Have You Heard The Song Kung Fu Vagina Promoting Kegels Balls?

Sex and Relationship expert Kim Anami has just released a new fun video to promote pelvic floor exercises and Kegels.

The music video, directed by Shae-Lee Raven, is based on the popular disco song “Kung Fu Fighting”.

The song promotes pelvic floor weight lifting with kegel balls. It recommends Jade Eggs in the video, although it is debatable about how safe using Jade in the vagina is due to its porous nature (see Dr Jen Gunter post on it here).

I fully support the use of weighted kegel balls for those who are recommended to use them, and if you’re looking to try pelvic floor weight lifting I recommend checking out these silicone ones by Tracey Cox.

One thing I really liked about the song was how it drew attention to the fact that we aren’t taught about pelvic floor health in school and how this can have a knock-on-effect on women’s pleasure when they’re older.

“We don’t learn this shit in school, the normalization of dysfunction means we accepted the numbness, disconnected from the oneness. lifeforce energy comes from within, your orgasm ain’t a sin. It’s your inherent birthright to have pleasure outta sight. And when your pelvic floor is strong you best believe you’re gonna come. So now you know what to do harness your sexual energy and do that vaginal kung fu.”

Although the video does bring awareness to the importance of how kegel balls can help many people’s pelvic health and sexual pleasure, it completely ignores individuals where kegel weights can be dangerous to use. Basically, whilst kegel balls are great, there are loads of different pelvic floor dysfunctions that require different treatment. It’s always best to chat with your health professional to see if they’re suitable for you.

The song does make some racist references to Thai Vaginas being naturally tight as well as vaginal ping pong ball sports, which is a shame.

Currently, there is no evidence that Thai vaginas are smaller and tighter than any other, and Healthline has a really good article on debunking the myth, with Dr. Valinda Nwadike, MD an obstetrics and gynecology specialist states, “Honestly don’t think [Asian women having small vaginas] is true. I would definitely disagree with this stereotype. We don’t make decisions about size — we don’t have Asian speculums. That in itself would negate the myth. It should be put to bed absolutely.”.

source: Kung Fu Vagina YouTube

Ping Pong vaginal sports use to be a popular entertainment in Thailand, however, since 2004 it has been illegal under Thai obscenity laws. This doesn’t mean that it doesn’t happen, as many of us know, there are many things that may be illegal that do still happen. I remember attending a course run by Porn Stars in 2013, and a few of them had learned how to manipulate ping pong balls with their pelvic floor when touring Thailand for work.

Over the years the song “Kung Fu Fighting”, has had many renditions. I remember encountering them at school discos in the 90s, many being terrible, and there are many new versions being created yearly. For a song that was first released in 1978, it’s still very popular and catchy, so I totally appreciate what Kim Anami is trying to do.

Kim’s version of the song isn’t the worst version I’ve heard and it’s still pretty catchy.

Kim From Kung Fu Vagina Video

The music video includes some cool dancing and aerial hooping and suspension yoga with the performers hanging from their aerial devices with Kegel weights inside their vagina made heavier by random objects dangling from them.

Source: Kung Fu Vagina YouTube

It ends with a ballet piece, choreographed to the music. The dancers are wearing leotards that make their arms look like fluttering labia.

source: Kung Fu Vagina YouTube

What do you think of the song? Let me know in the comments below.

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