A – Z of Sex Toys

Learn your Sex Toy A – Z



Anal Toys

These are products which are safe for anal insertion. Safe anal toys must always have a flared base to prevent them from travelling into the rectum. Some anal probes are in the form of dildos, prostate toys, butt plugs, and anal beads. Men and women can enjoy anal stimulation with the correct amount of warm-up stimulation and glycerine free lubrication.

Anal Beads

Anal beads are desired to be inserted into the rectum. They are great for those learning about anal stimulation and their limits as you can slowly work-up to a girth which is comfortable for you. Simple apply lubrication and pop a bead into your rectum, as you become more relaxed work-up to the next. Some people enjoy inserting anal beads and then pulling them out rapidly during climax to enhance orgasm, for this many anal beads have a looped handle for quick retraction.



Bullet Vibrators

Sometimes referred to as silver bullets, these are small vibrators about the size and length of a finger. Some have a rounded tip, others flat, and many have a pin-point tip. If you like direct and more intense stimulation on your clitoris, opt for a more pin-point version, if you prefer less direct then go for one with a blunted or rounded tip. Bullets are often the right size to be inserted into chambers found on other sex toys such as dildos and butt plugs, turning them essentially into vibrators. Bullets are fab for travelling and can fit nicely into a pocket or bag.

Butt Plugs

Butt plugs are products which are inserted into the anus and worn for a period of time. Anal Plugs always have a flared base to prevent them from travelling inside your body, but also act as an anchor helping to control the products motions during hands free play. They can be worn during intercourse to enhance your awareness to stimulation and orgasm.



Clitoral Vibrators

Clitoral vibrators are sex toys aimed at external stimulation focusing on the clitoris and vulva. Whilst almost anything that vibrates can be used as a clitoral stimulator, many products are designated to offer more direct stimulation from its compact and easy to manhandle shell. Many clitoral stimulators can be used during all over foreplay and stimulate various erogenous zones. Some clitoral toys can also offer shallow vaginal stimulation and possible G-spot stimulation. The most common clitoral stimulator is known as a bullet, which can be inserted into many other product sleeves, ranging from silicone butt plugs and dildos, to thin Jelly sleeves with various textured nubs.

Cock Rings

Cock rings are devices worn by men on the penis to retract blood flow and therefore creating a firmer erection and higher sensitivity. Cock rings help slow down ejaculation depending on how restrictive they are. Some cock rings also wrap around the ball sack and occasionally have perineum stimulating nubs. Some cock rings are desired a with protrusion for clitoral stimulation during coitus. They can be made from various materials such as rubber, silicone, latex, metal, and even stone.  There are many cock rings on the market, some can vibrate, and some have free moving balls in them for added stimulation for either the wear or the recipient.




Dildos are often phallic-like toys made from various materials. Dildos have been within existence for thousands of years, where humans would turn almost anything into one, from stone, wood, and leather. Within modern industrial society, dildos are often manufactured from higher quality materials, from TPR, silicone, ABS plastic, stone, ceramic, glass, and metal. Dildos don’t vibrate. Some dildos are straight, some curved, and others textured.


Another phrase used for dildo.

Double dildos

There are various double ender dildos and vibrators out there. Some are designed for solo female masturbation and double penetration others are aimed at joint sexual intercourse. A double ender for partner sex can be used vaginal to vaginal, vaginal to anal, and anal to anal. Although many double enders are aimed at lesbians, most can be used by anyone regardless of sexual orientation. Some are easier to control during coitus with a bulb which can be inserted into the vagina or anus acting as an anchor for the phallic extension. Many can vibrator or have an optional chamber to house a bullet vibrator.



Electro Stimulation

A sex toy which produces electro stimulation via conductive pads or a metal sex toy. Sometimes referred to as a Tens or Stim machine. These devices are great for connecting with a partner, as you’ve able to hock-up the electrical circuit between your bodies and feel the pulsations shock through each other.



