Good Clean Love’s Almost Naked Lubricant

When the Good Clean Love lubricant range became available I knew I had to try it. Luckily Lovehoney sent me a bottle of their Almost Naked lubricant. When using lubricants I prefer to use ones that are vegetarian, organic, body friendly, and ethical. Good Clean Love ticked all the right boxes; it is 100% vegan, body safe and recommended by medical professionals, safe for all toys including silicone and latex, doesn’t contain parabens, 95% organic and contains no chemicals. Good Clean Love’s motto is ‘chemistry without chemicals’. I was already impressed by this lubricant and company before even testing the product.

Some of you may be wondering how a lubricant can’t be vegetarian, vegan, or cruelty free. Well, a lot of lubricants contain propylene glycol; this can contain animal derivatives, as well as being harmful to aquatic life forms. Surprisingly propylene glycol isn’t overly harmful to humans, but if you are trying to live the vegan lifestyle you should probably avoid lubricants containing this particular ingredient.  Good Clean Love avoids using propylene glycol, and guarantees that their lubricant is vegan friendly, and cruelty free.



Good Clean Love’s Almost Naked lubricant comes in a wasabi green coloured tube. On the front there is the brand name printed in white, and underneath this is a small box stating the particular type of lubricant. In the box you will find the abbreviation for ‘Almost Naked’, which is ‘An’. The way Good Clean Love have designed this reminded me of the symbols on the periodic table.  On the back Good Clean Love claim they provide the freshest, sweetest and most healing lubricant available. I can confirm that this lubricant does seem to have some healing properties, as I recently accidently scalded myself and decided to apply some of this lubricant to the burn area. It helped relieve itching and smoothed away the pain. The tube is sealed, so you will need to unscrew the cap to remove the seal before use. The lubricant spat at me as I removed the seal, so be prepared. Upon removing the seal, the aroma of the lubricant is instantly apparent. It reminds me of the smell of incense with a hint of mint. It smells rather natural and earthy. The lubricant is more of a gel than a liquid. It’s much thicker than most vaginal lubricants I’ve used, and the consistency reminds me of KY Jelly. The lubricant does have a slightly sweet taste to it, and it feels mildly gritty when your tongue rolls over areas where it has been applied. 

Photo trying to show the consistency of the lubricant.
When using the lubricant I first applied a small test patch to my leg. The lubricant didn’t cause me to have an allergic reaction and was gently absorbed by my skin. I was amazed with how soft my skin felt after this lubricant had been absorbed into it. The lubricant wasn’t overly slippery, but also wasn’t sticky or tacky feeling. The lubricant is rather thick, which is probably due to the aloe and agar used within it. When using the lubricant for vaginal masturbation I found that only a little was needed. The lubricant didn’t seem to blend too well with my natural moisture, but still blended better than when using KY Jelly. The lubricant is easily reactivated by applying saliva or water, but I did find it dried out quicker than other lubricants. Unlike some lubricants, when this one is applied it adjusts to your body temperature very quickly. I also found that even though it is thicker than some I’ve used, it doesn’t block any sensations provided from stimulation. I’ve had some thick lubricants completely ruin the experience, as they are too thick and act as a barrier. I decided to try this lubricant out anally as well, and found I got on with it much better anally than I did vaginally. The lubricant was easy to apply to anal toys and stayed in place prior to insertion, unlike some lubricants that end up dripping all over the place. The tube is very easy to use, meaning that you are unlikely to apply too much. You only need a small amount of this lubricant; I didn’t need to use much of this lubricant for either anal or vaginal use. I found that when too much was applied my body was unable to absorb it all, and there was a tacky layer left on the skin, but I really did go overboard and it hasn’t left any tacky residue on my skin when I’ve applied it sensibly.
Overall, I still like this lubricant even though it didn’t mix so well with my natural lubrication. I will be using it more as an anal lubricant rather than vaginal. I think this is a perfect lubricant for those who are looking for an ethical, vegan, and body friendly lubricant. This lubricant is also safe to use during pregnancy. I really like its healthy aroma, and it does make me feel as if I am experiencing something that’s very good, clean and loving towards my body.

Ingredients: Deionised Water, Xanthan Gum, Agar, Organic Aloe Barbendensis Leaf Juice, Natural Extractives of Lemon and Vanilla Bean, Potassium Sorbate, Benzoic Acid.

You can purchase the Almost Naked Lubricant by Good Clean Love, from Lovehoney.
To view the complete Good Clean Love range visit here.

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