How to find your Trance-like state with the rhythmic pulses of sex toys

How to find your Trance-like state with the rhythmic pulses of sex toys written by Ness


In late October, neuroscientist Adam Safron revealed in his paper ‘WHAT IS ORGASM? A MODEL OF SEXUAL TRANCE AND CLIMAX VIA RHYTHMIC ENTRAINMENT’ that rhythmic movements may be the key to achieving climax. He claims that paying attention to rhythm can “… generate states of deepening sensory absorption and trance”.


This isn’t revolutionary news, many of us as individuals have discovered this ourselves through personal exploration. Throughout history gadgets and doohickies have been invented and used purely for producing rhythmic motions to induce a trance-like state, such as the medical treatment of hysteria were vibrators were used to calm those who were in “abnormal” states. Even William Shakespeare may have been onto this new discovery long before 2016 “If music be the food of love, play on.”, from the Twelfth Night; for many this suggests something a lot more than just music.

Probably the greatest part of the study is where Safron actually found stats that links performing a repetitive motion produces neuronal oscillations. Which is where the brain responds to repetitive sensory information by producing rhythmic electrical activity – in a sense rhythmic masturbation turns our brains into a vibrator.

Rymthic motions are even commonly used in sex coaching; from meditation, to muscle control, to even stimulation methods such as Omming where one rhythmically stimulates one particular area of the clitoris. It’s something I’ve previously used to help men and women reach climax, and it’s also a method I personally adopt when trying to reach my own orgasms. Even getting in a decent beat during a spanking session can lead to orgasms, or more commonly a trance-like state often referred to as subspace.

It’s not just rhythmic control of gyrating or rubbing a particular area that can lead to this euphoric state, but also learning how to pulse your pelvic floor muscles can encourage climax, pleasure, and bodily fluids production.

Orgasms are complex, and this study mentioned above, isn’t really ground breaking. Although now it’s out there, it could lead to further investigation into how and why rhythm may play a major role in orgasms.

The paper really needs to be extended further as its focus seems to be purely for clitoral orgasm or penile to vaginal intercourse focusing on external gyrations.


With it being the 21st century, there are many sex toys which help people find their orgasm rhythm. Now, you’re probably thinking, what’s the point of mentioning this at all when vibrators are common knowledge? Well, it’s not just finding a rhythm; you have to find the one that suits you. For some it’s rumbly vibrators, others it’s buzzy, and there are people who enjoy a mixture of both.

Here are some top tips on finding your sexual rhythm:

  1. Explore your body.

Finding out which parts of your penis or vulva / vagina are the gateway to unforgettable pleasure is an essential part of finding the perfect rhythm for you. You may find you enjoy gentle touching over heavy petting, fast flicking or circular rubbing, rumbly vibrations over buzzy. It’s not just locating the clitoris for example, it’s scouting out that particular part of it and working out the motion and intensity you enjoy the best.

  1. Try different parts of the vibrator.

Vibrators come in all shapes and sizes. However, many of us only use vibrators in the way they are advertised to be used. For example, a wand vibrator is for external stimulation and many of us use these by simply pushing them against our nether regions in the hope that it will lead to a mind-blowing climax. Yet many don’t explore this further even when it does or doesn’t work. Factors to consider when finding your own rhythm with a wand massager are the following: explore different parts of the head, the top part of the head will emit different style vibrations to the side of the wands top. For some, this can mean a wand vibrator is a great sex toy for both exploring rumby and buzzy vibrations packed into one sex toy. It’s not just wand vibes that offer different vibrations, but if you focus you can find that the style of vibes in various clitoral, and external sex toys, differs depending on which part of the sex toy is positioned against the body.

Buy Wand vibrators here.

  1. Music vibes

Masturbating to a track that already holds pleasurable feelings can be an awesome way to explore your orgasm rhythm. What’s even more awesome is that there are music controlled vibrators that can be hooked up to your MP3 player or phone and buzz along to your favourite beat. Many are able to focus on the particular part of the track too, so if it’s the bad arse base getting you hot, you can set a vibe just to focus on that particular part of the song, which is also a great way to find a repetitive motion that suits you and leads you into that trance like state.


Check out the We-Vibe Rave, a sex toy which can connect to your music via blue tooth.

  1. App vibes

Just haven’t found the right vibration pattern for you and or your partner? Well, you can now make your own up. The We-Vibe Sync is an excellent example of a sex toy which will help you find your sexual rhythm. Not only can you customise the vibration pattern but you can also adjust the pressure of the clitoral and vaginal arms to fit your body perfectly. It’s also a great toy to use if you and your partner have different vibration rhythms that work for each of you during penile to vaginal sex as the insertable and external part of the Sync can be programmed to emit different patterns.

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  1. Pelvic Floor Control

Learning to control your pelvic floor can be a great way to get your genitals into the beat of sexual pleasure. Depending on how well you know your pelvic floor you can even control the muscles rhythmically to induce orgasms hands-free! If using sex toys alongside pelvic floor contractions it can also help your body produce more vaginal fluid, and help ebb your body towards orgasm by helping propel a sex toy rhythmically to your sweet spots.


Find Kegel and Pelvic Floor exercises here.

  1. Electro sex

Electro conductive sex toys are all about making your body contract in rhythmic motions. When placed on the penis or vulva, the rhythmic pulses can excite your body into climax. Simply place electro-stimulation pads onto the external genitalia and find your rhythm. Even though the electric pulses are external, they can even stimulate the G-spot deep within through muscle contractions. Electro stim basically turns your own body into a pleasure-inducing vibrator.

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  1. Rotating sex toys

These differ to normal vibrators as they have parts that rotate simulating the circling motions of the finger-tips or tongue. Not everyone love vibrations and some prefer stimulation that mimics natural sensations. Rotating sex toys means that you can experience these sensations without having the worry of wrist ache, they can also come up with a variation of patterns which may excite your body differently to manual masturbation, potentially resulting in that trance-like state sooner or easier.

Check out the Sqweel here, which rotates up and down.

Buy the Lelo Ora here, a sex toy that rotates in circular motions.

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