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Sex Toy Review of the Lovehoney Happy Rabbit Vibrator written by Ness

One of the toys I’ve been searching for is a good silicone rechargeable rabbit. I’ve tried lots of rabbit vibrators before, and they tend to work reasonably well for me, but often eat batteries. I’m also not a fan of a lot of the materials used to make most rabbit vibrators. There are a few rabbits which are silicone and rechargeable, but they often lack the stimulating ears I so desire. When I first heard that Lovehoney were making a rechargeable silicone rabbit that seemed to meet my exacting standards, I was more than happy. I was also ecstatic to find that they had designed not one, but three different variations. I opted for the G-spot style rabbit and was eager to find out if this rabbit would not only make my G-spot happy, but also my clitoris – I’ve found a lot of rabbits where the external or internal stimulator works well for me, but they don’t achieve the desired effect when used simultaneously. Well, this rabbit has made me one happy bunny.

Happy Rabbit VibratorThe Happy Rabbit arrives in a large box, with a removable cardboard sleeve containing product images, and a small amount of information on its key features depending on which type you receive. Once you have removed the outer sleeve you are left with a very sturdy black box with the Lovehoneylogo and the words ‘get happy’ embossed into the lid. This is hardly noticeable from a distance and the box looks very discreet. Inside the box you will find the rabbit and charger resting in a plastic tray. Tucked away to one side there is a storage pouch and instructions. The box is more than adequate for stashing the rabbit in, but I like how Lovehoney have gone that extra step in order to cater to more people. The black satin back is very large and can fit both the toy and charger into it. The instructions are basic but provide you with all the information you need.

Rechargeable rabbit vibrator

The silicone used on the rabbits is very smooth and causes minimal drag when rubbed against dry skin. There is a very faint manufacturing seal which doesn’t cause me any irritation. The toy’s length is 9.5 inches in total, which is bigger than your standard rabbit. Although the rabbit is a bit bigger, it weighs less compared to a battery powered or beaded rabbit. The rabbit’s shaft is a lot longer than I was expecting for a G-spot toy, having 5 inches of insertable length, but I’ve found it’s just the right length really, as I’m only able to insert the required amount needed to hit my G-spot and still be able to get direct stimulation from the clitoral stimulating ears externally. The G-spot tip curves round quite dramatically, and has a surface area of 1.5 inches by an inch, so it’s likely to stimulate most people’s G-spot, while also meaning you should be able to produce more consistent stimulation. On some G-spot toys the tip is too small, and it often becomes annoying having to constantly reposition the toy. The shaft is very flexible. There are two powerful motors inside the shaft, one at the tip and one lower down near where the rabbit sprouts from.

 The rabbit’s clitoral stimulator is in the shape of a bunny. It is 3 inches in length with 1.5 inch long bunny ears; they are relatively close together. It has a nose like nub on it too, which can be also be used for clitoral stimulation, depending on your mood. The ears are very flexible and can be flicked and bent around easily while still providing firm stimulation. The clitoral unit isn’t as flexible as some; the nose is an inch away from the main shaft, while the ears are 1.5 inches away from the shaft. It can be flexed to a maximum of 2 – 2.5 inches away.

Rabbit sex toy by Lovehoney

At the base of the toy is the control unit. There are two buttons which resemble an exclamation mark. The top button of the explanation mark, ‘I’, controls the shaft’s vibrations. To use, tap the button to switch on, and then press to cycle through the 5 patterns – three continuous modes, a pulsation mode and an escalation mode. Due to one of the motors being positioned near the clitoral nub the vibrations travel up through the rabbit as well as the main shaft, giving it a bit of extra oomph. The dot ‘.’ button controls the clitoral vibrations. There are three continuous vibration modes which all travel well to the tip of the rabbit’s ears. The rabbit’s vibrations are virtually silent. To turn off the motors, press and hold the appropriate button for a few seconds.

The Happy Rabbit takes 6 hours to fully charge. It has an LED situated in its base, which is red during charging and turns green once finished. The charging port has a piece of silicone over it protecting it from dirt. This is easily removed from the port, and stays attached to the product via its own little silicone tag, meaning you shouldn’t lose it.

The base of the toy flares out slightly, making it easy to grip. The bottom is flat with ‘Lovehoney’ printed onto it. The toy looks very chic and modern while sitting on the bedside cabinet, nothing like its more ostentatious relatives, which often look rather garish.

When using the toy I applied some water based lubrication so that inserting the toy would be easier, and to make the rabbit ears more comfortable and enjoyable during use. When inserting the toy the G-spot head popped into my vagina and instantly curved towards my G-spot. The toy required very little foreplay beforehand, which surprised me. The toy rested on my G-spot and my clitoris nestled between the tips of the rabbit’s ears. I first turned the shaft’s vibrations on, and was able to feel them stimulate my G-spot and vaginal opening. I was able to feel a small amount of the vibrations transmit through the rabbit to my clitoris. Once I had turned the clitoral stimulator’s vibrations on as well, I enjoyed the extra stimulation as the long ears tantalisingly swished over my nerve endings. Depending on my mood and the vibration settings selected, the rabbit can cause me to orgasm fairly quickly by just resting it in position. When wanting a quicker orgasm I’m able to use the toy in a rocking motion, and due to its flexible shaft, the G-spot head bounces off my G-spot rhythmically. However, I found the best orgasm achieved with this toy was by using it in a rotating motion. This is a motion I don’t normally use as it’s not often very effective, but with this toy it worked perfectly, making the ears flick fiercely over my clitoris while producing firm pressure on my G-spot. Rotating the toy back and forth made me experience one of those stunningly earth shattering orgasms that left me with an effulgent glow. I was rooted to the bed, unable to move after the experience, as if I was a rabbit looking into the oncoming headlights of pleasure.

The toy can be used for much deeper A-spot stimulation. When using it to stimulate my A-spot I found that the rabbit’s nose hit my clitoris rather than its ears, but the ears still offered some stimulation to the vulva. The nose offered more direct pin-point vibrations. The toy did still cause me to orgasm when used like this, but it wasn’t as pleasurable as when placing the head onto my G-spot.

When removing the toy I experienced a mild obstacle. My pelvic floor muscles gripped onto the head, almost as if to say ‘No, don’t leave me.’ As you remove the toy make sure to try and relax your pelvic floor muscles. The toy’s head creates a popping sensation upon removal.

Cleaning the Happy Rabbit is fairly easy; just remember that it’s not waterproof, so do not submerge the base. Use your standard antibacterial wash and water. The silicone is very smooth, meaning hardly any dirt sticks to it. After the toy is dried, place it back into either its box or storage pouch.

silicone dual stimulator sex toy

To say I’m happy with my Happy Rabbit would be an understatement. It’s made itself a permanent home (or warren, if you prefer) in my sex toy collection. I would heartily recommend it to anyone who likes simultaneous G-spot and clitoral stimulation, and doesn’t want to juggle more than one toy about. There’s various ways you can use the rabbit. It’s just a matter of finding the motion and position of the rabbit which works best for you; however, everything I’ve tried has worked pretty well regardless. Happy Rabbit has burrowed its way into my affection being one of the best rabbits I’ve ever used.

Thank you to Lovehoney for sending me this amazing rabbit vibrator for my review.


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