Finger Vibrator

These are small vibrators that can be slotted over a finger for easy control. Some can even be worn discreetly as if they were everyday fashion rings. Perfect for clitoral stimulation or couples play.


One of the most popular male masturbators on the market.



G-spot Toy

A toy designed to massage the G-spot. Often a product made with a curved shaft to massage the anterior wall of the vagina. The best G-spot massagers are those made from rigid materials such as glass, or metal. Some G-spot toys vibrate, thrust, rotate, or are just dildos.




This is a bondage item designed to clamp over the male ball sack and stretch them towards the back of the body, therefore locking the submissive into an unmoveable position. Some humblers are designed with added electro stimulation or other cock and ball torture implements.




There are various products out there which can use ice to either cool them, added inside the products shaft, or even frozen onto the tip of a vibrator. Ice can be used to cool down glass, metal, ceramic, and even silicone sex toys too.

Internal Vibrators:


These are vibrators which are aimed at internal stimulations. There are various types, differing in shape, length, girth, texture, and material. There’s the classic smoothie vibrator with tapered tip for easy insertion, the curved G-spot stimulator, the elongated vibrator perfect for A-spot stimulation and cervix massage, the realistic vibrator made from pleasurable textured vein in a plushy life-like material, and more. Many internal vibrators can be used either vaginally, anally, or orally. When using a vibrator anally, make sure to opt for one with a flared base to prevent it travelling up into the rectum.



Jiggly Balls

See Kegel Balls



Kegel Balls

These are balls inserted into the vaginal canal to be worn discreetly. They can be known under different guises such as Jiggle balls, silver balls, ben wa balls, goddess balls, Chinese balls. There are two types, those with free roaming internal balls which send vibrations throughout the vaginal walls and pelvic floor muscles and therefore acting as a form of shake-a-weight exercising your core muscles, then there’s solid or completely hollow ben wa balls, these produce a filling and satisfied sensation as well as can be worn during intercourse, depending on product size, to enhance stimulation for both partners.



Love eggs and remote control eggs

These are insertable ovoid shaped toys. They have an internal vibrator which stimulates the vagina. Some are corded and others are controlled via an inferred or radio frequency wirelessly. These toys are ideal for those who wish to experience al fresco pleasure, and are great for couples to spice-up their adventures.



Magic Wand Vibrtaors

Since the 1970s there has been one sex toy which many collectors have desired: The Hitachi Magic Wand. Wand vibrators are powerful. Originally marketed as general body massagers, these devices have been put to better uses. The wand vibrator has a rounded head, upon a flexible stem, and largish body – its appearance is similar to an old-fashioned microphone. These devices are some of the most powerful sex toys on the market, and whilst their stimulating head doesn’t offer pin-point stimulation, their vibrations topple their imperfections. Many wands are mains powered or rechargeable; some of the smaller and more lightweight models are battery powered. Many wands have available attachments which can be slipped onto their head, offering a textured or insertable surface for the powerful vibrations to travel through.



Nipple Clamps

These can be clamps or pegs that grip onto the nipples. They can vibrate, be hooked to chains to tug, or purely be mostly decorative. Some are very light weight and deliver hardly any pain, however, some are more extreme and are heavily weighted and clamp down more. Nipple clamps offer a handsfree way to stimulate yours or your lovers nipples during masturbation and sex.



Penis Extenters

Penis Extenders are wearable girth enhancers for men. They can make a penis temporarily longer, wider, or a different texture, with a silicone or plastic sheath that fits over the penis. During sex, they can offer new sensations as well as rub and reach other areas of the vagina or anal canal.



