference when it comes to stimulation. I personally just don’t enjoy very strong sweet ones, but I know many others do.




Erotic Massage Candles can help awaken and circulate stimulation to your body’s hot spots that could have been missing or lost. The warmth from the oils can help even bring alive sensations that you may have even become cold towards.

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