How the internet controls my sex life.

As I sit here and write this piece, I’m staring at a computer screen, typing on a QWERTY keyboard, sitting on a computer chair… I’ve only just realised that this is very ironic; to vent about my sex and computer related woes I am using one of these confounded contraptions that seem to be controlling my sex life.
I now haven’t had sex in over a week, I’ve lost count. Is there any reason for me to count the days of my suffering when I have no clue when the torture will end? My partner currently is addicted to online gaming which seems to be more import time wise than sex. I’ve even set up a membership so I can spend time with him virtually, but this still isn’t the same. All it does is eats away at my nonexistent money, bores me, and I’m certain I’m getting repetitive strain syndrome from mouse clicking and excessive masturbation. I have also now found out he has a year’s membership….
Not only does the internet control my lack of sex with partner, it also controls my sex life with my lovers. The internet unfortunately is a key form of communication. OH how I wish for the days of the handwritten love letter, but alas these have mostly ended. The last love letter I received was in times new roman. Both my current lovers live far away from me; I see them rarely so the internet is essential for communication. It’s frustrating that everything has to be written or done over a camera; the phone is rarely used due to its cost. It doesn’t help; I need the pleasures of the flesh, the touch, warmth, and smell. I had the chance to visit one of my lovers this week but as he purchased me a gift last week I have to stay at home waiting for it to arrive. I’ve been informed the next time I will see him is in 7weeks. I am able to see my other lover on Friday, though this will be for a shopping trip rather than sex. We might find somewhere to have sex but it partly depends on how busy the place is.
As well as the internet controlling my sex life with partners it does control my solo sessions too. I purchase my sex toys, lingerie, sex related books, online. This normally wouldn’t be a bad thing, but due to the lack of money I am unable to buy myself anything new for some time. I feel a new toy might tide me over for a few weeks. I will have to work out my finances, which again is done through the internet. Sex toys over food? It’s becoming very tempting….

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