Rabbit Vibrators

Rabbit vibrators were made famous by the popular TV series Sex and the City. These toys are dual stimulators with a main shaft for vaginal stimulation, and a protruding nub for clitoral stimulation. The clitoral stimulator is in the form of a rabbit with separate ears which offer powerful vibrations. The rabbit vibrator came about due to the problems of selling realistic style sex toys in certain places such as Japan. Adding a cute animal to the lower shaft, and often a textured smiley face upon the main shaft, meant that these products were deemed less threatening and managed to pass marketing regulations. Rabbit vibrators come in various forms, from rotating beads within the main shaft, vibrating shafts, and even thrusting shafts. Rabbits although popular, are temperamental toys and don’t always work for everyone.

Realist toys

Realistic sex toys are mean to mimic human body parts. These products tend to be made from softer materials to offer a more life-like experience. Realistic sex toys tend to have soft malleable vein-like textures upon the shafts, which offer additional stimulation. Many have a glans-like head, aimed at easy insertion and for a realistic experience. Unlike an actual penis, many of these products tend to be of larger proportions and their shafts are often curved offering a more stimulation to the G-spot than an actual penis would possibly manage.


These are products aimed at manipulating people’s bodies so they are unable to control or offer limitations to a sector of their bodies. Restrains can be in the form off handcuffs, humblers, ball gags, hogties, bondage rope, spreader bars, satin ties, chastity devices, and more. When restraining a partner, as with any sexual play you, it is of the utmost importance to make sure they are conformable and have consented to the situation. Always make sure to  not go further than your partners limits, as well as making certain that their blood floor isn’t cut off by the device being used.



Silicone sex toys

Sex toys made from silicone are body safe. They are classed as non-porous meaning that they can’t trap bacteria into the product material. Silicone sex toys can come in different textures, smoothness, flexibility, and more. It is currently the most popular sex toy material on the market. The only problem this material faces is that you can only use water-based lubricant with it. After speaking with an allergy specialist, apparently there are no reports of silicone causing allergic reactions, however, breast implants and medical implants made from it may show similar signs to one, but this is an autoimmune response to a foreign object – it’s not that it’s silicone, it’s just that the body doesn’t want it there and thinks it’s attacking the body. This response with implants can happen with any material. Take note it can not happen with silicone sex toys inserted into the body. But if you do have a reaction with a silicone sex toy, double check it’s 100% silicone, that it’s clean, and also visit a doctor to see if you have a UTI or STIO which the toy may have just aggravated.



These sensual devices are often made of soft fabric or feathers. They can be used lightly over a lovers body to tingle their sense and slowly warm and around their erogenous zones. Soft ticklers can also help distract submissives from sensations between  spankings and offers a nice way to mix-up the play scene. They are a classic device that every maid has and therefore a great prop during French maid roleplay.


Urethral Sound

Sounds are metal or silicone medical play sex toys which are inserted into the urethra. They can be used to stimulate the P-spot / prostate in men and lead some guys to a dry orgasm. Some can be hooked up to a vibrator, or even more intense a Tens electrical unit. These devices are becoming more and more popular and not only men use them on themselves but women too. Sounding is a popular activities used within Dom / sub play.



Vibrators use to be devices that were purely for women. The most iconic vibrators throughout history have been the rabbit vibrator and the magic wand. However male masturbators can now vibrate, cock rings, couple vibes, anal toys, nipple clamps, and more. Vibrations tease and heighten our bodies so much we just can’t get enough of them. Many seem to have a preference for shape, size, and types of vibrations. Some enjoy rumbly vibrations and others buzzy. Rumbly vibrations emit deep sensations into the tissue, whereas buzzy focuses more onto the surface of a person’s most intimate areas.



Waterproof sex toys are products which remain functional after aquatic submersion. These sex toys will often say whether or not they can be used underwater, meaning that when doing so, water won’t damage them. Lots of waterproof products are now rechargeable, in particular those with magnetic charging ports. Sex toys with open charging ports can allow dirt to flow into the port whilst within water, so prior to charging it is best to make sure the port chamber is clear of any blockages. Many battery powered waterproof products will have a rubber or silicone seal, that if damage will nullify its efficacy. Waterproof toys are great for use in the bath and shower. They are also perfect for making post clean-up an ease.





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